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Monday, August 13, 2012

Morning/Afternoon Post (Veto Ceremony Results)

Happy Veto Ceremony day, everybody!! :D At 11:20am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means that the Veto Ceremony is underway! w00t!!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below and then continue blogging the morning/afternoon post. :)

The ratings are (kinda) in from last nights BB episode. They need to be more adjusted due to the golf delay though, and those ratings are set to come out tomorrow.

Looks like BB fell just a bit from last Sunday's show (which was 5.72 million viewers), but slightly higher than last Wednesdays (5.39) & Thursdays (5.03) airings.

Currently on the live feeds... 

10:50am BBT: 

Frank told Dan that Wil threw him under the bus and told Frank to backdoor him. Frank said that he played it up and said "oh yea, I've been thinking about it", but said that he just wanted them to think theres some mistrust in the group.

12:05pm BBT:
Feeds are back!
The Veto was....

Nominations stayed the same.

Britney/Shane/Dani are in the bathroom talking about how they have to win HOH this week. Shane thought he was going up. Shane then leaves the bathroom.

Danielle is doing her makeup. Britney said that she was nervous during the ceremony and that she shouldn't have to have been so nervous. She, again, states that they need to win HOH.

Britney: "We're gonna have to tell Dan."
Talk turns to makeup.

12:24pm BBT:
Britney is now doing Ashley's makeup.

Dan's looking for the pool basketball in the house, he can't find it.

12:28pm BBT: 

Ian/Ashley/Jenn/Joe/Dan/Shane are in the kitchen/dining room area. Not really doing anything at the moment. 

Boogie is napping as usual.

12:31pm BBT:
Britney/Dani are talking in the bathroom. Britney said that Dan needs to stop throwing comps.

12:32pm BBT:
Dan is brushing his teeth and Britney tells him that he was almost backdoored and that Frank doesn't trust him.

Britney: "This (alliance) will not last another week. We HAVE to win HOH."
Dan: (gargling listerine) "I know."

Dan: "Why do you guys look upset?"

Britney is hinting to get rid of Frank/Boogie (who Dan is secretly aligned with) and tells him in so many words to stop throwing comps and win HOH so they can be in control. Dan tells Britney to not underestimate herself and that she's come close to winning. Dan said he's "always in tune" with the house happenings (hinting that he knew he was talked about to get backdoored, which was from his convo this morning with Frank.)

Dan leaves, telling Dani to fill Britney in. Dani said that Dan hasn't been throwing comps (*yea right.)

12:47pm BBT:
Joe cooked breakfast for the Have Nots.

Light chatter all around the table. Frank is making his own breakfast.

1:00pm BBT:

Ashley/Joe talked. Ashley thought that maybe Wil & herself convinced Frank to backdoor Dan, but apparently not. Joe (who knows he's safe this week, and was told to stay cool headed and act like he could go home) told Ashley that he has to spend another week campaigning. Joe asked how Ashley is voting, she said she doesn't know yet.

Joe goes pee.
Ashley's left alone on the couch.

1:09pm BBT:

Brit/Ian/Dan are in the backyard now, talking about how small the backyard is (Ian says it's a side-yard.) Dan is about to go swimming. Ashley is in in the Diary Room.

1:15pm BBT:
Ian told Dan (Danielle is there also) about how Frank said he was thinking about backdooring him (Dan).

Dan doesn't seem concerned at all.

1:50pm BBT:
Relaxing day at the pool.

**Alrighty guys & gals, I'll be back later on. All the HG's are taking the rest of hte afternoon to lounge, nap, swim and ...per Britney a couple minutes volleyball later on. Frank's HOH power is now over the week and as Boogie said, "it's easy street this week" for them. I'll be back later! :)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I love how Frank thinks he'd be good next week if he backdoors Dan. That Brit and Shane would be fine with it even though he made a deal with the 6 of them and a few days later is going back on it and turning against one of them. Sure thing we never really trusted you to begin with and you already turned on 1 of us but you won't do it to the rest of us.

And that Wil/Ash/Jenn/Joe would owe him for keeping them safe and backdooring Dan instead. When that's the exact scenario that happened to him last week when the Quack Pack kept him safe to backdoor Janelle yet he clearly doesn't feel he owes them anything just a few days later. Why on earth wouldn't Eagle Eye and the Tits give Frank the same backdoor treatment next week if 1 of them won HOH?


Anonymous said...

I just noticed the list of Alliances on the side of the page. You should add The Island with Joe as its only member. Aka The Cheese since he stands alone


Ronda said...

Does Jenn even play this game? I never see anything about her on your blog. Thanks for the updates.

Ronda said...

Does Jenn do anything in this game? I never see her on your blog nor is she ever mentioned on the TV show.

I feel like Boogie is back playing the same game with just different people. It's a repeat. Would've been better with all new people.

Karma baby said...


Karma baby said...

I don't think u got my first comment 2 u:(,but I just wanted 2 ask if u will b doing BB Canada,u do an amazing job on ur blogs nd love reading ur tweets,so I don't think I wud watch the Canadian 1 w/out u(even tho I'm Canadian)so hope u r on board it also gives us addicts a fix b4 bb15 starts,love what u do Jamie nd in Franks world preeeeesh,ewww cant believe I just said that

C.Montes said...

Btw jamie, if it wasn't for ur blog idk what id do all day. Ive been reading ur blog for years (started in college to keep my sanity from all the studying) and now it keeps me sane during my difficult pregnancy. Thanks for all u do. :)

Jamie said...

haha! yes i will be doing BB canada as long as they have live feeds. othwewise, i dont know.

I have, however, been preparing for BB canada behind the scenes. ;) looking VERY much forward to it!!

Jamie said...

awww C.Montes, I hope your pregnancy gets better hun! :( Sending love your way!!

Thanks for being a long time "addict" of the blog! :D

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Jenn not doing anything in this game....does anyone know why she isn't a "have not"? She played on the same team as the rest of the lemons, but she didn't get the punishment for losing. I probably missed something,but it's been bothering me so I thought maybe you'd know. Btw I love your blog too!

ralliegrl said...

Afternoon Quickie!!!! Thats what Joe said!

kelsey said...

i hate when frank says preesh also... it gets on my nerves and the zingbot said it also... and he talks about nana all the time

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