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Monday, August 27, 2012

Afternoon Post (+Veto Ceremony Aftermath)

Good afternoon, BB fans!! At 11:30am BBT, the live feeds switched to trivia, which means we have ourselves a Veto Ceremony underway! w00t w00t!!

Frank is gonna pull Shane aside right before the ceremony begins and tell him that something big is about to go down, but that it has nothing to do with him and that he (Frank) wants to work with Shane. This was agreed upon with Dan.

Make sure y'all have your live feeds turned on and ready to go for some veto ceremony aftermath drama!! :D

11:30am BBT:
Veto Ceremony underway...(usually takes 45 mins-1 hr).

12:35pm BBT:
Feeds are back!


Britney: "It's obvious that I'm the target."
Dani: "How?? They left me up on the block.."

Turn on the feeds!!
Inside the HOH room, Frank is yelling at Ian and told him to not raise his voice and if he continues, then to "step the f**k outside!" and Ian said "I will!" and leaves the HOH room, pissed!


Shane is now with Frank/Jenn in the HOH room.
 Frank (lies) and tells Shane that he's still targeting Dan in the game, but that he wants Ian gone next.

Ian comes up in the middle of their convo and gets his beers back from the HOH room. Still livid as hell.
Britney comes up, Shane leaves.

Frank/Britney talk. (Jenn is still there.)

Britney: "YOu are very good at this game, and a very good person. You tried really hard to be here. You have to do the best you can. I understand."
Frank: "You're really good at this game too, Brit! You are. You really are."
Britney: "I just miss my husband so much, but there really are no hard feelings. If you wanna talk later.."
Jenn: "We DO wanna talk later."
Britney: "I'm not just gonna lay down and die.."
Jenn: "We wouldn't expect you to."

Frank is listening, looking sincerely bad for Brit (she's crying).

Britney saying they'd be safe if she stayed.
Brit: 'I"ll help you if you keep me."
Jenn: "I think the world of you Britney, this was not easy for me.."

12:48pm BBT:
Living Room

Shane: "You okay, Ian?"
Ian: "Uh no, I"ve been better."
Shane: "You okay Joe?"
Joe: "Heh. I just wanna know what's going on."
Shane: "Didn't see all that coming."

Ian: "He's going f**king home, end of story! Backstabbing piece of sh*t, outta here!" (re: Frank)
Ian: "I WILL avenge this sh*t, for sure!"

Ian is walking all around the house.

12:53pm BBT:
Sneakers Bedroom

Joe: "I don't trust Ian. Something is not right. I trust you the most right now."
Shane: "I don't trust anybody!"

Shane: "Now I have to pick between my friend and my coach."
Joe: "I'll vote however you want me to, you're gonna have to make that call."

Joe: "We can still pull this off..we have 2 weeks he can't play HOH." (re: Frank)

Joe: "I knew Jenn wasn't on our side...when she's sitting up there in the HOH bed..I will follow your lead on the vote."

Joe tells Shane that Frank did approach him before the veto ceremony and asked him if he'd vote the way he (Frank) needed him to vote this week and Joe said yes.

TURN THE FEEDS ON! Ian and Frank are fighting!!

Ian: "You f*cked me! And I'm gonna f**k you right back! (yelling) If (Frank) gets to the end, he wins! 7-0 vote!"

Ian went to grab a beer to drink, D.R. calls in him and lets him back out a minute later.
Britney is a crying mess.

Shane is telling her to not give up. They might have options still.

Ian/Dan/Dani go outside. Ian spots a plane skywriter..

Ian: "We (heart) ..."
Dan: "Whoa..Dani, come here! Quick, before they lock us down.."

Feeds switch to fishies.

1:12pm BBT:
Feeds are back. HG's on inside lockdown due to skywriter plane.

Brit/Dani are hugging and crying in the Arcade Room.
Dani: "I don't want you to go anywhere!"

1:14pm BBT:
Shane/Joe are talking in the Sneakers Room.

Joe: "Frank said it's Brit."
Shane: "He wants Brit gone?"
Joe tells Shane that Ian is a rat.

They talk about how they need a plan and need to pick a side.

They leave.
A few minutes later, Ian/Joe talk.

Ian said that he hopes that Joe and Shane stick with his side of the house and that he's gunning for Frank. Joe said they (Shane/Joe) are on his side.

1:26pm BBT:
Brit/Dani are having a cryfest in the arcade room. Shane just joined the girls to check up on them.

Upstairs, Jenn/Frank are in the HOH room talking about the veto ceremony.

