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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Happy Saturday afternoon, BB fans & welcome to the afternoon post!! :D The Veto players have been picked, and they are...

Veto Comp Players:
Frank/Joe/Wil/Ashley/Jenn/Boogie/Shane (via Veto Card)

Ian is hosting! (*He's gonna love that! Getting the full BB experience for sure!)

The plan for the week is to still get out Wil this week. That hasn't changed, and probably won't unless Wil wins POV. By the way, not sure how Ashley is gonna play in the POV. Hmm.

1:05pm BBT:
The live feeds have been pretty calm today. Nothing major happening.

Currently all HG's are either sitting around chit-chatting, or napping...all are waiting for the POV Comp to start. (When that will be, who knows.)

1:20pm BBT:
Dan/Brit are in the living room talking about their past seasons on BB to each other, with Danielle listening.

Ian is talking to Frank in the HOH. Frank brings up Jenn's name and said that if she won HOH, he thinks the power would get to her head.

1:24pm BBT:

Feeds keep going to fishies because of Danielle's fantasy relationship with some dude named Trey that she "dated" for 2 weeks prior to the show. (He didn't sign a waiver, so the feeds have to switch to fishies every time she mentions him.) She claims she misses him, and doesn't wanna talk about it, but then won't stop talking about it and fishing Britney for more advice. (**Ughh, this girl...)

1:30pm BBT:
Brit thinks there will be a double eviction this week. Dan's missing his wife something fierce and wants to win HOH to see her picture.

1:47pm BBT:
Joe finally washed his hands!  ...actually it was just a quick rinser. No soap involved. lol
2:15pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

Britney is telling Danielle that Joe masturbated in the Have Not's room. She said "he went for a long time" and she could "smell it". (**This is a hilarious/gross flashback.) She even demonstrated how it sounded, by rubbing her arms together.

Britney gets called to the Diary Room.
Britney: "You left me in here, in the line of fire! I could SMELL IT!"

**BRB, gonna go puke...

Alright, I'm gonna take a break. Nothing much going on at the moment. HG's waiting for POV Comp to start, and after it starts, it'll be 2-3 hours before the feeds come back. I'll start a new post and post on Twitter when the feeds switch to trivia!! :D 

Stay tuned...
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James said...

If miraculously Jenn won and took Wil off, what would F/B do? It would have to be Ashley as a replacement or a backdoor Dan plan.

James D.

Anonymous said...


Don't see Jenn trying to win nor winning even if she did nor sticking her neck out to use it against Froogie's wishes if she did somehow get it. If all that somehow happened I'd put my money on Frank backdoorjng Dan and getting what he's wanted this whole time so far similar to how Dani eventually got Janelle out last week.


KathyC said...

LOL - Froogie - love it!!

kelsey said...

Hey Jamie... I pretty sure that the guy Danielle is talking about finally signed a waiver last week or when Shane was HOH because she was talking about it about how a guy she was seeing before the show finally signed a waiver or something so they could talk about him now because the DR told her that but I don't know why it kept going to fishes though...somebody on another cam was prob. Talking about something they shouldn't or it was technical difficulties because they have went to fishes a lot this BB season... Just letting you know... She also talked about this guy with Britney last week and it didn't go to fishes that much

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