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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! Today is Thursday and that means that tonight is the live show!! :D We will see Wil get the BB boot, then we will watch the HG's duke it for this weeks title of HOH. Who are you guys pulling for?? I asked this question last night on the blogs  Facebook Group, a lot of y'all said Ian, but other names were thrown around too, such as Britney, Ashley and Joe (which I'm personally rooting for because it'd be an intense HOH reign!) But I love Ian and have been pulling for him since Willie was expelled.

Okay, I haven't looked through all of last nights happenings yet, but I did stay up until 1am BBT last night watching the feeds (and Twittering) and before I went to bed, the only interesting thing that happened was that Jenn tried to campaign to Boogie (since he has a vote) in the HOH room with Boogie/Frank, so I'll cover the that. And later on, Britney/Dani/Ashley put Nair (a hair removing creme) on Ian's armpits and then he got chemical burn from Britney accidentally leaving it on too long. Ian went and saw the BB doctor which gave him some ointment. Other than that, it looked like a calm night. Oh, and for some reason, Frank was really snippy with people pretty much throughout the whole day and night. Not sure why.  Hm.

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it! :)

7:30pm BBT:
Wil campaigned to Shane last night in the Arcade Room.

Shane said he was 50/50 and would let him know "tomorrow" (which is now today) and that he would talk to Britney and Danielle to see where they're at. (Wil has Ashley and Jenn's vote, so he'd need 3 more votes to stay).

9:04pm BBT:
Poker time in the HOH room!

Frank/Dan/Dani/Joe/Shane/Boogie played poker. (Britney watched.) Frank was snippy with Danielle a few times during their game, to which Danielle told Frank at one point to not talk to her like that because she doesn't talk to him that way. (**He was pissed that Dani took him out of the game and then later on figured out that he had the higher kicker card and shouldn't have was an error.

9:04pm BBT:
Ashley and Ian spent some time together last night, hanging out and talking, while sharing a pizza.
9:33pm BBT:
Ashley/Dani/Britney prepare to nair Ian's armpits, to which he ended up getting a chemical burn from.

10 minutes later, they have success!!
But the problem is that it wasn't supposed to exceed 10 mins, and they did, which caused the chemical burn.

9:50pm BBT:
Ian takes a shower to rinse off...
Britney: "Rinse those pits!"

Ian: "Ooo WOW!"

Later on, Shane joins them in the bathroom and tells them that they used the wrong bottle of Nair! There's one for for the shower, and one that's not...they used the shower one on his dry skin. Poor Ian! :(

10:25pm BBT:
Britney/Dani are still on the bathroom couch and Britney saw Joe get a spoonful of mayo (that was in a bowl of something they're making), took a bite, and stuck the spoon back in the bowl. (**Eww!)

You can clearly see it on Cam 1.
Dani: "That's...that's not okay!"
Wil: "What's not okay?"
Dani whispers to him what happened.

Wil: "I see it happen all the time, kids! That's why I don't eat the food (he makes)"...*he starts to wash his hands in the sink*..."as I wash my hands gingerly..." (*lol)

10:51pm BBT:
Living Room
Shane/Frank/Dan/Dani/Jenn/Britney/Joe/ were playing "Name a Band starting with the letter...", starting from A to Z. When it was Dan's turn for the letter of "K", he said the name of Jenn's former band, Kittie. 

Dan: "Kittie."

Frank: "What did you say, KITTIE??!"
Dan: "Yea, it's a metal band."
Shane: "It is." (*hehe)

12:10am BBT:
Boogie/Dan did a lot of one on one talking about Big Brother in Boogie was bummed when he saw last season that they brought back duos and Boogie/Dr Will wasn't even asked, how awesome it is for both of them to be back in the house when they both thought they'd never be back again.

Ian and Dani walk into the bedroom to grab something. Ian has an ice pack on his armpit from the chemical burn from Nair.

They leave.
Boogie/Dan continue talking.
Boogie said that BB is a "major, major part of their lives". Boogie also discussed that he's curious about his lawsuits currently going on (if you don't know what he's being sued for, then click to here to read all about it. Pretty disturbing stuff.)

12:25am BBT:
Dan/Boogie talk game. Boogie said it's like they're "hiding in plain sight" behind other players. (Love that analogy!)

Dan: "Is that why you wanna keep Shane around? As a meat-sheild?"
Boogie: "Yea!"

This is a great convo to watch on the Flashback Feeds!

2:35am BBT:
Joe/Brit/Shane/Dani talk in the Have Not's room last night.
Shane asked Joe who he'd put up if he won HOH, Joe said Ashley/Jenn, unless "they" (Brit/Shane/Dani) wanted to make a big move and go after a bigger target. Brit gives Joe the advice to NOT put up a pawn, to just put 2 people he truly wants out of the game, in case 1 of them wins POV and takes the other one down, so that his HOH isn't wasted on a pawn and ticking off those 2 other people.

Shane said that whatever Joe would do (if he won HOH), "all 3 of them" would have their back.

2:58am BBT:
They turn on the lights, Joe/Shane leave the room.
Brit/Dani talk.

Brit and Dani talked about how they're worried that if Joe doesn't win HOH, and Boogie/Jenn/Ian does, that Joe could throw them all under the bus by saying they wanted Frank/Boogie up on the block.

Dani said they should just "deny, deny deny" if that happens. They both agree that Shane needs to shut up and stop telling Joe stuff.

They then talk about how they think today is either a double eviction or an endurance comp. (**BB has never done 2 endurance comps in 3 weeks, so I don't see that happening. Theres a better shot a surprise double eviction than an endurance comp at this point. But we'll see. Expect the unexpected, right?)

At 3:10am BBT, Shane/Joe talked in the bathroom at first, then in the Storage Room.
In the bathroom, Shane reminds Joe that Ashley said if Wil goes home (and he's going home tonight), then she won't have anybody.

They then head into the storage room and Shane said he'd throw the HOH to Joe so that Joe can go after Frank.

Shane: "If I can throw (the HOH) to you, that'd be best case scenario."

Tonight is gonna be very interesting and suddenly, I'm pulling for Joe to win HOH!! lol :P Things would really get good in the house then!!

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D

I looked at last nights BB episode ratings and I was pleasently surprised to find the ratings have gone UP!! In fact, it was the best ratings for a Wednesday during this BB season yet! Awesome news. :)

Okay, guys and gals, I'll be back tonight at 8:30pm EST, 30 minutes before tonights show begins, to make a new top post and to open up the chat room. Let's watch tonights HOH comp together! Until then, enjoy the  feeds!!

PS: As of 11:19am BBT this morning, the HG's are on HOH lockdown as production does their thing downstairs for tonights show.  Boogie is getting his hair done from Jenn in the HOH bathroom.
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Stay tuned...
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Lisa said...

In case you haven't heard. Our crazy friend Willie Hantz was arrested.

C.Montes said...

Omg I keep forgetting that Shane is in the house. More than jenn. Haha

Jen said...

Am I the only one who is sad to see Wil go home tonight? I love his snarky little remarks and how he narrates what he's doing :)

James said...


I'm not a Wil fan, but would frankly like to see him stay over Joe, Jenn or Ashley. At least he has the potential to add some drama. I think the core 4 should make a last minute deal with Wil and shake things up a bit.

James D.

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