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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! Whatta night it was on the live feeds! Joe, finally, told Frank that he's a no-go for keeping Boogie. He was not happy. Also, Joe outed Ashley for lying to Jenn about keeping her this week, but she's truly keeping Boogie. So basically, Frank and Ashley's game is screwed with a capital S.

As I type this at 8:23pm BBT, Frank is filling in Boogie with what went down last night and how Joe is a no-go for voting to keep him this week.
Let me finish up my breakfast and get some coffee brewing, and I'll get started on the Overnighter! :)

8:56pm BBT:
Storage Room

Joe tells Jenn that Ashley is working with Boogie and is gonna keep him...Ashley is lying to Jenn telling her that she's gonna save her, when she's not. Jenn doesn't know if that's true, but if is, then "that would suck". Joe thinks that Frank/Boogie flipped Ashley. In the middle of the convo, Dani/Ian walks in to get something, and they all walk out.

Dani/Joe walk together. He tells her he's starting the process to telling Frank that he's not voting for Boogie.
Joe leaves. Dani/Jenn talk real quick.
Jenn: "(Joe) thinks Ashley is gonna f**k me..."
Joe walks back in.
Jenn/Dani go do pilates and talk.
Dani: "Well, you're not going anywhere.."

Moving on....

11:41pm BBT:

Joe tells Frank he's not voting to keep Boogie. Joe said that Ashley has flipped her vote 3 times in just the past day, Frank doesn't think she has and is "100% positive" that she's for keeping Boogie.

Joe: "I don't feel comfortable with her, I don't. It's safer to not go that route."
Frank: "I'm 100% positive (she's with us), I just talked to her."
Joe: "It's not even up for debate. It doesn't feel right. It has nothing to do you, what so ever. Boogie's gonna be gone. Even if I voted for him, Boogie's gone. I don't wanna out Ashley, little as 20 mins ago, she told somebody that she's voting for Jenn."

Frank thinks she's just lying to certain people and that maybe if the 3 of them (Frank/Ash/Joe) talked, maybe he'd feel more comfy with voting to keep Boogie.

This is a long convo. (Ends at around 12:40am BBT.)

Frank tries to get him to change his mind, Joe said that it's just better for his game if Boogie leaves.

11:44pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jenn and Britney

Jenn told Brit how she heard that Ashley is voting her out. Britney said that Ashley told her that she is voting to keep Jenn, but then Joe is telling her that Ashley is definitely voting to Boogie. Brit thinks maybe because Ash knows that she (Brit) is voting to keep Jenn, that Ash is just saying she is to because she knows Brit is.

Jenn: "I've been really good to that chick.."
Britney: "And it's not like I'm going up to her and asking her for info, you know? She's coming to me!"

11:48pm BBT:
Ashley joins Jenn/Brit in the HOH room.

Awkward silence at first. Jenn tried her best to not say much to Ashley or even look in her direction. Mainly talked to Brit. Ashley said she came to see what Jenn was doing. Jenn is looking at the HOH TV screen and laughing. Britney said that Boogie is downstairs pissed off because everyone is in the kitchen making noise.

12:04am BBT:
Ashley joins the Joe/Frank convo by the hammock.

Ashley said that everyone is acting weird in the HOH and that clearly Jenn is mad at her.
Ashley: "How can I work with Jenn when she won't even talk to me?"
Joe: "Makes it tough."

Ashley said that the "4 of them" are like the Brigade and how is anyone, including Jenn (and Joe), work with them when they're so tight.

12:20am BBT:
Ashley is telling Joe that she has "no chance with that side of the house", so she's not gonna flip-flop, which Joe said is his biggest concern.

12:27am BBT:
Frank said that Joe is "cutting him off at the knees" by voting Boogie out.

Ian just joined them, their convo stops.
Joe: "We'll talk about it more tomorrow."

12:30am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney is looking for coins to put into the ball machine in the machine. She's looking in the fake plants in the HOH room....

....and behind the bed.

Shane and Dani said they went through the whole house already searching. (Dan has turned the house upside down practically looking for coins.)

Britney: "Are you aware that Mike Boogie won the coup d'├ętat in his season??"

Britney said that BB didn't just put the clear box with a "?" on it in the ball machine to make the house more feng shui. (*lol)

Britney wonders why Joe is outside talking to Frank and Ashley so long. 

12:35am BBT:
Joe/Ashley/Frank are finally wrapping up their convo. Joe admitted to Ash/Frank that he told Shane that Ashley is keeping Boogie. (But not that he told Jenn.)

Joe: "So you can rest assure that Jenn knows."

Ashely: (laughing) "Oh, Jenn knows! Jenn knows. Everyone is gonna be mad, except Frank."

Ashley said everyone is gonna be mad at her now and that Jenn was "salty" in the HOH room just a little bit ago.

Joe: 'So, the cat's outta the bag."
All 3 laugh.
Joe: "How's it feel? I've been there 3 times.."
Ashley: "By my TEAM MATE!" (laughing)
Joe: "You voted me out.."
Ashley: "When?"
Joe: "Over Wil..."
Ashley: "Oh yea, I did.." ..(laughs)

12:45am BBT:
HOH Room

Joe: "Well, he didn't take that well." (Re: Frank)
Ian starts crying, but trying to cover it up.

