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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Overnighter

Happy Thursday, BB addicts! :D Tonight is the *live* Double Eviction show! w00t w00t! We already know that Boogie will be the 1st one to get the BB boot, but who will be the 2nd? Hmm! Or more importantly, who would *YOU* like to see get evicted 2nd tonight?? While I love Ian and he's been my pick since week 2, it does worry me a little bit about what he'd do...although that could make for some epic drama.

Tonight's show starts at 9pm EST. I don't have a new link (yet) for the East Coast showing, but I'll be on the prowl. (If you guys know of any, let me know!) I've had 3 different links this season, and all of them were taken down. The chat room will be open starting at 8:30pm EST as usual, so hopefully I'll see y'all there!

Last night was boring on the feeds, sadly. But there were a few things worth mentioning, so I'll cover those in the Overnighter.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with your live feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

1:36am BBT:
Ian talked about Final 2 and who'd they win up against. Dan said he can only win $50k if Boogie goes, Ian said he had Shane picked from Day 1 to win the game. They both talk about how Ian's resume' is being built..he stabbed his own coach in the hands, has blood on his hands that nobody knows about (re: Boogie), he named the Quack Pack, was the "thinker" behind plans, etc. Ian said all he needs now is to win a couple of comps.

Dan: "If it's us 5 (Quack Pack) at the end, I think your best shot would be against me. Ya know?"
Ian: "Of course you'd tell me that." (laughing)
Dan: "You don't think so? It's defintiley not Shane.."
Ian: "Oh, I know."

Ian: "(The Quack Pack) is my brainchild, it was my way of getting you guys information.."

Dan asked Ian about putting up Frank.
Ian: "If I put (Frank) up and send him out, oooo!!" (*sounds scared/nervous*)
Dan: "But think about if you don't."

Dan: "If it's between me and you (in HOH comp), throw it to me."
Ian: "I will. Done deal."

Ian said he'll do awesome in Question comps, and if he doesn't, then it'd be a fluke.
Dan: "See the thing is, I don't know the before & after crap..."
Ian: "Britney was supposed to study with me tonight, but.."
Dan: "She went to bed."
Ian: "Wanna study now?"
Dan: "Where?"
Ian: "Here."

They start.
Dan: "What was Day 3?"

1:48am BBT:
They move their training session into the HOH room.

Dan: "The only thing we have to worry about is Joe is coming up here."

Ian tells Dani to change the channel on the spy screen so that they can watch out for him. Dani can't find the remote. They all look for it.

A minute later, Joe comes up. Ian bolts to the HOH bathroom to hide in the stall.
Joe/Shane come into the HOH room. Joe's saying goodnight to everyone.
Joe mentions that Jenn said she won HOH, she'd put up Ian/Frank.

Joe: "You might see something out of Jenn (tomorrow), she's pumped! And that 100% Frank and Ian are going up." 

Joe says goodnight and leaves. Shane goes downstairs to get a glass of water. Ian comes out of hiding.

Shane comes back up. Shane said he knew Ian was up there. They start training.
Training begins.

Ian: "Here's what needs to be known, kids. Day 1, what happened?"
Dani: "Willie wins HOH."

2:19am BBT:
Talk turns to if Ian would put up Frank or not.

Ian: "Here's the thing..I..umm..ehh..." (stumbling for words)
Shane: "Just tell us what's on your mind!"

Ian: "If I put up Shane/Joe, it's obvious of the 2 who should go. I would put you (Shane) you up because it'd most likely be a running/physical Power of Veto comp in which you could easily contend with Frank in, win it, pull yourself down, and I can put Frank up. And he' be gone. If I put up Frank and Joe, Frank plays for sure, (Shane) might not, do you think *I* am gonna contend with (Frank)?? YOU (Dan) could, probably...I don't think you (Dani) would be a match for Frank, and I know I'm not a match for Frank, and I don't think Britney is either. If Shane doesn't play, and Frank is playing, Frank's pulling himself down and coming after me, because I'm a huge backstabber. That's what you have to understand. That's my issue with putting Frank up. I have NO PROBLEM backdooring Frank..."

Dan tells Ian that if any of them POV and take Shane off the block, then Ian better put up Frank and backdoor him.

Ian: "Absolutely! No question."
Shane: "All it takes though is one switched vote and I'm screwed."

Dani: "I'm telling you now Ian, you're playing with fire if you don't put Frank up."
Ian: "And I feel that if we do put him up, we're gonna have to deal with a really pissed off Frank. It's way less risky!"
Dani: "For YOU!" 
Ian: "That's true."
Dani: "All you'd have to do is cry and tell Frank I'm sorry bubba, they got to me! They'd blame us! Not you."

