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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Danielle Donato & Dominic Briones ENGAGED!!!


On December 11th, 2012, engagement photos of Big Brother's own Dani Donato and Dominic Briones emerged on site.

A big congrats to both of them on their engagement!! Wish you guys nothing but the best!! :D

"And they lived happily ever after."

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

BB Canada

Happy almost-2013, everybody!! :D The new year is almost upon us and that means 2 things:

*BB Canada in Winter '13
*BB USA in Summer '13

While I most definitley will be blogging BB USA as usual in the summer time, I'm not so sure about BB Canada. At least not this year. They have not released any info on the live feeds for the USA and without them, it's kinda useless for me to blog about. If I can't watch the show, nor the feeds, then there's no point. :( But keep checking back here on the blog because if by some BB miracle they do allow us to access the feeds, then I will be here blogging! It'd only be part time though, enough to wet your whistle. (I don't wanna wear myself down for BB usa in July, which takes months to recover from as it is lol)

Speaking of BB Canada, click here to see all the BB Canada house pics! It's still under construction, but nearing completion. (They have an indoor & outdoor backyard due to the winter weather.)

In other news...

If you're itching to be addicted to another kind of blog, feel free to follow me on my new blogging project! It's all about Geocaching. What's that, you ask? It's basically treasure hunting with a handheld GPS. (You can do it on your phone if you have a smartphone). It's a pretty cool hobby and free! :)

Anyways, if ya wanna learn all about and follow my treasure hunting adventures, just click the image below (don't forget to bookmark it!)

As always, follow me on FACEBOOKTWITTER  for the latest in BB news!


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Update on things...

Hello BB addicts! It's been a little while since we had an update on things, so I wanted to get in a quick post.

Big Brother Canada: I'm still not sure what all is going on with BB Canada (as far as the feeds go), except that there WILL be live feeds. The questions that I still have are (1) are they gonna be available here? (probably yes, but not confirmed) and (2) will BB Canada air here in America? A lot of people seem to think so, since they've been seeing BB Canada commercials. (I personally have not here in Milwaukee, WI, so I'm not sure where these people are from that are seeing commercials).

As it stands, I will be blogging about BB Canada (or at least, I'm planning on it). But if we don't get the feeds down here in the states, then I won't.  I'll keep y'all posted on that. BB Canada is slated to start mid-February, so news should start pouring in next month.

In other news...


Why the change, you ask? Because the old groups name was for season 13 and facebook wouldn't let me change it. lol Grrr. :P I will be closing down the old group at some point, so you're gonna wanna make sure that you're a part of the new group before that happens.

Okay, that's about it for now! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and join the new facebook group for the latest in news and rumors!!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sad news :(

It is with a heavy heart that I inform all of you BB addicts that we lost a major part of the blog this week. Shelley, known as "Shadow" in the chat room and as "Shell" on the blogs facebook group, has passed away.

She was my right-hand woman and ran the groups facebook page while I was busy blogging. Shelley, you were such a wonderful woman and you will be greatly missed. :*( Thank you for being a great friend.


(If you'd like to make a donation to Shelley's memorial fund, you can do so by going to her obituary and scrolling down for the info.)

Stay tuned...
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Dan Reunites with His Dog

Hey guys!! Just a very quick post tonight...I ran across this video of Dan reuniting with his dog, Frank, and I just had to share this! It's darling! :D

As for BB Canada news, I don't have any new info, but I'm on top of it. So just make sure to keep following me on Twitter and Facebook (click on the "F" or "T" below in this post) so that you'll know all the latest news!!


Stay tuned...
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Post-BB14 :)

Hello, everybody!! :D It's been a week since BB14 came to an end. It also marked the start of my much-needed vacation. lol (I'm still on my stay-cation. Just doing stuff around Milwaukee.) 

So how's everybody doing?? Y'all detoxed yet? :P

Well if you need some help, then I may have some things to get ya through!

Former BB houseguests and fan favorite, Jeff Schroder, interviewed all of the BB14 houseguests for CBS. If you haven't yet seen them, check'em out! :D




More houseguests interviews:

For all of them, browse the videos on CBS's YouTube Channel!

As far as BB Canada goes, the only info that I have (so far) is that it begins on Feb. 18th, 2013. They are still currently taking applications (apply here, deadline is Oct. 16th!), and there will be Open Casting Calls at:

Halifax – October 7
Montreal – October 7
Toronto – October 14

Also, it seems that BB Canada will be very similar to the US version:  "houseguests compete in food, luxury, and power competitions" and will have ", two taped episodes and one live episode will occur each week".

So that's all the info I have right now. Oh, and this picture is floating around on the net for the past few weeks of the BB Canada house that is currently still being built!

Pretty rad, huh?! :D

Okay, addicts..that's it for now!! Check back here & there for a new post, and follow me on Twitter and the Facebook group to get the latest info the soonest! Ciao!

