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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday's Live HOH Comp!!

Here we goooo, BB addicts!! It's the HOH Endurance Comp time!! :D Who will win it?? Well, Boogie is trying to fill up the $10,00 bucket (not shocker there! lol), and Ashley doesn't look like she's gonna fair well at all, so we'll see what happens!!

I'm anxious to see who will fill these up first:

 If you wanna watch tonights Endurance Comp, then ya gotta get the live feeds!!! 

7:08pm BBT:
The live feeds are on! Here we gooooo!!!  :D

*Danielle just took a nasty spill!!
*Ian just fell hardcore, too!! His neck hurts really bad already.
*Ashley is taking baby steps and filling up the "Saftey" jug.

7:10pm BBT:
Ian and Danielle keep falling..
Dan said this is the type of comp he never wanted to do in the BB house.

Danielle is hating this comp, too. lol
Ashley: "This is definitley my grandma walk..."

7:16pm BBT:
Britney is going for the "Safety" bucket, too!So is Joe.
Boogie is still going for the $10,000.

Frank: "The hand-on-top is workin' well for Dan!"
Shane seems to be in 1st place for HOH...

Shane: "This is soooo much better than the Pirate Ship!"
Danielle wishes she was back on the Pirate Ship, compared to this comp. lol

7:20pm BBT:
Dan is going for the Safety bucket, too!

Frank: "Brit's almost done with the Safety (jug)!"

Dan: "Good job, Brit."
Britney: "Thanks, Dan!"

7:22pm BBT:

Frank: "Good job, Brit!!"

7:25pm BBT:
Shane's almost halfway there!
Dan: "Mike Boogie is buildin' Brady's college fund right now!"
Boogie: "College is EXPENSIVE!"
Ashley: "I hope we get pizza after this ..."

Britney: "Does saftey mean safe also mean saftey from being a Have Not?? Oh please god.."
Feeds switch to Trivia as production tells her...

7:31pm BBT:
Shane is still in the lead!

Ian is slowing down...
Due to Ashley's back problems the past week, she's taking it veryyyy slowwww. But she's a trooper! :)

Danielle's HOH jug is about 1/3 of the way full.

7:43pm BBT:

Ian keeps slipping and falling, Shane's still in the lead, Danielle just fell HARD, Boogie is still going for the $10,000.

Frank: "A few more tips, Mike!!"

Boogie is almost done filling up his $10,000 jug. He pauses to re-hydrate.
Dan has been working on the HOH jug but he's so far behind from starting with the safety jug, that it doesn't even matter.

7:49pm BBT:
Frank: "Mike's a couple scoops AWAY!!"

7:50pm BBT:
Boogie won $10,000!!

Now it's a fight for the title of HOH for the week....

8:00pm BBT:
The fight continues...
Dan is really hustling to catch up, and it's working, but sadly too far behind Shane at this point.
(Shanes is on the far right.)
8:02pm BBT:
Joe just fell really hard! Brit's expression says it
Britney confirmed that there are no Have Not's this week!

8:07pm BBT:
Ashley: "Hey mom!! I'm feeling good, I'm not hurting!"

8:28pm BBT:
Shane is almost there!!

8:29pm BBT:


**Okay guys & gals, I will be back in the morning with The Overnighter, but until then, I'll be over on Twitter tweeting with all y'all and giving updates late into the night! :D Enjoy the live feeds!! (PS Shane will be getting his HOH room in a couple of hours, then let the game talk begin!)

Oh, and there are TWO new polls up on the RIGHT SIDE of the blog for you guys!! Go vote! :D

Stay tuned...
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stephanelson said...

Do we know what happened to Dan's leg?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie! Did Julie mention a fast forward next week?? I mean there are soooo many ppl in the house still I can't see a fast forward x2 not happening. What do you think?

Krissy said... Britney safe from eviction or just from being a have not?

Anonymous said...

Frank needs to drop Boogie like a hot rock..He cant play for HOH and his partner in the came is going for the money not HOH. If Frank cant see that Boogie is only out for himself he is dumb.

Digiam42 said...

Im usually a boogie fan but i have to agree. He may have just got his last 10 grand of his big brother career. Very selfish move. I could see winning safety. Then he cant be evicted and no blood on his hands. But he sure is going to leave frank out on an island this week.

C.Montes said...

They said whomever gets safety cannot be nominated or evicted this week.

C.Montes said...

Isn't boogie like a millionaire already? And he won 6000 bucks already. Wtf?

Bbfanillinois said...

I just hope Boogie doesn't win. It has not been enjoyable to watch these past winners come in and dominate the house.

Anonymous said...

Next week is double eviction!

Safe from being nom this week. There are no have nots this week

Old ass Boogie wasn't gonna beat Shane for HOH anyway


Tango said...

I agree. get boogie out

Anonymous said...

So over this season. Shane again? Wtf! Ugh!!!! He wont make a power move.. Just another floater will be out next week. Sooooooooo annoying!

Jamie said...

i hear ya princess lol

kelsey said...

actually shane did make a power move to get frank out but he stayed because of the stupid twist and his HOH was a waste so he can redeem himself this time because nobody went home during his

BB said...

Boring....Shane again. Twice for him and Frank. I'm ready for something different in the house.

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