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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Overnighter

Happy TGI-FRIDAY, addicts!! :D Today we will have the Have Not's Comp and then nominations! As it stands right now, it looks like this weeks target is Joe, and the question is...who will be the pawn? Names that have been thrown out are Dan (which he shot down last night, as predicted), Wil and Frank/Boogie think maybe Shane would volunteer to go up on the block. (They wanna hide their alliance by putting up one of their own.)

Okie dokie, let's get this Overnighter started! :D

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10:15pm BBT:
HOH Room Reveal!!
Frank grabs Big Ted on his way. lol

Frank got a NASA hat, a 6 pack of beer, a letter from Nana, and some new pictures.
He also got sushi, pizza, and ice cream in his HOH fridge.

His letter from Nana:

"Oh how I've missed you these past 30 days, I didn't know I'd miss those 7am calls so much, haha. Well let me see, what's new. Hmm. Chris is in the Dominic Republican...sorry..REPUBLIC, on a mission trip, Daniel and Jonathon are here. Unbearably hot and dry, we're in a drought situation and everyone's clamoring  for (??) and we're busy, busy, busy. We are all so very proud of you! Win or lose, you have done an admiral job! I gotta go for now sweetie, remember to mind your manners! Gotta run, I love you, you precious human being. Nana"

**Awww!!!! That letter makes me miss my grandma in Pittsburgh, who is one of my biggest fans :)...HI GRAM!!! I love you and miss you and I'm gonna try to fly back home to see you this Fall!! xoxoxo

All HG's: (clapping) "Awww!!!"
Frank: "That (letter) was nice! It was nice."

Britney teases Frank for saying "Dominic Republican". lol :P
Frank got another electronica music CD.

Joe as super, duper quiet the whole time in the HOH room.

10:40pm BBT:
Ashley thinks Frank is gonna put up Joe this week.

Wil: "I heard they might put up Shane..unless they're just doing a really good job at covering up alliance." (**Ding ding ding!)

Wil: "I wanna get rid of Boogs and Dan first, though."
Ashley: "Yea, I'm the same. I know Shane would work with us. Maybe something will happen and we can get Dan out this week."

Ashley thinks it'll be Joe and Danielle on the block.
Wil: "Or me and Joe."
Ashley: "They're not gonna put you up."

Wil thinks that all the coaches pushed the reset button. (**All but Boogie.)
Wil said that Britney is a bad liar and thinks she pressed the reset button.

10:49pm BBT:
Booze delivery! 8 beers and 2 bottles of wine.

10:53pm BBT:

Shane/Joe were talking. Joe said he was shocked at the 8-1 vote for Janelle to leave.
Joe asked Shane if he knew it'd be an 8-1 vote, Shane lies and says he didn't.

Shane: "I promise you that." (re: not knowing the votes)

Joe wants to know if anything was said badly about him, Shane said yes and that people said he was Jani's puppet. Joe is worried that his vote for Janelle will hurt him and said that it should show loyalty. 

11:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Boogie was stroking his ego about getting Janelle out. Dan told them how Janelle would ask him every 6 hours if he talked to Frank yet and how he kept saying 'maybe later', then laughed. Frank said that production tried to get him to say "She might be an All-Star, but I'm the All Start this season!" and he refused to say that.

Boogie said that's a "Jessie thing to say" and is glad Frank didn't say that.

11:01pm BBT:

Britney and Shane talked about how they hope Joe is going this week. Shane told Brit about his convo Joe a little bit ago.

11:14pm BBT:
HOH Room

Frank/Boogie/Dan talk in the HOH room about how to put up next to Joe this week, figuring in the fact that Shane is playing veto no matter what (he has the veto ticket from last weeks pov comp). Dan doesn't care who it is, as long as it's not him. Boogie/Frank teases Dan about going up. (**This is from their earlier convo last night that I covered, of Boogie and Frank in the Arcade Room.)

The target is clear this week: Joe.

Frank: "...if Shane comes down, put Britney up."
Boogie: "They have to trust us (to put them up as pawns)."

Boogie mentions (like he did last night) that he doesn't wanna "Rock the trust foundation" of their alliance, espeically because it was just formed.

12:37am BBT:
Cam 2

Shane/Ian/Wil hide to scare Jenn and Danielle coming out of the bathroom.

Ashley comes out, Wil pop up from behind the counter, Ashley freaks out. (*lol!)
12:40am BBT:
Cam 1
12:45am BBT:
The pranks continue!

Dan crawls through the living room and into the bedroom to scare Ian...
He screams and jumps on Ian on his bed.

2:17am BBT:
Ashley and Wil got up for a late night snack.

Ashley tells Wil that she saw the BB doctor yesterday and he gave her a shot (cortizon, I'm guessing.) in the left side of her back, and should have asked for some in her right side because it was hurting, too.

Ashley: "So now he's gonna come back tomorrow and do the other side."

They head outside a few minutes later to talk game.

2:24am BBT:

They talk about how Danielle is just being used by Dan to further himself in the game and that Dani doesn't even see it. Ashley's gone "the witch" (Jani) is gone. They want Dan and Boogie to go. They think if Boogie and Dan leave, that maybe Frank would align with them. Ashley says she'd love to see Dan and Boogie go out during a double eviction but knows it'll never happen like that. They wonder if Shane/Frank are aligned.

Wil thinks he's gonna go up as a pawn next to Joe. Ashley thinks maybe they'd put up Danielle. Wil tells Ashley he thinks Dan/Dani/Shane/Britney are in an alliance (**yep, that's the core alliance.) He also thinks there might alliances made up of Shane/Frank/Boogie & Jenn/Ian/Frank/Boogie.

Ashley's hoping for Dan to get backdoored this week.
Wil: "Unless they're all working together."

This is a good convo to go back and watch if you the chance. I must keep moving on. :)

At 2:50am BBT, Joe, comes up and joins Wil/Ashley.

Joe tells them that he thinks it'll be Joe/Shane up on the block, from his convo with Shane earlier. (Shane told him that he thinks Frank is still pisssed at him, Shane, for putting Frank up on the block the other week.)

Joe talked about how he's upset he was kept in the dark, as far as voting was with Janelle. All 3 of them are sure that  Britney/Danielle/Dan/Shane are working together.

Joe: "There's no way that they're not (working together)."

They think that after nominations today, it'll be more clear on who's working with who.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D I'm gonna take a stretching break, refill my cawfee ;) , and then get started on the Morning/Afternoon post!

Stay tuned...
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Jamie F. said...

Hey Jamie, I can't watch the feeds at work....I hear something is going on right now though with Ashley? I hope she just is seeing a doctor and not leaving the game. Just wasn't sure if you had any scoop. Hope you are feeling better. Nice to see the Pgh love last night on BB with Ian and Ash's family clips!!

Anonymous said...

Any idea why Ashley isn't a have not, seems to me if she could not play that should be automatic. I don't want to sound cold hearted as I have back problems and see a doctor every 6 weeks but she did sign up for BB and i just think it is unfair to the others, and also a nice way to get further in the threat. OK thanks just anted to vent. Thanks for all the hard work you do for us and the great job you do of it...I would not enjoy BB half as much without your blog!!

Jamie said...

hey thanks!! :D

i do see where you're coming from, but theres no BB would make her sleep on that "bed" (steel plate on a 30 degree angle) with her back problems, which i believe she got from that bed to begin with. lol

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