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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Nights Live Endurance Comp

Here we go, BB addicts!! It's HOH Endurance Comp time!! :D Also, in case you missed it, next week on Thursday is a live double eviction!

*The 1st HG to drop is JOE!!!! He will get a punishment.
*The 2nd HG to drop is JENN!!

Who will win the title of HOH for this week??We'll find out!

Wanna watch tonights HOH comp?

The live feeds will come on in about 15 mins'ish. Hang tight, guys! :D

7:10pm BBT:
Feeds are live!!! :D

*Nobody else has fallen yet.
*HG's telling each other "good job" for hanging in so far.

Frank: "I think it's just gonna go faster and faster as time goes on."

7:14pm BBT:
Shane: "Gonna have rope burn tomorrow!"

7:16pm BBT:
Dani: "(Production) can I take off these googles??"
Shane: "You can put them on your forehead, hun."

Production: "Hey, uh.." (feeds cut to fishies as they talk to the HGs real quick.)

Shane & Ian both think Britney would have won this comp for sure.

7:20pm BBT:
*Ian/Shane/Dan/Dani are still hanging on! Round & round they go...
Jenn: "Lookin' good!" (clapping)
Frank: "Lookin' real good, everybody!"

7:23pm BBT:
*Shane and Ian think production did a great job on the set up for the comp.
*Dan said he can hang on "until breakfast". This might be a long comp. ;) lol

Wanna watch tonights HOH comp?

Frank: "It's goin' faster..."
Ian: "Finally! It's easier when it goes faster."
Jenn: "Watch out, guys!"

The "comet" thing is pushing the HG's as they swing by. Shane is swinging around really fast. Dani is now, too.

Dani: "Oh my god! Ugh...Shane I might throw up.."

Dani is out!!!!

She's the 3rd HG to drop) She was about to puke.
Everyone tells her "good job".

7:28pm BBT:
Dani is puking!!! (Ewww!! lol)
Jenn: "It's okay, baby.."


Shane (to Ian): "How bad do you want that HOH room?"
Ian: "I might be rubbing one out tonight!"
Shane: "Over my dead body!" (lol)

7:35pm BBT:
Dani is still puking...
Dani: "I'm so sick.."

*Ian & Shane are still going round and round...
Ian: "It's speeding up a lil bit."
Shane: "Why am I spinning? I haven't hit anything."

7:41pm BBT:

Shane: "I'm in this for the whole night, Ian! Woo hoo!!"
Ian: "Me too!"

Shane keeps rotating positions from standing to squatting. He said his right foot if "burning for some reason".

7:45pm BBT:
Dan/Dani/Jenn/Joe/Frank watch from the sidelines.
Dan is asking Ian if the planets set for the comp is accurate. lol Ian said he doesn't think they thought to be accurate when they built it.

Frank gets off his chair.
Frank: "My butt hurts."

Shane/Ian are still going round n round!

7:56pm BBT:
The "comet" comes back out! (Looks more like a piece of chicken. lol)

8:03pm BBT:
*Shane seems to be struggling a bit.
*Ian seems comfy.

BB gave the HG's Dramamine to all the HG's to prevent nausea/motion sickness.
Shane said he only took half the pill.

8:06pm BBT:
*Shane/Ian still going round n round!
*Shane keeps spitting out the liquid that BB is spraying out of the 'sun' in the middle. He still looks like he's struggling.

8:12pm BBT:
*Shane still rotating from standing to squating, as Ian continues to stand the whole time.
*Shane looks like he's uncomfy, as Ian looks to be doing just fine.
*HG's watching from the sidelines.
8:20pm BBT:
Dan: "Good job, guy."
Ian: "Thanks guys. Good job, Shaners!"

Dan: "Just think, tomorrow this (comp set-up) will be all gone. And we'll have our backyard back."

8:32pm BBT:

*Shane/Ian still going strong!
*The "comet" is out further now, hitting the guys each time they pass it.

8:42pm BBT:

BB sped up the swings and Ian/Shane are hitting the "comet" pretty good now.
Joe: "This could go all night!"

Frank: "Nice battle, boys!"
Ian: "Thanks, Frank."

Ian: "You're not going up, no replacement, no bullsh*t."
Shane: "Alright, I'll drop."



Ian promised both Shane and Dani safety this week.
Ian: "Good job, Shane!"
Shane: "I'm crazy dizzy. My foot is on fire!"

Joe: "You okay, Shane?"
Shane is shaking like a leaf.
Shane: "I'm just wicked cold and wicked dizzy!"