Stay tuned...
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Backyard Interviews

WOWZERS!!! Whatta finale!!! :D What do you guys think of the outcome?? I thought both men were very deserving, so congrats to them both!!!

If you guys and gals have the live feeds, then turn'em and check out the live Backyard Interviews!!

8:18pm BBT:
Spicy is interviewing Britney at the moment.
Brit said that her "dream team" would have been Frank, Shane and Ian.

8:22pm BBT:
Next up is Frank!

Frank said that he's still bitter towards Dan and "tips his hat" to Ian.
When asked, Frank said he'd love to play the game again. (Allstars?)
Frank said he would have sent home Dan/Dani home week 1/week 2, if he could go back and change anything.

8:28pm BBT:
Shane's up next!!

Shane said he would "hope to" continue seeing Dani, but that it's hard because the long distance thing, so it's "not looking good".

8:36pm BBT:
Ashley is next!!

Ashley said that Frank needs to move to Cali so they can have a possible future together. She said they "had fun in the jury house together" and then smiled really big and laughed. ;)  (She seems to be a little loosey goosey tonight. lol) She called Ian "adorable". She said she did the date with Ian to build his confidence and since she adored him, she did.

8:40pm BBT:
It's Eagle Eyed Joe!!! lol

Joe said that Dan played an awesome game, but Ian played a game with virtually no blood on his hands and he "100% deserves" the win. Joe said he hated that Jani got voted out and that he thought it was because of Wil. "She's a great coach." Convo turns about Willie...Joe said Willie did "2 or 3 love taps" (aka headbutts). He thinks that Willie pretty much self-evicted and that Joe just happened to be the guy to walk by him at that time.

8:45pm BBT:
Jani fans, your girl is up!!
Jani said her fav moment in the game was when she won her 1st coaches comp and that her team turning on her "sucked". They talked about how Julie Chen said that Jani/Boogie should do Amazing Race together. She thanks her fans for supporting her and said "I love you guys!" Jani thought Dan's game was "a little dirty" but played "one heck of a game" and was sad that he got 2nd place.

Jani held up a bag of pork rinds with a pic of Willie throwing them at her. lol

She said that she's totally done with Willie. She has nothing to say to him.

8:52pm BBT:
It's time for Wil!!

Wil said he "loves that kid" (Ian) and is so happy he won. Spicy told him that people just love him and he said thank you and he loves everyone back. He said Part 3 of the BB14 parody will be done next Thursday!! YAY! And guys, he is single and "taking applications"! lol ;)

Wil said that he was happy that he DIDN'T make it to jury because he didn't wanna sit around and wait to hand someone else a half million dollars.

8:57pm BBT:
Next up, it's Boogie!

Boogie said he is so happy that Ian won. He said that Dan played "a great game as well". He said him and Frank were playing 2 against the rest of the house and didn't stand a chance. Boogie said he went back to his "boring ol' life" after the show..back to his restaurant biz. Boogie said getting Jani evicted was the highlight of his BB summer but they are "friends now". He left "all that garbage back in the house".

9:00pm BBT:
It's Jodi!!!!

Spicy: "You got jipped!"
Jodi: "I got F**CKED!" (lmao!!!)

Jodi said she got to interact with fans this summer and she loved that!!
Jodi also said that if she got to play the game, she would NOT have been a floater..she doesn't like floating as a strategy. She would have went into an alliance with people like Jenn and Shane.

9:02pm BBT:
It's your girl, Jenn City!

Jenn: "It was you the fans that made this season great!"
Jenn said she lost 20 lbs this summer. Spicy asked what she would have done differently in the game, she said "make more alliances" early on.

Jenn said that Dan and Brit were the best coaches.

9:08pm BBT:

Kara said the fanbase for BB "is amazing" and loves to interact with them on twitter. She said it was hard to not be able to talk to family and friends when in the house.

9:12pm BBT:
It's Jojo!!

Jojo said that Dan and Ian was a "great final 2" and they both played great games. She said she feels like Willie "misted" her like Dan did to other people (lol) and that it was her downfall in the game to roll with him.

Jojo said she flirted with Shane out of strategy and that in real life, she'd never date him because she likes the bad boys. She said she's not sure if the Shane/Dani thing is real or not, but thinks Shane's gonna be shocked when he finds out about how Dani "lies lies lies" when he gets home and gets on the internet.

Jojo's interview is over.
Spicy is waiting for Danielle.

Spicy tells her camerman to pan over to Jeff who is doing interviews for CBS.

He said hi to everyone on Superpass!

9:20pm BBT:
Spicy is reminding us live feed watchers can watch the Finale party LIVE tomorrow night on the feeds at 8pm BBT-2am BBT!

So if you don't have any plans, grab a couple of beers, logon, and have join the party!! :D There's gonna be a ton of returning houseguests there at the party.

9:26pm BBT:
Spicy is still waiting for Danielle.
Spicy mentions BB Canada and states that there's no word on if they're gonna carry the feeds yet or not.

