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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning and **HAPPY LIVE SHOW DAY**, bb addicts!! :D Today is the day the game changes for the rest of the season!..or so we think. ;) The coaches are pretty confident that they're coming into the game tonight, and many speculate (including the coaches themselves) that they will be playing in tonights HOH Endurance Comp! w00t w00t!!

Don't forget, you can only watch tonights endurance comp one way, and that's on the live feeds, baby! ;) Get'em now, play around with them, see how they work, check out the mobile feeds (free), the flashback feeds (free), and then get ready for tonights epic live show!! Can ya tell I'm excited??! :D

Okay, so last night was a busy, busy night in the BB14 house. But for those of you who just wanna know who's going home tonight, the answer is still Frank! ...although Joe darn near blew it last night! (I'll cover that in the Overnighter.)

Let's get to it!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with yourlive feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

8:30pm BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about tonights endurance comp.
Janelle: "I think we have a great shot at winning it. The numbers are totally on our side. If it's endurance, you (Britney or Ashley) and I have a great shot. Because I weigh less than Boogie, thank god!"

A minute later, Danielle storms out of the HOH room, visibly upset.
Wil goes after her to talk to her.

Danielle said that she's sick of people thinking she weighs a lot & is tired of the "personal jabs". (**She's insecure about her weight ever sine Janelle told her Jojo said Dani was fat during a bubble bath one night.) Wil brings up the idea of him wanting to work with Dan/Dani/Shane/Britney next week. He's "done" with Janelle and he doesn't trust her or Joe. Danielle goes back to complaining about "personal attacks" on her. (**I watched the Janelle comment 3 times and still can't see any "personal digs" that she's talking about. I think it's just insecurities.)

9:15pm BBT:
Wil (lied, as he said he would) to Frank and told he has his vote.

9:18pm BBT:
Storage Room
Dan tells Danielle they need to work on some things and focus on stuff. He told her she's "mastered" getting to know everyone in the house and getting everyone to trust her, now it's time for her master her emotions. Dan tells Dani she gets butterflies around Shane. Dani denies it & claims she's not emotional. He tells her tomorrow when crap hits the fan, to go into the bed and pull the pillow over her head. Stay out of it. Dan doesn't think any of the coaches are doing their job.

Dan: "The next chapter is the hardest to master."
Danielle: "Which is..?"
Dan: "Removing your emotions from this game. Because 99% of the people can't do it."

10:25pm BBT:
HOH Room
Britney told Danielle that a lot of people in the house don't think she's a kindergarten teacher. Danielle asks what do people think she does, Brit says maybe something with science or medical because she knows way too many things about nutrition. Danielle, loving the guessing game, allows Britney to guess over and over again at what profession she's in. (**She's a nurse.) Britney comes close and says medical student, Danielle clams up and says "I"m a teacher." repeatedly, but also told Britney that she correctly guessed her profession. *shrugs* Whatever. lol

Moving on..

10:55pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Janelle told Dan that none of her team are after Danielle. Janelle wants to know what they (Dan/Danielle) want in return for Danielle's vote (to evict Frank). Dan said he's open to suggestions.

Ashley tells Dan that Ian is her #1 target. Dan is baffled by this, since Ian loves her and would keep her safe.

Danielle: "As long as it's not Danielle (you're gunning for), I don't care."
Janelle confirms that Danielle never was, and still is not, any of her teams target.

Jani said that Danielle promised to Frank out "because of the promise she made".
Dan: "I didn't know anything was promised."

Joe starts to panic a little, thinking that maybe Danielle wasn't really gonna vote Frank out.
Dan: "She's a big girl, she can make her own decisions. But I coached her to stick with a deal if you made it, so.."
Janelle & Joe mention that they just wanna make sure the Frank is being voted out because they see Dan/Boogie talk a lot.

Joe: "I just don't wanna be blindsided, that's all."

11:10pm BBT:
Sneakers Room
Joe goes to Jenn to campaign for a vote. (**He already had the votes to stay, he's just panicking from the Dan/Janelle & Co. talk in the Arcade Room.)

He tells Jenn that he already has Danielle's vote (but unsure of Wil's vote) and that if he's voted out, that he "has vital information for her game", so to come to him if he's evicted before he walks out the door.

Joe: "I just wanna mentally know...if I'm going home or not. I would hope you'd vote for me."
Jenn said she'll let him know tomorrow before the show so he knows where she stands.

They end their convo at 11:13pm BBT. Apparantly Wil was listening to it & heard everything.

Wil/Janelle go to get Joe from talking to Jenn. (Wil told Jani that Joe is campaigning for votes.)

Janelle: (mumbling on her way to get him) "He's so stupid.."
Janelle gets Joe and they go into the Storage Room.

Janelle: "What did you tell Jenn?? That you have vital information? Wil's freaking out!"
Joe: "What? I said IF I should go home, I have information, come to me."
Janelle: "You shouldn't have said that, because Wil is freaking out."

Wil comes in.

Wil: "Give me 5 good reasons why I shouldn't vote your ass out tomorrow. I heard the WHOLE THING, Joe! Guess what she's doing right now! She's telling Frank! You had secured votes, why are you doing this??"

Joe: "I don't know that I have secured votes!"
Wil: "Well no you put that in jeopardy! Because now they (Frank/Boogie) are gonna know that I told that, Joe!"