8:54pm BBT:
Joes punishment is that he has to hula hoop every hour on the hour. lol

9:01pm BBT:

The HG's are inside the house now, as BB tears down the comp outside.
Dan is finally off of being a Have Not and the first thing he's eating is chocolate.
Jenn thinks she's going up for sure this week.

**Alright guys & gals, I'm gonna lay in bed and rest and watch the live feeds!! I'll see y'all back here tomorrow with The Overnighter! G'dnight, kids. ;)

Stay tuned...
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it's ME! said...

who couldn't have predicted quitter 1 and quitter 2 in this comp...

this could be a long run for the remaining 4... wonder how safe Dan feels right about now?


Donna said...

I hate the way that they edited the show! Both nights have made Dan the bad guy, where Brit was more than willing to let Dan go to save her own rear !! Joe - "we have to win this HOH" is the first one off. SURPRISE !!

Neche said...

Lets go Ian.

Tmt said...

Hang on Ian...Don't make any deals this time.

Kim M said...

I wonder if the setup is somewhat unbalanced.

Both times, when one person fell, the person directly across the circle from them was out with 60-90 seconds.

Maybe it is just a coincidence though.

it's ME! said...

edit: that was Dani pukeing... not Dan... I think Dan just dropped because he didn't want Franks "blood on his hands"...

Neche said...

Dan dropped because Frank told him to throw it so he will be able to compete in double eviction. Dan told the live feeders he planned on keeping to his word to Frank.

it's ME! said...

thanks Neche... I didn't see that! It just looked like Dan dropped to throw it.. I wasn't sure why!

Anonymous said...

How does dan dropping help frank in the double eviction -what am I missing I know frank can'r play in the nexr HOH

it's ME! said...

@ wagnerfan - Since it was apparently Frank's idea for Dan to throw the comp tonite so he could play next week... it probably won't help Frank in a double eviction... Frank really hasn't proven himself as a critical thinker in this season...

Why would Dan drop... because it didn't benefit him to hang in there for HOH.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Ian!!!

Neche said...

If dan doesn't win this one he gets to play in the double eviction HOH and keep Jenn and Frank safe, That's if They can survive Ian's wrath. Is it just me or Has Ian become really cocky?

kelsey said...

Doing good :))

kelsey said...

Jamie is there going to be a double eviction next week or so...

Hali1624 said...

Because Dan dropped this week, he can play in the first HOH of the double eviction next Thursday, as Frank cannot play due to the veto punishment. Ideally Dan would win the first HOH, and Frank the second, getting them to the final 5. If Shane wins this HOH both Dan and frank know they are safe. If Ian wins, as long as one of them wins the veto they have the votes to save the other person. So it makes sense for Dan to have thrown this weeks HOH.

emoore3785 said...

If Ian pulls this out, I think Dan and Danielle are in trouble. I can totally see Frank throwing them under the bus and telling Ian that they were both in on getting Britney out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Neche didn't Ian say he would put up Frank and Jenn????

Neche said...

Yeah, he would Ian will put up Frank and Jenn.

jen said...

Why are they letting Shane hit the red thing with his hand? Didn't think that was okay to do?

kelsey said...

I wish britney would have stayed tonight... Danielle got on my nerves all week especially with her crying because britney was leaving and then britney lied to her and dan said britney was campaigning to him and britney said she was just saying goodbye to him to danielle and shes like i can't believe britney lied and shes been lieing to britney all week so that made me mad when she said that... She just has got on my nerves and i believe Britney would have been good at this competition also like ian and shane said lol :))

kelsey said...

Ian isn't the only won cocky

kelsey said...

Frank is the most cocky one in there and boogie was the second most cockiest... I hope frank goes this week... It will be a tie vote this week 2-2 if so and the HOH would be the tiebreaker lol frank would go over anybody almost i believe especially if hes up against danielle or jenn or joe... The other ones dont know yet... Come on shane or ian, dont matter which one wins lol :))

it's ME! said...

I think Ian could have stayed up there all night long!

Jen Rose said...

I agree kelsey, frank is so cocky and annoying. I really hope he doesnt make it to final two!

ustay miller said...

Don't worry Frank, if Dan keeps his word w u. You two boys will look good n final 4. Hope u take jenCity

Razldazlrr said...

These comps are so built for the person they want to win. This one was built for a really small person to be able to hold on. I agree - brit probably would have won it. I would like to see Ian put up Frank and Dan but it will probably be Frank and Jenn

Anonymous said...

Funny if jo e ends up winning or second..anyone will take him f2 expecting hed lise

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