Brit: (to Ian) "Come on Ian, let's go downstairs..."
They leave.

They head down into the Arcade Room to talk.
Ian said he feels bad that Boogie is getting voted out this week.

Britney: "You know how you feel sad for? A 42 yr old guy who wears homemade tshirts that say 'Chilltown: Population 2'."
Ian: "Yea, I know. But still."

Ian is still voting Boogie out as planned.
Britney: "The good part about this is that your vote is gonna be concealed because they're gonna think it's Ashley."
Ian: "I know."
Brit: "I know you feel bad, I cried when I had to get rid of Janelle. But I had to do what was best for the Q.P." (*Quack Pack)

Brit: "He's going home with $16,000 back to his baby and he's been so miserable here every single day. He made a final mistake when he pushed you to the wayside for Frank."

12:58am BBT:
Ian goes and talked to Frank & Ashley. Ian is still crying.

Frank said all it takes it 2 HOH's and they're back in the game. Frank would love to see Ashley and Ian win both of them. Ian gets up and goes inside, still crying but trying to get it under control.

Ashley follows him inside and tells him to sit with her on the couch.
1:07am BBT:
Ian/Frank/Ashley are in the bathroom. Ian said he can hear "them" (the HOH crew) being loud in the HOH room. Ian said it sounded like Brit was yelling at Joe, but Ashley thinks they're talking about Boogie going home. Ian said "no they're not" and that he can only make out certain words.

Frank said he's gonna go up there and "stir up the bees nest".
Ian: (to Frank) "Just say you heard it..."

1:11am BBT:
Frank goes up to the HOH room...

Frank knocks. Shane tells him to come on in.
Frank: "Whats up with all the yelling we're hearing downstairs?"
Britney: "It's' a party!"
Frank: "Y'all are doggin' my boy down there and he's in bed asleep!" (Boogie)

Frank: "I don't appreciate y'all kicking my boy (Boogie) while he's down, when y'all are votin' him out. Don't add insult to injury please. Ian is down there cryin'! You think Ian would't be cryin' if Mike wasn't such a nice guy?"

Frank mentions how Boogie gave Ian $3k in the first week.
Frank: "He's a good guy and y'all don't need to treat him like a f*cking scumbag! Because it's wrong! We played this game straight, we didn't backstab anybody, which is what y'all did to us. And that's all I'm gonna say."
Shane: "Sorry, Frank."
Frank: "No worries.

Frank leaves.
Shane: "What was that??"
Dani: "Whatever."
Jenn: "Am I in the twilight zone? What just happened here.."

Ian, who already didn't like Joe, now really doesn't like him. He didn't like that Joe told Frank no to voting for Boogie to stay, then went up in the HOH room and was happy about it.

1:28am BBT:
Ashley comes up to the HOH room.

Ashley: "Hey guys, can I talk to Jenn?...if she'll talk to me..."
Jenn: "You can suck it, Ashley. After I've been so good to you and had your f*ckin' back?? Honestly? What's there to talk about."
Ashley: "Okay, well there's a lot to talk about."
Jenn: "You can have whatever relationship you want with Frank and Ian. I've been nothing but respectful. (Ashley laughs) What's so funny?"
Ashley: "I always laugh at awkward moments. I'm not confrontational."
Jenn: "You turned your f*cking back on me!"
Ashley: "I did not!"
Jenn: "Then what would you f**king call it?!!"

Ashley said she was "going through her options". Jenn said 'yea, to throw me out of the house'. This is on-going.

Jenn: "I don't wanna f**kin' hear it. I don't wanna hear it!"

Jenn goes off on her. Tells her she hopes Jenn is proud of herself, she liked her, defended her, etc. And it means nothing to her and says a lot about her as a human being.

Ashley said it's black and white that the "4 of them" are gonna work together, and she doesn't like that the fact that Jenn wouldn't talk to her privatley.

Ashley starts crying pretty bad.
Jenn and Ashley leave the room to talk one on one.

Ashley is breaking down.
Ashley: "This whole game I'm voting out my friends!!" 

Ashley said she's sorry, she understands if she wants to work with "them", but that she's gonna work with Frank. Jenn goes and gets her kleenex. Ashley said she wants to work with her (Jenn). Jenn said she doesn't trust Boogie, Frank or her.

**On the LIVE feeds at 10:54am BBT, the HG's are on HOH lockdown.  Boogie told everyone that it's okay and that he's not's a game. No need to "dance on anyones grave". He also said that "3 of us in this room" (the vets) were "tricked into this game". He's happy to be going home. Leave all the negativity behind, no more awkwardness. It's done.

I'm gonna end the Overnighter here so I can get started on the morning/afternoon post.

Stay tuned...
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jack jr said...

fantastic job keeping up with all that,you're the best recapper on the web!!!

kelsey said...

It was a good thing to watch and can jenn be on the block from now on... I have seen her on the feeds a lot lately

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