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Friday, August 31, 2012

Evening in the BB House - Nominations!

SuzieQ here with tonight's update.
Jamie's going to need some breaks until her gallbladder problem gets resolved.  I'm glad to help when I can.

Feeds have been on trivia for a while.  Earlier today, Ian said noms were going to happen at about 6pm BBT.  I'm keeping an eye on the feeds, and will be right here to post as soon as they return.

Ian has said he wanted Joe out, and he wanted Frank out, and I believe Jenn is also on his hit list, but who will Ian nominated tonight?  When Ian was HOH briefly on the last double eviction night, he told Dan & Co. he thought Frank should be backdoored.  Will he nominated Frank right away, or try to backdoor him this week?

6:20pm BBT  Feeds are back!!!
Ian is in HOH room. Most other HG's are in the kitchen, snacking. 
Ian comes downstairs with snacks.  There seems to be a food issue.  ???? I'll update when I know more - you know how things unfold over time.

They are trying many vairties of chips, but they are supposed to be healthy.
Seeweed, wasabi
They seem to be on inside lockdown.
Everyone seems to be getting along just fine, no talk of noms yet.
They keep making a list of how "they" (production?) took this food or that food away.

They are all asking if they smoked pot...they all say no. (this came up because one of them said how one of the snacks looked liked pot.)
They talk about some of things they are planning for Showtime tonight.

Sounds like Frank is a nom.

Dan & Danielle steal a moment in the kicks room to celebrate.  They must be happy with the noms.
They do some stealth whispering, lip reading kind of thing that I can't tell what was said.
Dan leaves pretty quickly, Danielle stays, lays on the bed, thinking about scenerios.
NOTE:  If Frank & Jenn are on the block, perhaps Dan & Danielle believe Ian is with the Quack Pack meaning Dan /Danielle feel safe to go to the end.

Nominated for eviction are
Frank & Jenn

Ian brings some toys downstairs and the HG's are in the kitchen table playing with them.  Trucks, large size building blocks.  Ian looks at a box of Magic Rocks.  A couple of them are playing the paper football game, sliding a folded piece of paper across the table back & forth.

Joe and the Magic Rocks

Dan and Shane are playing the paper football game.  Shane has his fingers ready while Dan prepares to go fo a field goal.  Ian using building blocks.  Joe with the Magic Rocks. 
Dan now has a Yo-Yo.
Jenn is taking a shower.

Joe has the Magic Rocks set up and adds water.  I believe something is supposed to happen right before your eyes!
I believe they are growing!
And growing......


Frank is in high spirits. Thay are all just having so much fun.

Game playing stops.  Ian went to use HOH bathroom after he discovered Jenn was using the other one.  After playing stops, Dan went to HOH room, asks Ian if he can listen to Ian's CD.  Ian says yes, then leaves Dan alone.
After Jenn's shower, it seems she went to arcade to be alone.  (this is not being shown since she entered)
She has isolated herself the whole time the others were playing.  (wonder what's going on with her?  No one said anything about her or the game or anything important - just playing.)
Danielle was trying to start a playful pillow fight with Shane in Living room, while Frank & Joe were there too.  Shane seemed bothered by this though.  He didn't participate, and she stopped.
Hmmmm, could they be picking players for veto now?  Could that mean a late night comp?  HG's have been speculating about what the next comp will be, and there's been talk about OTEV (that's VETO spelled backwords for any newbies here!)  That is usually a night comp, I believe.
I'll be here waiting and will update when feeds return.

Sidenote:  On Superpass, while waiting for feeds to return, I was watching "House Calls" and the new show had Wil Hauser on.  It was nice to see him again!  He said Part 2 of the Trilogy video on BB will be out in about a week - 10 days, and Part 3 will be out near the BB Finale.  I love watching these videos and the short video clips of important events in the house, like Dan's Funeral video clip.

HG's can hear production building something outside for tomorrow's veto comp.

7:51(2) PM BBT - Feeds return
Ian & Danielle study in HOH room.  Ian thinks the comp will be tonight.
Ian doesn't think this is a fast week because they need all of this for Sunday's show.
They talk of how nomination ceremy is tonight.
Ian said he walked in the D.R. and saw the bag of chips (for nom bag) and was surprised.
Things seem to be moving quickly today, making HG's think this will be a fast week.

                       Jenn has been alone for a long time since nominations a couple of hours ago.

8:05pm BBT - Ian goes to HOH room, Joe follows him.
Joe asks what he & Danielle talked about.  Ian reasures Joe if he goes up on the block, he's safe. Joe asks if he wins veto, he should not use it, and keep noms the same?  Ian says yes.  Joe said he's nervous.
Joe leaves.  Ian is pacing, mumbling.  I believe I heard him say "Dan is not to be trusted"

Dan is resting, in preperation for tonight's veto comp.
Shane built 2 football goalposts.  He & Joe are at kitchen table, just waiting for comp to start.
Joe tells that Ian told him (Joe) that he was safe.  (but he still seems nervous)

Frank & Danielle are in bathroom talking.
They talk about all that has been done today:  Pandora's Box, nominations, no food (except healthy & organic)  and now night Veto Comp.
They think there will be a Sunday eviction.  Frank says he kept saying they has to be a double eviction or fast forward because they have to get rid of people at this point.
Danielle is a bit stunned by all of this, saying she never saw it coming.  She is trying to figure out how this will all play out.  (oh brother!  She is worried how these comps are ruining her clothes, and how her hair will look!)

