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Friday, August 17, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Happy Friday afternoon, BB addicts! At 4:12pm BBT, the live feeds went to fishies. What's going on?? Hmm!!

Currently on the live feeds...

4:35pm BBT:
Feeds are back!! When Joe and Frank went inside, they found balls from the arcade game machine on the floor...

The rest of the HG's come in to see what's going on.

Shane went upstairs and looked to see if it was a Pandoras Box..nope, nothing there.
Things in the BB house resume back to normal stuff.

4:40pm BBT:
Britney said sorry to Danielle for (it sounds like she said something similar to what the Zingbot said), Dani said it's okay, Britney said she can tell she's upset so that's why she appologized and that she was just "going off of what the Zingbot said".

4:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brit and Shane are talking about what the arcade balls on the floor could mean. There was also a ball with a question mark on it in the middle of the ball pit.

Shane:"I dunno..maybe it has something to do with tomorrows POV comp."
Britney: "I just hope it's nothing that's gonna screw the game. If there's another twist that's gonna save Frank, I'm going home! Why don't we just give him the friggin check?" (**No sh*t. I'm with ya, Brit.)

Feeds go to fishies...

Shane: "I hope it's not gonna effect what I'm about to do...I would absoultley snap! They couldn't (do that), could they?"

Fishies on feeds..

**By the way, Boogie thinks the ball with the question mark is a clue for an upcoming Pandoras Box.

Brit: "We should have just got out Frank and left Janelle in the game. It was SO DUMB to get rid of Janelle."

Britney is going back downstairs to finish her hair.
Britney: "Go to the Diary Room and ask them if that has anything to do with the game. I don't think they'll tell you, but.."


4:55pm BBT:
Brit goes down to the Arcade Room. Ashley is there, too.

Britney: "What does that mean..." (she stares at the machine)

The girls go back into the bathroom.

Ashley: "Frank, how many balls were in the hallway?"
Frank: "Five."

Fishies again...

5:01pm BBT:

Dan is obsessing over the balls. He's going around the house looking for more clues. He goes back into the arcade room and Frank joins him. They talk about what it could be. Dan thinks it might a clue that Pandoras Box is coming soon.

5:09pm BBT:

Ashley did some calculations in her head and figured  that there's 750 balls (approx.) in the machine. Frank doesn't like "all this footage of them looking like idiots" trying to figure out the meaning behind the balls.

(**In my personal opinion, this is a clear sign that pandoras box is coming. It's a "?" on a box, just like the the "?" on the door in the HOH for Pandoras Box.)

Dan is telling Dani that BB doesn't do stuff like this for no reason. He checks the shoes in the Sneakers bedroom.

Dani thinks there's 785-790 balls in the machine. 
Dan thinks there's something maybe hidden in the house, but he's looked everywhere in the house.

Dan: "Just keep your eyes open."

**Taking a blogging break, but don't worry..I am within earshot of the feeds. :)Turn'em on if ya got'em, it's gonna be a wild night!!! Don't have'em yet? Why not? They're free for 3 whole days so you can see what I see and what I'm addicted to. ;) Get your trial of the live feeds !!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I am becoming very impatient! I hope this nothing that will safe boogie or Frank. Hope its something good for Shane because him and Brittani deserve it! Thanks for the updates!!!!

Anonymous said...

The box with the ? on it seems like an obvious hint that Pandora's Box is coming soon. I think Ian may have already mentioned this at some point but I could totally see Pandora's Box unleashing the HGs having to play in pairs for this week like they did last year. There's an even # of HGs and it works well with Brit already having safety that she could be automatically paired with Shane. This would allow the possibility of Frank to single handedly save himself and Boogie from the block like Rachel did last season with her and Jordan.


it's ME! said...

I am SOOOOOO over Mike Boogie... vote him out! What a douche!

Anonymous said...

If shanes hoh is taken away again + grodner saves frank again im done withh bb 4ever..they could learn from gh and get new challenges..evry single one is a rehash..hgs even predict it needs to fire grodner + co

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