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Friday, August 24, 2012

Early Evening in the BB House

Feeds came back on a short while ago.  Most HG's were in the kitchen while dinner was being prepared.  Before dinner, Danielle was in bathroom, looking sad as is usual lately.  Though I haven't seen it exactly clear yet, it appears Danielle is nominated, and I believe Dan too.

The table is now smaller.

Hey!  My first screenshot!  :)

Brief update to earlier happenings:
* Padora's Box was opened today.  Frank won a little over $3300 while the HG's played in a challenge where Ian won a veto power and can't be nominated.  Scroll down to afternoon post for details.
* Nominations - un-officially, Dan & Danielle.  Will post more officially later.

And, in case you missed it....
Update on Jamie:
Jamie will be staying overnight in the hospital.  Docs want to take a closer look.
She wants to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes.  She really appreciates them, sincerely.

Currently on the live feeds....

Dan/Ian outside on Hammock (dang!  That squeeking hammock!)
Ian still saying he feels bad about his behavior during the challenge today.  (it seems everyone was pretty aggressive!)  Ian feels bad about his actions in the last 48 hrs, feels bad about getting Ashley out too.
They are talking about various scenerios.

Brit/Frank in the HOH room
Talking about past moves by others.  Nothing critical at this point.

Nominated For Eviction
Dan & Danielle!!!

Frank tells Brit that Dan came up to him and said no hard feelings about be nominated.
Brit says Dan will fight hard in the Veto comp.

My personal thoughts....
It seems the Quack Pack is alive & well.  I believe Shane, Brit, and Ian are acting like they are working with Frank. Frank seems like he believes they really ARE working with him, yet every once in a while he says to one of them that he hopes this is real and that he's not being played.  But then to hear the Quack-Packers talk when they are together, which they try to keep those moments brief to not be discovered, they seem to be working this great plan together.
And I'm going to say it.... I LOVE IAN!!!!  :)

*** ok, guests, fans, and BB addicts, I'm signing off for tonight.
I'll be back in the morning, before noon, for the Overnighter.

Stay tuned...
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