Dan joins Frank/Jenn.

Dan: "There's a new queen in Big Brother and her name is JENN CITY!!"
They hug.

Dan said he's trying to lay low still and not blow their alliance, but wants to know if Jenn wants a slop burger. She does.

Frank quickly fills Dan in on how he lied to Joe and said he (F) is still gunning for Dan and that he thinks they have Joe's vote. Dan says okay and leaves the HOH room quickly so nobody sees him up in the HOH room for too long.

1:29pm BBT:
Ian tells Britney she has his vote.

1:32pm BBT:
Joe tells Brit that he has her vote and that Frank is trying to pull him and Shane over to their side, but they're not going to their side.

Britney: "Dan is such a piece of trash."

Brit thanks Joe and Joe tells her to take it easy this week. They hug.
NOTE: Shane promised his vote to Danielle.

1:40pm BBT:

*Ian is in the hammock
*Frank is laying out poolside.
*Dan/Dani are talking in the kitchen really quick. (*I couldn't hear, voices too low.)

1:45pm BBT:
Frank/Shane/Ian/Jenn/Joe are all outside.
Dan/Dani still inside.
**I'll see you guys tomorrow with the Overnighter!! :) Enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Mrs WonderBoy said...

OMG I'm so excited! Turned on BBAD last night and saw Frank & Dan talking. My husband and I were in shock with giant eyes going, "OMG What is going on?!"

The game is getting interesting!

C.Montes said...

I so excited.

bbfan27 said...

Hurry up feeds!!!! I am so excited!

Brian said...

I really hope the other side (Ian, Brit, Shane) join forces to counter Dans plan.

Kim M said...

@ Brian

I don't think they'll have the votes to be able to. With Brit on the block, Ian and Shane would vote to save her. But Jenn, Dan, and Joe are (at least at this point), going to vote to save Dani. Unless Brit/Ian/Shane can get someone to flip, Brit won't have the votes.

I like Brit and won't like to see her go, but I'm impressed by Dan figuring out a way to not only save himself, but save Dani and put himself in a good position in the house.

elizabeth said...

I hope ian saves britney FRANK is DUMB! for saving dan

elizabeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brian said...

I agree. I don't think it's likely but I think their best chance is Joe. He only sides with power and never has shown a true allegiance to any faction. I think it's very possible they could convince him. Likely? Probably not, but still possible.

Jen Rose said...

Someone help explain this. Cant Ian use his veto and take Britney off the block forcing frank to put up the only other person without veto protection, joe ? ?

Krissy said...

Best move ever by Dan. I don't like him anymore and don't like the way he played it but it was the best move after ian getting boogie. I wanted Britney to win but I don't think Joe will vote for her so sadly she got screwed by her alliance again acs will be in jury.

Anonymous said...

Here's how I think they should try to play it for maximum benefit:

Frank should tell everyone that he made no deal with Dan but after Dan's speech last night he feels there is finally a bigger target in the house then him and he couldn't afford to get rid of him since he can't play in the next 2 HOHs so having Dan still there could at least buy him 1 week where he doesn't have to win POV to stay. He can say he has no idea if that was Dan's plan or not with the house meeting but if it was good on Dan cause it got Frank to keep him but regardless it's still the smart move for Frank.

Frank should add to Ian alone that he went to Jenn because he knew Ian wouldn't be down with putting Brit up but he feels he can't truly trust Ian with her there. He could add if he really wants to prove he's sorry for what he did and all in for F2 with Frank he can show that by voting Brit out and if he could do it to Boogie he should be able to do it to her too.

Frank should tell Shane alone that he has no problem whatsoever with him but much like Shane once told him his only issue was not trusting Boogie he feels the same way about Brit. And that once she's gone he'd have no problem steamrolling through the house with him to the F2 but to not tell anybody else the F2 part since that'd scare everyone else and they'd be put up against each other like Froogie was.

Jenn should just say she's rolling with Frank and he asked her to use POV cause it'd be beneficial for both to have the huge target remain in the game at this point and she agreed. Otherwise Frank will go up with Jenn next to him next week and if he wins POV like he has been doing she'll suffer the same fake as Boogie and Ash and be sent packing to weaken Frank.

Dani should play dumb on the whole thing and say she's shocked at what happened and had no idea it was coming or why it did. If asked about if Dan made a deal with Frank she claims to have no idea one way of the other since as Dan set up in his house meeting she's dead to him in this game so there's been no strategizing between the 2 since.