Janelle says she sees that Joe was just using it as ploy (to get votes) and seems like she's understanding of it. Wil, disgusted, leaves the storage room and heads to the Sneakers Room where Jenn/Frank are talking.

Boogie enters.

Boogie: "Hey.."
Wil: "Jenn has 'vital information' from Joe if she votes him out."
Boogie: "What were..what were you just saying to them (Joe/Jani) in there?"
Wil: "I said 'What the f**k are you doing, you have secured votes'..." (**Face-plam. Ugh.)
Boogie gives Wil a weird look.

11:30pm BBT:
The rest of the night is spent by Boogies team talk-blocking others from talking game. They interrupted several convos and planned follow people around, and stay up as late as Janelles team (and Brit/Shane) to make sure there wasn't any scheming, espeically between Janielle/Danielle. (**Boogie/Frank think that Danielle is voting to KEEP Frank in. They didn't want Jani to "change her mind" lol)

11:53pm BBT:
As Janelle was coming out from changing into her bikini, her nipple popped out to say hello. lol :P The cam/time is on the picture. Use your Flashback Feeds to see it uncensored. ;)

And it wasn't just a little bit of her nipple, it was the whole kit & kaboodle. lol :P

12:20am BBT:
Frank has been tickling and chasing Danielle around. He even tickled Boogie and Dan, who did not seem to like it. lol
1:09am BBT:
Ian was stimming at the table, hoping nobody would see. He headbutted his teddy bear, had spasmic hand movements, and constant rocking back & forth.
(**I haven't heard it with my own ears, but a couple weeks ago on Twitter it seems he either told one of the houseguests, or the live feeds, that he has a mild form of austim, a high-functioning form called aspergers. I have not heard confirmation on this, however. Either way, I still love Ian and still rooting for him! He's been my pick since the day Willie left. :) )

By the way, is it just me? Or is Ian totally rocking the scruffy look? ;)
A minute later, Wil and Frank asked Ian is doing and they joined him at the table and taked to him for a while about tonights endurance comp. :)

1:58am BBT:
Joe told Wil he's sorry and that he panicked. Wil said its ok. (Frank is still going home.)

4:00am BBT:

They talk about if Ian is autistic. They all agree that he has something, maybe an anxiety or nervous disorder. They talk about how smart he is.  Feeds to go fishies as someone behind the glass says "Thank you." to Janelle for putting her mic on.

BB Guy: "Thank you."
Janelle: "You're welcome!"

Janelle said he doesn't think Ian is autistic. And if he is, he hasn't been diagnosed yet.

This convo also had Joe complaining about the Have Nots bed (production told him he can't sleep on the floor and he was pissed), and Jani/Wil discuseed accusing Jenn of the wonky vote to get Frank out tomrrow, since Frank's team think Wil is voting Joe out instead. lol

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! I'll be back tonight 30 minutes before the live show starts to post the link to watch the East Coast showing and open up the chat room. I will see y'all then! Don't forget to get your live feeds for tonights endurance omp!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I saw on BBAD last night I believe around 9:22pm BBT Brit said to Shane in HOH that they weren't doing the last pleas from the noms on the live show for the first time ever. So tonight's show must be jam packed.


Anonymous said...

Why do the females get uncensored pics of Ian's and Wil's asses but when there's finally a female pic for the fellas it's censored? haha. Luckily I saw it on BBAD or I'd be screaming louder than Joe in the DR LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope Julie Chen gets in on the fun tonight and does the fakeout switcheroo with her eviction announcement tonight. "By a vote of 3-2 Joe you are safe Frank you have been evicted from the Big Brother House"


Trevor said...

I feel like they will let the Vets play for HOH as well as Shane.

James said...

On some of the online polls I've seen, the "do you want the coaches to return?" question at near 50/50. Is it not possible that America will say "no". Then what will they do? Maybe bring back evicted players. They definitely need more players in the game.

2boysmom said...

I bet they only let 2 of the 4 vets play, and they compete for it tonight in the HOH.

James said...

We only started off with 12 player. Minus Jodi (first night) and Willie (Chimanated)and we really only have 10 players vs a normal season with 13-14. So I assume if America votes them back, then all the coaches will have the option to return. If so and they choose to return, then the endurance comp will be with everyone playing individually. The coaches should be big targets along with Shane. If Boogie Jenn or Ian don't win (Boogie is the only one of the 3 I see winning an endurance comp) then Boogie is likely to be the target for eviction. Just my 2 cents.

James D

Anonymous said...

The only thing I like about Joe is the fact that he wears his UK basketball championship shirt a lot. GO KENTUCKY!!! REPRESENT WOOT WOOT! lol

C.Montes said...

I personally think the game will be super boring without frank. Besides frank and shane noone has been good at comps. But well see

Anonymous said...


I think it was going to be 2 but Willie's ejection will make it 3. Plus I also think Frank, JoJo and Kara will compete vs the coaches who want the chance to enter and that if a coach takes the risk to enter and fails to earn 1 of the 3 spots then they're out completely and don't return to coaching. That'll make it a much tougher choice for the coaches especially Brit who isn't strong at challenges and Janelle who'll still have 3 players left on her team.


Cutie pie said...

I glad I didnt miss. Britny and her imitation of reality show charters. To funny. She did teen moms housewives I'm glad to see her funny personality back. Flashback today Thursday around 11:00. Love it

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