Dan/Dani/Shane talk to Ian about putting Frank up as an initial nom, instead of backdooring.
Ian: "I guess I'll just have to pull the trigger..I'll be Frank (as an intitual nom)."

Ian said he'd rather throw it to Dani/Brit/Dan, unless it's Frank/Ian in the end, then he'd take the HOH.

Dan said they should talk to Britney about all of this.
They then start quizzing for upcoming comps again.

Before going to bed, Ian tells Dani/Shane that he would put up Shane/Joe. He still doesn't want Frank up as an initial nom because the odds are better for Frank to not play in the POV comp. Shane said he'll act surprised (to cover up their alliance).

Dani said if she won HOH, she's putting up Frank and Ashely.
Dani: "You better vote out Frank!"
Ian: "I will. I will. I'm willing to go up as a pawn if I have to."

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! We'll see if Ian wins HOH and what he'll do with it if he does. Meet me back here tonight at 8:30pm EST for a new top post! See y'all then!! :D

PS It appears I missed this last night, but Boogie was crying while packing (it happens quickly..about 20 seconds..)an went into the Diary Room. 

Stay tuned...
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Jen - MoreYouMakeup said...

Here's the link I used last night to watch the show and it worked then:

it's ME! said...

Dan seemed to be trying to convience Ian that Ian would win against him easier than anyone else... I love Dan but, Ian wasn't drinkin' that koolaid!


Mike said...

Why are they all wasting time discussing scenarios that involve Ian winning something?

Anonymous said...

Ha nice Ian pretty much told them exactly what I said yesterday he should do and why as far as his noms. They're pretty much perfect in arousing no suspicion while ensuring their best POV player gets to compete and giving Frank less than a 50% chance to play since no one will pick him. However I just thought of something Ian better hope he doesn't draw HG choice or that'd be a tough spot. Best case scenario with that strategy and Frank could be virtually evicted just by the right lucky name draw. Worst case Joe goes home and Ian still isn't exposed and can continue his mole role.


Anonymous said...


I thought Dan said he could only win $50K once Boogie goes


Anonymous said...

I feel like tonight is most likely lining up to be an epic night akin to last season when Dani & Jeff left on the same night. Most likely scenario Frank wins and Dan follows Boogie out the door as the only 2 former winners leave within minutes of each other. Second likely scenario Quack Pack wins and Frank follows his partner in crime out the door and we say farewell Froogie. I think it'll be unbelievably epic if Frank throws Ian the HOH and then Ian backdoors him without Frank even getting to play POV. Ian would pull off the biggest double backstab in BB history in 1 hours time. Hopefully Ian has the stones to at least try to win HOH and not throw it again.


Anonymous said...

One thing I'm shocked about that Boogie hasn't tried with Joe is telling him that Brit has been making a fool out of Joe spreading stories of Joe masturbating in the Have Not room. Cause Boogie walked in with Dan and Dani laughing hysterically at Brit's reenactment and they made her tell it again to Boogie. That actually could've had a shot to work if Joe knew just the week prior he was just a joke to them and she embarrassed him like that especially since I've never even heard or saw any evidence of it actually even being true.


Nicole Mouawad said...

Thank you for always having the greatest comments!

Jamie said...

i didnt even think about that, Bri!

Nicole Mouawad said...

Brian thanks for always having the best comments! I really hope Frank throws it to Ian too! He would (hopefully) be sealing his own fate!

Trevor said...

There is no possible way production is letting Frank leave tonight.

it's ME! said...

@ you with the numbers...

I don't think Boogie's mind would consider a mastrubation story that epic... hence his jokes last night about what Brit's hub was out doing for his birthday - banging stray girls... or maybe his comments regarding what he's going to do to Dan's wife while Dan is still in the BB house and Mike is out.

Boogie has one of the most vulgar minds and mouths I've seen on BB...
mastrubation... not a big story to him...

Anonymous said...


The funniest part would've been that it still wouldn't have mattered if he got Joe because he doesn't have Ian. Then cocky ass Boogie and Frank would've been puffing their chests out all week how they did it again and pulled another Houdini that they were both gonna still be there. They probably would've just been trash talking Dan all week about moving too early and completely failing to even get 1 out all while he sat there and took it knowing what the real deal was. Even up until when Julie said 4-3 vote they'd have thought they were golden then bam total blindside and fireworks erupting out of both. And neither of them would've even thought to look towards Ian.


