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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Before the live show..

Before we get to tonights live show coverage...

Joe/Shane talked last night, Shane said he'd throw the HOH to Joe so that Joe could gun after Frank, and that Joe would have the support/votes of Britney/Shane/Danielle. Well, then Brit/Dani talked alone soon after this and Brit is scared that Joe is gonna "sell'em out" to Boogie if he happens to win HOH tonight, which would make Shane/Brit/Dani huge targets. The girls agreed that if that happens, to "Deny, deny, deny" that the get-Frank-out talk ever happened.

Today, Brit filled in Dan on last nights happenings, then she told Shane (who happened to walk into the bathroom at the time) that he told Joe "too much" last night. Shane disagrees. 

In other news...
Frank/Boogie talked in the Storage Room today at 2:10pm BBT.
Boogie said he wants to win HOH, put up Joe/Ashley, then he (Boogie) wins POV, takes Joe down and puts up Britney, then gets Britney out.

Frank: "I'm down with that."

Boogie wants "negative Britney" out and before jury. He also thinks tonight is gonna be a Fast Forward and said it'd be the perfect time to get her our because she wouldn't be there for days making them all miserable as she's on the block. Boogie said he'll run it by Dan later.

Later comes @ 2:50pm BBT....
Boogie/Dan talk in the Sneakers bedroom.
Boogie tells him that he wants to get Britney out if it's a Fast Foward tonight. Dan said he'd be open to that. Danielle then walks in and their convo is done.

So tonight could get very interesting!! As far as what kind of comp it'll be, it'll most likely be physical, but not endurance...or maybe one of the semi-endurance comps like filling up a big bowl with a tea cup type of thing. We'll find out!! :D

Stay tuned...
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