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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Morning/Afternoon in the BB House

UPDATE:  If you read my last post of this section about the look on Danielle's face, take a look now - I added the pic of what I was seeing.
I know it may have been just her "acting" like she's mad at Dan in front of others, but it still didn't set well with me, because it didn't come across that way to me.

SuzieQ here with today's update.
I will try to do this in a bit of a scattered way, flipping between live feeds and flashbacks to this morning and to last night.  I'll create 3 sections (last night, this morning, current afternoon live feeds) and I'll update in each section as I get the info.  But first......

A Jamie Update: 
At this time, I only know she asked me to pinch hit this afternoon.  I'm sure I'll get more info soon, now that I'm off work, so check back to this section from time to time for updates.
Update:  Jamie saw the doc today.  Will be scheduled for that gallbladder test soon, got more pain meds and for the moment is sounding pretty chipper!  LOL!  I suspect a surgery is in her near future.
Jamie WILL be back tonight for the live show and chat room!  :)

Just from checking last night, and briefly this morning, I only saw light hearted chatter between all HG's, including Brit.  They were all hanging out, telling stories, passing the time away while on inside lockdown, which has been a looooooooooong time!  I'm not sure if it's ever been this long. 

Morning Report
10:00 am BBT (+/-) - Joe & Brit in bathroom lounge
Brit is trying to get Joe's vote.  (glad she is at least TRYING to stay!)
They talk about how hard it is to talk with Shane alone because he's always with Danielle. 
Joe tells how Shane would be wise to realize they could all pull it together.  Joe says that Brit should continue to fight to stay.  He also says that he can see Danielle is getting close again to Dan.  Both Brit & Joe seem baffled by this, how Danielle can be "dead" to Dan and how she can get close to him again.

11:08 (ish)
All HG's are called to HOH room - lockdown!
They can hear the BB fishes theme music!

Current Live feeds - Wow, lots of campaigning today!  Finally!
Frank & Joe are talking. 
Joe tells Frank he (Joe) will stay with Frank and take out the other side of the house, for sure, with his undying loyalty, done deal.  (did he say the same thing to the other side of the house?)

12:35pm BBT
Brit moves her suitcase to the storage room; Frank helps her with the door.
Brit says she is going to run the vacume because she "has nothing else to do" and takes the vacume from the storage room.
Frank:  "Oh I'm sure you have a couple last tricks up your sleeve."
Brit: (sad toned):  "We'll see." (as if she doesn't have any tricks, but still, I don't know why but I have a feeling there will some surprise or twist tongiht.  I have absolutely nothing to base this on, and I may be 100% wrong.  maybe it's some little things that make me wonder about possibilities.  Or wishful thinking.  We'll know tonight.)

Joe is complaining about his knee hurting.  (if this is an endurance comp tonight, I wonder how Joe will do with his knee problem)

1:14pm - 1:20-ish pm BBT - Brit & Dan
Brit is telling Dan about how far up Danielle's arse Shane is, so much that she never spent gets to talk with Shane alone, but how she was able to talk to him when Brit & Dani were shackled together.)

1:23pm BBT - Ian joins Brit/Dan
Brit & Ian say they still all could work together.  They both try to say that Shane may join them if Danielle was gone.  They mention how Danielle has not even campainged.  Brit & Ian explain why keeping Brit would be better for getting Frank out.
1:35pm BBT
Ian asks Dan a few times if Dan wins HOH, will he put up Jenn & Frank.  Dan finally answers that it would be too dangerous.
Ian tells Dan that he (Ian) had the chance in his brief HOH stint to backdoor Frank but Dan & Co. told him not to, against mathmetical statistics, and how that it would have worked.

1:42pm BBT - Frank/Ian in Have-Not Room
Frank is trying to get Ian to join him after Brit is gone tonight.  Ian reminds Frank he is voting for Brit to stay; Frank understands.  Frank and Ian say they will keep communications open, keep options open.
Ian kinda jints that you never know how things could go tonight.
Basically, it's interesting to see this very brief moment where they each think they got a secret! 
Ian thinks Brit could stay; Frank believes Brit is going home.

Frank/Dan in arcade room
Frank says how Brit is campaining to Joe & Ian, and presumes they are pitching the same thing to Dan.  Dan assures Frank their deal is solid.

Frank tells Dan that Evil Dick told Brit to campain for votes at the last minute. 

1:58pm BBT - Brit/Shane in storage room 
Brit's fighting to stay!  :)
Brit says it's better for Shane if he keeps her over Danielle and lists the reasons.
Shane asks Brit if she has a final 2 with Ian, that Ian said they did.  Brit denies this.