Ian doesn't think this is all for Sunday's show and not a week that is so quick that it ends his HOH either.
Dan grabs Ian ear real quick.  They do some lip reading and body language talk that I couldn't understand, that it seems those two do.
It seems Shane can't play in the comp.  Dan said to Shane: Are you bummed because you can't play?"
Shane is hosting the veto comp.

Frank says it makes him nervous that Dan's key was last.  ????????
Danielle said production said this morning this is a busy day, let's go, let's go, let's go!!!

Dani "tries" to reasure Jenn she's safe, don't worry.  Jenn doesn't seem to buy it, but is socially polite.
(just updated a little above - Shane is hosting the veto comp)

Ha!  Frank/Shane/Danielle in L.R.  Shane brings up Dani Danato.  (Danielle hates when he talks aboutn her!)
Joe & Dan resting.
9:06pm BBT - Nothing, absolutely nothing is going on right now.  (is this what Showtime viewers are seeing?)
9:12(13) - if you like feet (yes, I know some people do!), you can see a full screen shot of Danielle's foot wiggling.  (no, I'm not posting the pic!)
Danielle gets up, looks at her backside in the mirror first, then goes over to both storage room & D.R. - BB doesn't open either door, then she finally gets in.
All HG's sleeping but Danielle is in kitchen eating.

*** For those of you who are BBAD viewers, and you tuned in to see everyone sleeping, and then came here to find out what's going on, welcome!
In short, HG's believe they will have a night veto comp (or possibly very early morning) so they are all resting up for it.  Today was a very busy day in the BB house.  There's lots of reading to do here, starting with Jamie posts today, and this long post in the evening.  HG's have already had a Pandora's Box, (which unleashed Jessie again!) had the nomination ceremony, picked players for the veto (Shane isn't playing, he's hosting) and expect to play the veto tonight!

Feel free to make comments.  And I'll be here with updates.
I'll start a new post at the top after the veto comp.

Right now, if you want to watch Danielle drink a cup of tea, you're in luck!  It's the only thing going on right now.
Earlier I posted that the HG's talked about the plans they had for later when Showtime was on.
They were talking about having a game show-like activity about eating gross foods with their new healthy foods. (see posts about Pandora's Box for more on the healthy foods)  They also talked about other activities they were saving for Showtime tonight.  But then, the veto players were picked and even though the HG's were not officially told anything about playing a veto tonight, they all believe it will played, and are resting up for it.  They have been on inside lockdown, and hear can production building something outside, most likely the veto comp.
So, BBAD folks, enjoy reading the details here, and seeing the pics (sorry, pics are not my specialty, as I am pinch-hitting for the best blogger, Jamie.  Glad you found this site, and come back and visit us often!

My personal sidenote:  I'm going to give a little rant here.  I am on Team Ian, and it bothers me that the other HG's go to Ian to ask his opinion on what does he think about this or that, basically using his knowledge for their own advantage.  I'm so afraid this may put Ian in a position where he gives up too much info, when this is something he can use to his own advantage.  It would be nice to think that Ian is fully aware that they are getting info from him, and may be feeding them wrong info on purpose, to throw their game off and keep his gift for his own advantage.  Or perhaps he has another stratagy.  And I wouldn't have a problem if those who are asking are loyal team members (but I'm not sure they are).  I hope he can apply his knowledge of the game with great skill in choices & action steps to win this game. But I'm ranting about how others use him in this way.  (rant over)

* For those of you who have the feeds, did anyone else think that when Dan went to HOH room tonight, that he was snooping around, maybe to see if Ian got a special power from Pandora's Box? 

* Does anyone think Ian may backdoor Dan?  earlier tonight I posted that Ian was mumbling and said he can't trust Dan.  Could Ian be considering making that big move, to get the player that is being called the best for his epic move, out of the game?  That would be some feather in Ian's cap!

Post your thoughts in the comments section.

10:08pm BBT - Frank/Danielle
They go in storage room and see more food but it's all healthy food.  Danielle is NOT happy!
She has been complaining all night about how there is nothing to eat.
She reads a sign that says, "All of this food is approved by Jessie-Clause."  (LOL!!!)
Danielle says she doesn't think they are having the veto comp tonight, that's what production told her.  She was told it was going to be held at the regular time.
* maybe Danielle will self evict after too long without the foods she wants!
* SuzieQ's opinion:  So Pandora's Box gave the HG's the punishment of healthy food all week, no fun snacks, etc.  And the "reward" that Ian got was a bunch of kids toys?  Or did he get a special power or big money that we don't know about yet? 