Dani is finally ready for the interview! 
Dani said she is loyal and thats why she stuck with him, but if Boogie was her coach, she would have been loyal to him as well.

Spicy told Dani that Dan told Shane (when Shane was evicted) that Dani was "in on it" (getting him out). She looks pissed!

..then told Spicy to move on with a different topic. lol

Spicy asked why she trusted Dan so much and she said she was just "mystified" by Dan.

Dani's interview is over, so the camerman pans over to watch Ian get interviewed by Jeff!

9:41pm BBT:
Still waiting for Dan and/or Ian to join Spicy for their interview.

9:43pm BBT:
Yayy!! It's Dan!!! :D
Dan said that this is just a game, like monopoly, and he couldn't play a good guy this time around.

Dan said Dr. Will is the BEST and that if he's being mentioned in the same breath, that makes him happy. He said he wanted to be considered as "one of the best". Spicy said that his wife is "amazingly supportive" of him.

Dan said he had to do crazy things like the funeral in order to stay and that being in confinement for 24 hours was the best thing that happened because he came up with the plan for the funeral then.

Dan said, when asked, that this season was much harder than BB10. He had Shane/Frank as great competitors. Dan told us feed watchers thank you to those that supported him and that if you watched him on BB10, then you're probably shocked at the game he played this time around, but to reach out to him on twitter and say hi!

Dan said that Ian and Ashley both read his "How to get on Reality TV" book.
When asked, Dan said he has no hard feelings towards anybody and can't wait to reconnect with his wife. He said in BB10, he didn't wanna leave the BB house...this time, he can't wait to leave it. He said he appreciates his wife a whole lot more, and wants to spend "every waking moment with her". (**Aww!) He also said "Never say never" to doing BB again.

Interview with Dan is over. Spicy said that he's a great guy.

9:52pm BBT:
YAY it's IAN!!!

Ian said he thought Dan was gonna win and that he was lucky.
Spicy told Ian that he has a lot of fans out there and Ian said hi to all the fans and thank you for the support!

Ian: "The hammock is friggin' awesome!"

Ian said the 1st one sucked and he's sorry if he hurt anyones ears with the squeaking all summer. lol
He said that it was like a "sensory shock" when he first entered the house because it was really cool.

Ian said that Brit said Dan would be tough to beat but he won 6-1and it's a "great feeling".

Spicy asked what he thought of Britney, he said very sweet, caring, funny, and protective.
Ian said he took Dan to Final 2 because he was honoring his word.

Ian again thanks the fans and said he didn't think he'd have too many, but thanks everyone for their support! He's gonna use the money for student loans and "a paint can full of sunglasses". Ian then did the Quack Pack sign and said "Quack, quack!"

Okay guys & gals, that is it!! BB14 is officially ovahhhh!! Don't be sad though, we have BB Canada coming up in Feb and I'll still here on the blog here & there, as well as on Facebook and Twitter!! :D

Have a great night guys & thanks for an AWESOME season!!!
Goodnight, addicts!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Thank You!!! :)

My Thank You! :)

Before the season even started, I had just experienced the loss of my grandfather, who was more of a father to me than anything. He was also one of my biggest fans. I will never forget the look on his face the day he heard my interview with a St. Louis radio station about Big Brother (towards the end of BB12).  At that moment, I knew what a fathers pride looked like. So, with that being said, pappy...I dedicate this season to you. Thank you for your love and encouragement. I love you and miss you everyday.

Moving on...

I'd like to thank SuzieQ for filling in for me this season as I dealt with unexpected health issues. (I am 95% healed up and feeling great!! Bring on BB15!! lol) I'd also like to thank Shelly for moderating both the Facebook group and chat room, as well as Sassypants and Topherman (Chat Room Mods), and Sue M. on the blogs facebook group for her wonderful updates over there. And of course, all of those who commented in the comment section..especially the regulars! Loved seeing y'all debate!!

To those of you who donated to the blog and/or signed up for the feeds through the links here on the blog....

If it wasn't for all of you wonderful guys & gals, I would not/could not be here! Thank you for all of your support, from the bottom of my humbled heart!! :)

I want to thank my amazing, loving, caring boyfriend (Chris) for his wonderful support during the craziest BB season..between blogging, health issues this summer, and working my job on top of all that, he's been a tredmendous help! Thank you, my love!!

And last, but certainly not least....

MY BELLA!!!! :-)
When I was sick, laying in bed, feeling overwhelmed from everything this summer, she was there for me...cuddling with me, making sure I was okay. (It's amazing how dogs can sense that something is wrong.) Momma loves you!

Okay, that is it for Thank You post! Thank you guys for joining me for yet another season of Big Brother! I will be back next summer for Big Brother 15 for sure, and as long as everything goes smoothly for BB Canada in Feb, then I will be blogging that season as well!! (Stay tuned for details as they become available to me.)

Thanks guys!! Have a great Fall/Winter!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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