Shane asks if Joe would be on board - Brit says yes.
Shane notes that Danielle hasn't campaigned.  (Brit did not bring that up first, so that was good for Shane to note that.)
Brit says how she won't campaign against Danielle, she loves her, but she has to fight for her own game now, she won't fall on her sword and leave the game because of a friendship.
Brit says that Shane & Dani will be seen as a pair that others will want to split up, so he's a target in that way.  Brit suggests talking with Joe (to see if they will both be on board with keeping Brit)

Brit goes to Joe after talking with Shane, tells him Shane seems open to working with Joe to keep Brit.
2:23pm BBT - Dan/Danielle
Danielle is saying how she is upset that Brit is campaigning.
2:28pm - Shane enteres, Danielle leaves so the boys can talk.
Dan proposes a Final 3 deal Dan/Danielle/Shane.
Shane likes the idea, because it's still Quack Pack Players. 

2:37pm BBT - Joe/Shane
Shane & Joe both say they can't trust Dan now.
Shane says he owes Frank 1 week for saving Shane this week.
Shane said he told Danielle he'd help her get as far as he could, but now, he has to think about his own game.
Ian enters.

They leave with no definate answer on how they will vote.

2:51pm BBT Joe/Jenn
Joe asks if Jenn knows something about Danielle working with Dan again, after what he did to her.  He tells how he saw them hugging goodnight, and this baffles him.
(of course, Jenn knows - she's in their alliance!  But doesn't let Joe know that she knows anything.)
Joe:  "She (Danielle) can't be that forgiving, can she?"
Jenn:  "I don't know."

Danielle/Brit in bathroom lounge, just chit-chatting.
This started some time ago, and it was very tense at first.  Danielle is cold, distant, and comes across as bit high & mighty, in my opinion.  As time moves on, it gets more relaxed, but no game talk.
**Suzie's opinion:  I'd LOVE to see Danielle go home tonight!  I won't make my lengthy list of reasons why, because I won't say anything too negative, live or on the internet, but yes, I'd love to see her go.  Just sayin'  :)

Oh, geez!  Danielle/Brit talking, well, Danielle talking, about her past apartments & houses where she lived, then Dan jumps in and asks Brit to put drops in his ear and she does, expresses concern about what's wrong, Dan explains he got something in his ear in the last comp but it didn't bother him until today.
He's there a few seconds, then leaves when Brit is done adding the drops.
MEANWHILE.... Danielle turns away from them, with a look of "Thanks for interupting ME while I was talking, I'll wait, but I'm not happy about it." kind of look.  When Dan leaves, she gets back to talking about her favorite subject - herself!  She begins... "Aaaaaaaanywayyyyys, .... " (more blah, blah, blah)

** Just sayin'  :)

Thge other HG's are in the kitchen fixing something to eat.  Trivia.
(they have been showing trivia instead of fishes most of the day.)

Ok, everyone, I'm jumping out of here.  The big live show starts in a little more than 2 1/2 hrs.
Jamie will be here.  :)
Remember, if we get a surprise with Danielle being evicted tonight, just know Suzie will be happy!
Gotta run & get my snacks for tonight. 

Stay tuned...
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Erin said...

Feel better soon, Jamie!!! We miss you!

Kim M said...

Man - I would love to see Brit pull this off and have Dani sent home. I'd much rather see Brit still in the house.

James said...

Hope all goes well Jamie.

Thanks Suzie. You're doing great.

I have said for awhile that I actually think that Dani is playing a great game, although I know there are many people out there that dislike her. So she is winning in BB but losing Americas Player bigtime. BB is about making close relationships (which she has done better than anyone) and having loyalty that is believable (also done better than anyone). The two tightest F2 deals in the house are Dani/Dan and Dani/Shane. There is no way Shane's vote will change to Brit. Dani has also managed to make sure that Brit does not hate her too much after she leaves tonight.

Dani is also actually very good at manipulation, maybe from practice in real life. But hey, that's good in BB.

As I've said before, Dani has the best chance of going to the F2, although more likely comes in 2nd.

James D.

Nancy said...

Me too!

UnionGrl said...

I also like Dani's game in general and respect how she's played up to now. What I'm tired of is how she is still scab picking over the scene with Dan. Enough already - it worked and it wouldn't have worked if you had known. She keeps whining about"how you humiliated me in front of the whole house" and "How would you feel if I was your daughter". Grow up! BB is an adult game and sometimes you have to take a hit or two for the outcome you want.

That's where Dani is weird to my eye. She is a strange combo of insecurity and egomania. Anyway - let this be the last of the poor-poor pitiful me stuff from Dani.

Veeee said...

Me three! Dani is annoying and has poorly pretended to be angry at Dan. No one is buying the act at this point. I wouldnt miss her.

Marcia H. Ribera said...

Man, I'd sure hate to be Chelsea...her husband probably has a girlfriend right now. I think he shouts out his love as phony as his funeral was I know he is religious, and I bet it's catholicism....they are the the most sinful.

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