Dan can play it anyway he wants as who am I to tell him how to play after the miracle he pulled off last night. He can say that it was his plan to be an ass since as smart and vulnerable as Frank is right now he thought he might realize it best to keep him. He could even throw in that he thought it would've been Joe that went up instead of Brit though so unfortunately it didn't work out exactly as he'd hoped being able to save the entire Quack Pack. Or he could say the meeting was not an elaborate plan but he's very happy to accept the byproduct of still being in the game.


Kayla said...

I am so excited. I am so glad Dan did that. He took way too much heat for Ian and didnt open his mouth. And i think Ian acted like a jerk during the veto comp. Dan went through all of that for him to save him, but Ian was desparately trying to get the veto and when i realized that he was not going to use it on Dan , that was all Danhad left. Dan would have squashed the whole situation if Ian would have used the veto on Dan. But he chose not to and Dan was supposed to go out fir something he didnt even do. He is way tii dmart for that. He might as well hand the check to Ian because he is just skipping around the house safe.and sound because players feel sorry for him. No-no. I am now saying Go Dan and Frank hope to see you in final2!!!

elizabeth said...

Wait can ian not save britney with the GOLDEN POV? i thought it could be used at anytime?

Lynlin said...

Thank you jamie for all that you do! I am down here in Louisiana and we have a hurricane coming so I am sure we won't have electricity for a few days :-( I will be reading the feeds and I love your blog!!!

Mrs WonderBoy said...

I'm wondering if Ian's veto could only have been used at the veto ceremony. Which makes sense. They probably asked Ian first, "Do you want to use it?" Then they went to Jenn.

Wow! I can't believe Dan pulled this off. WOW!

Trevor said...

So Franks best friend in the house is Jenn? I cant stand a floater gets one ounce of power and think she runs things. She will be home in a week.

it's ME! said...

I'm so proud of Dan. Like him or not, this is one of the best plays in BB history... what shakes out next, who knows... but I think Brit is at the end of her game this week. She did say, she didn't want to get to F4 and get booted... wish granted.

and Ian... that boy has played both sides and he's calling Frank a back-stabber... it's always so funny when somebody else does it to you, they're evil...

Poor Shane just said "this is the most "F'd up season in BB history"... I'd say, up until last night anyway. LOL

This has been the best 24 hours of BB this season!


Anonymous said...


Brit screwed Dan in this alliance long before Dan made this move. Brit all but flat out told Froogie that Dan threw them under the bus to her the second any heat was thrown on her and to deflect it away to protect her and Ian while Dan was the only one willing to take all the wrath to protect the alliance. And he never even really got anywhere near the respect he deserved for doing so and was just expected to shut up and fall on someone else's sword. Brit then turned on him again when she made a deal on behalf of her and Shane with Frank before the 2nd DE HOH was even played. You never saw Dan running scared to Frank to cover himself against her. Of course he was already in no position to do that anyway thanks to the 1st time Brit threw him to the wolves.


Jen Rose said...

That's what I thought, so confused right Now. Someone explain!

Jamie said...

Lynlin, stay safe!! :)

Anonymous said...

hahah no he only could have saved her during a POV ceremony and it was announced the order... Ian then JENN... so his POV was rendered useless, SO HAPPY... Brit/Ian/Joe are annoying and aren't deserving of being in the house at this point... they dont win and there personality sucks... float and lie, never win or remain loyal.... Frank & Dan just ensured we get a DESERVING WINNER... Shane isn't stupid, he's gonna realize Brit/Ian Joe isn't the way to go because he will be put up FIRST out of the 4 if he doesn't vote Frank and Dans way.... Dan is no longer throwing comps so prepare to see him in HOH room next week with Frank/Dani/ & Jenn behind him... Thank God... The fakest/weakest in house is the first to go (Brit)... then bye bye RAT

hummingbrd said...

I get why Frank feels so cocky but with the numbers you would think Dani would be more scared because Joe Ian and Shane are truly with Brittney! I hope I hope I hope it comes to be a reality that THE PAWN ALWAYS GOES HOME! I want Brit to stay :)

William Helfrich said...

Because if Ian uses his Golden POV...
Well, guess who's going up in her place...

C.Montes said...

He prolly had opportunity to use it 1st. Thought Britney and he were safe so he didn't. Then jenns chance to use it and she did.

William Helfrich said...

Because IF he does use the Golden POV... Well, guess who goes up in her stead

it's ME! said...

@ Brian
An excellent summary of Brit's game to date..

What blows my mind is that the people really thought Dan was going to just fall on his sword for all of them. Surely some of them watched BB10?

