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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! I'm back! lol This stupid gallbladder thing is annoying the heck out of me and I wish the docs would just take the darn thing out. :P Latest news on that is that I have to see my regular doc tomorrow and then go see a GI specialist to get a special test done (the HIDA test). Whateves.

Anyways, I got a real treat for y'all this morning! :D Wil from BB14 has a new video that he just did about Big Brother and it's hilarious!! He imitates most of the houseguests (wonder if he'll do more impressions with his Part 2 video). This is a must-see:

I'll start posting the Overnighter right below, so refresh periodically! :)

8:51pm BBT:

This is worth a look at on the Flashback Feeds, simply because it's the moment in the game where Britney learns of her fate..that she's going home on Thursday. Ian told Britney that she doesn't have the votes and that "they" wanna keep Danielle because she's better at comps for their side of the house.

Brit: "I guess I've been feeling down all day because I think people have known (that I'm going home) and people just haven't been telling me."

By the end of their convo, they are both crying.
Ian: "You will see (your hubby) in 21 days." 
Britney: "I'm gonna see him in 2 days, kind video." (in sequester)

Brit: "Thank you for telling me."
They hug.

Brit goes inside and tells Dani, they both hug and have another cryfest.

Last night, the HG's were given 1 bottle of win and 6 beers. Brit filled up her huge mug of wine, as Ian took all 6 beers. Needless to say, they both got a little drunk. :P

11:15pm BBT:

All HG's sat outside, talking and having a good time on the backyard patio. (Jenn previously was shying away from being around Brit because of her constant negative remarks earlier.)

Brit kept telling Ian that he is her "favorite" in the house, as Dani was sitting beside her. :P

11:33pm BBT:
Brit stops Dani in the living room on their way to the bathroom.

Brit: "Danielle, do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much our friendship means to me?"
Dani: "Do you know much I love you?"
Brit: "You're like, the best thing that I ever met.." (lol)

Brit: "You have to win (this game)!"
They both go to change into their bathing suits.

Brit: "You can can win!"
They hug in the shower stall.

Brit gets naked and changes into her bathing suit, all while Dani supervises.

Dani: "You gotta take your shoes off first, Brit...."

Dani: "Okay, grab your panties and stuff..and let's head outside."

11:41pm BBT:
Brit and Ian take a late night swim.
Ian mentions that never in his life would he think that he'd be drunk in a pool with Britney from BB12.

Brit: "Am I going (on Thursday)?"
Ian: "Yea, I'm afraid so. But you still have my vote."

They start laughing and having a good time. During this time, Ian promised Britney that he'd get Frank out of the house. Britney said that she's gonna try to get Joe and Shane's vote to stay, but if she doesn't, then she wants Ian to win the game. (She just said the same thing to Dani a little bit ago. lol)

12:17am BBT:

Britney is in bed in the Sneakers bedroom. Joe comes in and Britney asked if they (Joe/Shane) are still gonna vote together. Joe said yes and that Shane said he'll let him know tomorrow how he's voting.

12:30am BBT:
A drunk Ian, is laying on the pool table.
Ian: "This is my bed, as far as I'm concerned."

Ian: "Evel Dick will be on the same team, too. Quack. Headin' that way."
BB: "Ian, no climbing." (lol)

12:46am BBT:
Frank/Jenn/Ian/Joe/Dani/Shane are all sitting around the dining room table talking.

Ian: "I'll tell you one thing, if I was good looking, I wouldn't be here. I'm supposed to be the nerdy guy."

Ian: "I've been wanting to play this game since 2001. I've been waiting to play this game since before a plane went into a tower (re: 9/11), I've wanted to play this game before I grew a pube. A damn long time."

Frank said the 9/11 comment was "unnecessary".
Dani gets up and leaves the table.

Ian: "When I was a kid, is what I wanted to say. That's how long ago it was."
Frank: "That's just something you can't pussyfoot about."
Ian: "I know! I ain't a joke."
Jenn: (inaudilble)...joke about 9/11."
Ian: "No, it wasn't a joke..I'm being serious here. It's how long ago it was. That's, that's when my life changed."

Jenn gets up and leave and heads outside to the hot tub in the backyard, alone.
They both agreed that Ian's comment was "uncalled for".
At 12:54am BBT, Frank/Joe/Jenn are sitting around the hot tub, talking about the Ian 9/11 comment and how Ian said it was just a historical timeline remark, didn't mean anything by it.

Ian comes out and joins them. Jenn goes inside.
Joe tells Ian that Jenn is not happy with him.

Frank goes off on Ian and says that Ian was just a kid when it happened, as Jenn was living in NYC as a grown woman, and that it wasn't appropriate to bring up to use as a historical timeline.

1:12am BBT:

Ian tells Frank that his social game is "sh*t", but that his comp game is good, he has an okay strategy game. Frank blows up on him and tells him that his social game is good and that's why people are afraid to take him to the end because he'd win. Ian agreed, then said he had to throw up and got up and walked away.

Frank tells Joe they can't let "that little f**ker" win HOH or POV. Jenn is also gunning for Ian.

3:07am BBT:
Frank/Dan talk in the bathroom.

Frank said he's trying to throw as much heat on Ian as possible. Make him the target and hopefully they put Ian up and it'll buy them an extra week in the house. Dan said that if Ian wins HOH, that he's gonna put up Frank/Jenn. Before their convo was over, Frank said that it sucks that they (Dan/Frank) only get 5 mins/day to talk. 

**And that's it for The Overnighter!!  As of 10:32am BBT, the HG's are still sleeping. Dani is using the bathroom.
I'll start the morning/afternoon post once the HG's get up and moving. :)

Stay tuned...
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James said...

Where was this Wil in the BB house?

James D.

Sabine Kratzer said...

OMG... this video is hilarious, I hope part 2 will come soon...LOL
I hope you feeling better soon and this test will help to find the problem...

Lolli said...

Bwahahahabaha love it!

Abdi said...

Haha ! Love it

Veeee said...

You go girlfriend Wil. I just love the high cheekbones that are taped on. You nailed Brittney - always stuffing her face with some munchie or other. Hmmmm....maybe she has a secret stash of pot enhanced brownies? Or maybe she's just bored. Yeah, that's it...she's a boredom eater. (Wink wink). The rendition of Joe is f-ing hilarious! Looking forward to more......pleeeze! :-)

Daniel Hursh said...

Am I th only one that thought this was stupid? There was like one funny part...oh well I guess difference of opinions are what make this country great!

Karma baby said...

Hey Jamie all the best,hope these darn doctors find out what's wrong w/u nd get rolling so u can have some relief,I need u to get better 4 Canada BB,take care of urself,nd plze continue to keep us posted on ur health ;)

Karma baby said...

One more thing,just want to say thanks to SuzieQ for an amazing job she does on covering u,keep up the great work always appreciated!!!!

jrt said...

AMAZING video by Wil. Had me laughing for a good while!

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