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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Night's Episode

Happy Sunday night, guys!! :D Hopefully y'all are having a nice relaxing day and spending it with friends and family, even if it's just for a few hours. :) Tonight's BB episode will be showing the endurance comp, some game talk, and then nominations. It should be one heck of a good episode! (If you can't watch it, will have it up for ya tomorrow.)

The chat room, which was has been giving me problems all season (grr!!), is down for tech issues tonight, so there won't be any chat tonight. :( Sorry, guys! I promise to have it back up & running by Wednesday nights BB episode! It's just a coding error that I have to find a fix for. Tech gEEk stuff. lol

Just to give y'all an update on today's house happenings, not much game talk has happened, although Janelle did tell Britney that (1) she (Jani) doesnt want Shane to get very far (**not a good thing to tell Brit, Jani.) and (2) Jani only trusts Dan for a couple/few more weeks. Other than that, it's been a calm day on the feeds, which is typical for Sunday's. :) However, tonight will be game-talk city in the BB14 house before tomorrows Veto Ceremony! Also, Ian dressed up like a dog should be coming to end tonight. (He was only required to wear it for 24 hrs).

Did ya get your 3 day trial of the feeds yet? If not, then

Alrighty, guys & gals! I will see you all back here in the comment section (since we are without a chat room tonight lol) while we watch the show! :D Show starts at 8pm EST!

**West Coasters, click here to watch tonights BB East Coasts showing!!

Stay tuned...
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Marcy said...

I'll be in the west coast stream chat! hope to see ya'll there! :)

JChism said...

OMG!! Danielle is so wishy-washy!! Make a decision and stick too it. She is so easily influenced by others.

elastyk said...

Brit doing WORK this weekend....

elastyk said...

Also, not having a chat room tonight is very :-(

BAT-imaging said...

Hey Jamie - there's a HUGE "coaches meeting" that happens around 10:20 PM on Sunday night. Boogie straight up told Janelle that he doesn't trust her.

hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie I am sitting here once again watching this house decide 1 more time (LOL) to vote Janelle out :) I think this will be a good power move to get her out sooner rather than later . How do u feel about this decision :) ? Hope you had a nice weekend thanks for all you do !

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