Happy to see the possibility that Frank/Dan may team up, at least for a while... I love it when they shake up the BB snow globe...!


it's ME! said...

@ hummingbird... Joe isn't with anybody. Joe is the classic definition of a BB "Floater"...

Maggie said...

I've read on twitter updates by BB House that Ian's veto can only be used on the original he could only use it on Danielle now... :)

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

I think Brian hit the nail on the head with his commentary. That is exactly what frank should say.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

I think Brian hit the nail on the head with his commentary. That is exactly what frank should say.

L & L said...

My guess is that since Ian won veto 1st he had to choose to use it or not 1st...after he said he wasnt going to usr it, then it was Jenn's turn...Jenn used it saved Dan, Bri is renom...Ian at that point cannot change his mind and choose to save Brit...
thats my guess on why he could not save Brit...

Jesintajesinta said...

I am not surprised at Dan, that was the only play he had left to save himself. Dan can't win comps even when he needs to so its in Franks interest to allie himself with Dan.

I think Brit is going home. After that Ian. After that, Shane.

Joe is such an idiot I'm not sure if he's going to screw this up too. What chef passes an offer for an agent and awesome connections to stay alligned with people who don't give a f$$$ about him? An idiot! At least he would have had some benefit out of the house because he WILL NEVER WIN.

I'm hoping that Frank wins. He's the guy who has really showed he can do the hard work staying in the house.

I would be fine with Dan winning too as I feel he's been fairly honest while still making the right things happen for himself.

I think jenn is set for the final three but that's it. I think it's going to be frank, Dan and jenn.

breezingby said...

Shane would also be a renom option.

C.Montes said...

I don't think ian has a right to be so mad. I know Britney is his biggest ally but he should've known that the truth would get out sooner or later... I remember a few days ago when Britney told ian "u have to make sure I don't go on the block." I was thinking to myself "bit** please you're not going on the block." My oh my how things have changed lol

Ryan said...

Dan got all the blood on his hands for them and they did nothing to help him. Justice served.

Zombiegirl said...

I would love 2 see Brit go this week.

Nicole said...

Pretty over Brit being such a sore loser already.......gonna b a looooong week

shana said...

Jamie, thanks for all you do! I wouldn't know what to do without this blog, I have the feeds but don't have time to watch them so your blog gets me through.. I live in Mississippi and we have a hurricane coming so I doubt ill have power for Wednesdays episode, can you post a site I can watch from my phone or iPad? Thanks again! Oh and I love the f/d/d/j alliance!!

Haida Storm Dancer said...

I just have to say Dan all the way. He appears to be the only one who played with his brain and not emotions. Without him it would be a repeat of last year! And who wants that?!?

Digiam42 said...

I dont see how ian can call frank a back stabber. That little freak stabbed boogie and frank in the back so hard that they will never walk right again. I said it 2 days ago that this was the exact move that dan had to make to survive. Ian is just pissed because he thought he was the smartest player and dan got his azz.

Robert Kobusan said...

What if Shane self evicts? It's a long shot, but he asked Frank about it this afternoon. I wonder if it has crossed his mind...

Danielle for America's Fav,

UnionGrl said...

This has been a real blast. You go on with your bad self Dan!! Ian was clever but not smart enough. He wasn't grateful or gracious about all the s--t that Dan took on his behalf.

This is how the game is played!

Stephca33 said...

Dani is gonna end up ruining this alliance with her pity party, what did they say about me attitude. Brit is walking all over her and convincing her of all kinds of stuff while in the hammock on BBAD. She is so insecure and also so convinced she is staying...she just may not have the votes if Brit has her way. Also, I hate that because she won one endurance she is praying for another one so she is a "shoe-in" to win? Hello sweetie, this won will be endurance and strength if it is even an endurance at all this week. It's clear that BB caters some comps to people's size (Pirate Ship and last seasons Dani Donnoto win) and this next one will definately be geared toward the guys because they will have Shane and Dan fighting like crazy. Joe won't win and Ian is like a chick and Jenn won't last...Dani is good if it's standing in one place with weather elements but any strength past that could be trouble for her. This is exhausting! LOL

Sonny said...

I'm giggling my ass off the more I think about this whole deal... awww, little Ian isn't as clever as he thought, and his unwarranted and (Frankly .. pun) undeserved arrogance makes him look like a petulant child.

Would anyone like to bet Ian is next to 'get to steppin'?
I'll even hedge said bet with a quote by either Dan or Frank saying, "Suck it!", on his way out.

I'll miss Snowflake but she doesn't deserve to go the distance.

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