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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Nights BB Show

Hey everybody! Hope y'all are enjoying your Wednesday. Tonight's BB episode will be starting at 8pm EST, it's the POV Comp/Veto Ceremony + the Zingbot! I wonder if BB will show the Zingbot telling Danielle the joke about Shane needing a restraining order after the just wouldn't really fit the way BB has been portraying their "romance" all summer long.

In other news, if you've been waiting to read Drew the Big Brother Cynic's final article, then wait no more because it is here. (**Ughh I'm sooo sad! No more cynic articles.) :(

by Drew the BB Cynic

Feeds update @ 4:35pm BBT:
All 4 feeds have been on Frank cooking his lunch. (Ground turkey and zucchini). Joe is in the kitchen area as well. 

Frank told Joe that he would hope since he's keeping him safe this week, that in return if he (Joe) won HOH, that him and Boogie would be safe. Joe agreed and said they would be safe for sure. (**This very well might be the only game talk that has been had so far today. lol) 

**Sidenote: Just a little bit ago, Ian was going through Dan's BB season (BB10) comp by comp, week by week, eviction by eviction to Boogie and he mentioned how Dan and Ollie were the last in the endurance comp and Dan made a deal with Ollie so that Ollie would jump off, and Dan went against his word and voted out Michelle anyways. Dan asked Ian to "skip that part", but Ian didn't. It's a good move for Ian to let Boogie know that Dan seems so trustworthy for only so long, but he'll break deals. And now Boogie can use Dan's own way of playing the game against him in the future, if he wanted to.

Okay guys & gals, if you need the link to watch the East Coast showing tonight, then  click here to watch!!

Stay tuned...
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anthony m said...

how crazy is that story IAN was telling Boogie about Dan and the endurance Comp with Ollie????!!!!
that was the first ever show of BB that i watched or when i BECAME ADDICTED (lol jamie!)
i remember my sister screaming loud as hell at the tv when dan voted out michelle, and i asked her why she was screaming and she showed me the endurance comp and Dan saying Ollie and michelle were safe then she showed me the nominations and then the vote... i loved it that Dan went back on his word and that him and Memphis were sneaking into other rooms to dance,laugh and make fun of the other HG's !!! the following show i watched to see it recapped then i haven't missed an episode since!

Sexpert said...

I just read the BB Cynic's last article and I have to say I agree with him. I haven't been watching the show from the beginning, actually only since season 8 but I'm finding these twists and expect the unexpected more and more predictable. Last season was so predictable with who got voted out and this season has been a little better. However as soon as my husband and I found out about this seasons twists I said to him right away that it was gonna be a sucky season that was completely predictable. Not that I have seen it to compare anything to but I would love for them to do a "back to basics" season. Go back to the first season and do it again, there's a reason people started watching and becoming addicted. Let's really see what people can do when playing the game without twists. I could be wrong but I don't remember this stuff happening in season 8, at least not to this extent. In past seasons I read your blog everyday, this season not do to any fault of yours I have been staying away from it just so I can get some excitment when I'm watching the shows. I really don't want to give up on the show but I haven't been racing home to watch it at the time it airs because I cannot wait to see what happened. I usually watch it from the DVR later that night or the next.
Oh please tell me how Britney is considered one of the greatest BB players??? Aside from her annoyingness, all she did was float her season and it looks like that's what she's gonna do this one too. I would have rather seen Chima.
Lastly I want to say that I appreciate all you have done, especially in previous seasons, you truely kept me from going through withdrawal!

2boysmom said...

I agree with you, except I think a lot of the success of BB comes from HG's personality. They need to do better screening of players. We need a Rachel, Evel Dick, Jessie, etc... They did a horrible job casting this year.

laur roe said...

I agree, need to go back to all newbies.

Anonymous said...


Seasons 4-9 the twists were mostly concerned with the players cast on the show not the actual gameplay. Season 4 saw 5 people find their exes also in the game. Season 5 had identical twins switching out playing as 1 person and 2 people who had no idea they were brother and sister. Season 6 each person had a secret partner they knew prior. Season 8 had the 3 players with nemeses in the house. Season 9 had 1 real couple playing with the other couples.

Season 10 was actually noted as a back to basics with no twists and everyone being strangers and no surprise it's probably the last great season. Since then the twists have been about things that change the game and feature returning HGs.


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