Anonymous said...

@it's ME!

My name's Brian by the way that's why I sign it after every post. Anyway Boogie likes to think of himself as a master manipulator knowing how to get to different people hence the awful attempt at getting emotional and "crying" to Brit they aired last night that she mocked him for. So I thought knowing Joe's a family man that he'd have figured that'd mean more to him. Plus even just for the fact of telling him "the other side" was making a mockery of him just last week forget the fact what it was even about could've made a difference. Hell Froogie certainly tried everything else under the sun even appealing to Dan of all people so why not that.


Anonymous said...

Man one thing I'm really looking forward to is Ian revealing himself to Boogie in his goodbye message and his reaction to it. I certainly hope they have time for it with the jam packed DE tonight.


C.Montes said...

Again I say- Ian really annoys me lol

Goldchampagne said...

So the ultimate question is..... Will Julie tell Booger it was Ian that scumbagged them? Ratings will tell I guess!

it's ME! said...

@Brian the numbers man... :)

re: "Boogie likes to think of himself as a master manipulator..."

You're right of course... but thinking of ones self as being something, and actually being that something are often two different things...

In his case, Boogie has delusions of grandeur... as I believe you you might agree, Dr. Will was always the master...Boogie.. just his sidekick and clown...

I look forward to Boogie's realization that he was so totally wrong about Dan. In his convo with Frank last night Boogie said, "when Dan came to me after the noms and told me that it wasn't him, and I shut him down... that was when Dan decided- 'we're done' "... too bad Boogie, with that insight, still can't put 2 and 2 together...


James said...

Their plan to backdoor Frank if Ian wins HOH is a great plan, but I am surprised they didn't extend that plan to other Quack Pack members. They need to backdoor Frank whoever wins HOH in the Quack Pack. They should also tell Jenn and Joe the same. If the HOH is questions and if the POV is presumably physical, then the noms should be Shane and Ashley (or at least Ian and Ashley). Then you have a more than 50% chance of Frank not even playing in POV and Shane does play. That is huge. If you put up Frank and Ashely (as Dani said) then Frank is definitely playing and Shane has a less than 50% chance of not playing.

Bottom line, Frank should not be put up by anyone at first and should only be back doored.

James D.

Cody Fisher said...

That would be an awesome move on Ian's part! There is no way one could deny him game play if that happened! I have no clue why but I'm a Dan and Ian fan. I'd love to see those two truly align. Dan is right, he'd never be given the money twice. Especially if Ian pulled off a backdoor on Ol' Frank.

pgh fan said...

Totally would have made double e so much better

KathyC said...

I took this to mean the only way he could win is if he's sitting next to another former winner, as no one in the jury is going to give him another half mil.

KathyC said...

I took this to mean that he can only win if he's sitting next to a former winner. He probably feels no jury is going to give him another half mil if he's up against a non-winner.

Anonymous said...

Dont know where to email or post so heres something you might find interesting; I hadnt heard this. Situation is on celebrity big brother in the uK! Might be an idea for CBS next season instead of rehashing old contestants , what about throwing in 3-4 celebs to interact with the commoners. Might be interesting

James said...

Also from late last night, Dani and Shane confirm their final 2 deal and Dani says she will choose Shane over Brit or Dan if he is on the block with any of them, but will cry a lot. She seems to be dedicated to their final 2. It is possible that tonight she will have to choose Shane and Dan or Brit. it is also possible that Dan or Brit would stay after Dani voted them out, then they would figure out that she voted against them and damage their relationship. Both Dan/Brit believe that Dani is committed to them over Shane.

James D.

Anonymous said...

@James D.

Dani would be an idiot to take Shane to the final 2 over Dan and/or Brit as she'd get smoked 7-0. I assume she's just doing it to convince Shane to take her as he's the one more likely to have the choice and he'd beat anyone he takes to the final 2 right now outside of maybe Frank which I can't see that pairing happening at the moment. Why not try and set yourself up for a free $50K?

No way Dan's stays over Shane at this point if they're on the block together. I think Brit would stay over Shane but it could be close and way too many wildcard votes for Brit to figure out how Dani voted for certain.


jrt said...

Can we get a reset of the house guests. The rest of these house guests are HORRIBLE, and quite boring. All of them are easily manipulated. It's like they all believe they won't be the next one knocked out the door as soon as their this week's target leaves. I mean who is going to keep Ian in the game over Ashley. If you want to win the $500,000 you are taking Ashley with you to the finals, not Ian.

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