Joe said the other HG's now know there is no comp tonight but no one is out of bed.
Joe isn't happy that he took a 2 hour nap and now he'll be up all night.
Joe wonders why BB didn't wake them up for Showtime.  (*that's a good question)
Frank is in the D.R. - I believe he's checking to see if there is a comp tonight.

Frank is now saying no comp tonight.

All HG's are up now (haven't seen Dan yet)

Well, everyone, it's 1:42am here in the east, and I'm going to sign off.
Have a safe weekend! 

Stay tuned...
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Afternoon Post: Pandoras Box-Jessie was back!

Good afternoon, everybody! Hope y'alls Friday is going well. While I was out at work, it seems that Ian opened up Pandoras Box!

Ian said that there was a Christmas tree with presents underneath it for Ian, as Jessie was released into the house downstairs. He took all the junk food and replaced it with healthy/organic snacks. He also got rid of all the beer, too.

12:14pm BBT:
The feeds are back from trivia. The houseguests talk about what happened.

Shane: "He called us all fat! He called Dan "skinny fat"."
Dan: "Ian, he hugged me for 10 seconds and wouldn't let me go."
Ian: "Ahh, geez."
Jenn: "He was hatin' on Joe."

Dani: "He kept going "Danielle, look at my arms..why are you looking at my ass?" (**Sounds like Jessie alright. lol)
Dan: "He told Frank he needs to shave his chest."

Ian: "They showed me the Christmas tree and these gifts, and I was like I bet Jessie's gonna pop out from behind the tree and it's gonna be weird gifts, like punishments or something. It said "If you open it, you may have the best Christmas ever!"and then I opened it and it said all the gifts are for you to keep. And I started opening it and it was toys."
Frank: "What else did you get? A special diamond power of veto?"
Ian: "I wish. It was just a bunch of toys."

One of the presents was a 6 foot floating alligator for the pool.
Jenn: "It was hard to watch him dump out all the beer."

12:26pm BBT:

The HG's go outside and find that BB gave them a luxuary hammock. Ian is thrilled! :)
Ian: "Ohhh nice!!! And no creek, whatsoever."

12:36pm BBT:

Since the nomination ceremony hasn't yet taken place, Jenn pitches to Ian. Jenn said she saved Dan because it was a bigger target to keep in the house and that was best for her game. Ian said he's gonna do what he thinks is best for his game. (He plans to put up Jenn/Frank.)

12:50pm BBT:

Joe talks to Ian about not being a replacement nom. (Notice all the toys laying around from Pandoras Box.) Joe said there's Dan/Frank/Jenn as options to put up as replacement nom. Ian said there'd be "temptation" to get rid of any of them instead of his target. (Frank) Ian said he doesn't know if theres gonna be a need for a replacement nom. They end their convo by shaking hands. Joe goes downstairs.

1:30pm BBT:
Dan is making the most of the new pool toys.

All other HG's are outside as well. Most of them tanning.
2:24pm BBT:
Trumpet sounds off, it's time for Joe to wiggle those hips again & do some hula hooping!!

2:58pm BBT:
Frank/Ian talk.

Ian: "I want you to stay here. I think even if you're up on the block, I think I can (get them to keep you). So keep that in mind. It's 4 people voting, and I'm in the tie breaker. I just got a lot of thinking to do. You're not my biggest target this week. Keep that in mind, ok?"

Frank said that if he stayed, and Ian was on the block, and he (Frank) won veto, he'd save Ian. And that he'll vote anyway Ian wants if he stays off the block this week.

Ian keeps thinking that he has a lot to think about before nominations tonight.

Sidenote: A few minutes ago, Dan/Shane talked. Shane said he doesn't trust Joe at all. 

**Since he house is calm and the nominations aren't until 6pm BBT (according to Ian), I'm gonna go rest. I'll be back later when nominations are done! :)

Stay tuned...
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The Overnighter

Good morning everyone, and happy TGI-FRIDAY to y'all!! w00t! Last night we watched the remaining houseuguests battle it out for the title of HOH this week and congrats to Ian for winning! The comp was definitely designed for a smaller person (..Brit would have been great for that comp for sure..). Joe was the 1st one to drop, which means that he has a punishment of hula hooping everytime a horn goes off.

Today Ian will make his nominations, and like he said late last night, "Nominations without Frank, is like Easter without eggs." So you can expect Frank to be up there on the block. :P Frank will be going up against Jenn, he's made no secret about this. And last night he told Joe that he wouldn't go up, unless as a replacement nom.

Okie dokie, let me go gather the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below! :)

11:20pm BBT:
The horn sounds, which means it's time for Joe to wiggle those hips of his and hula hoop!!
11:22pm BBT:
Shane teaches Joe how to hula hoop...

Shane: "It's all in the go back and forth, not side to side."
Joe tries it again, and fails. lol
Shane: "Quicker! Quicker! Like its the first time you (saw your wife)." (lol!!)
Dan: "Joe Arvin, this is your life."
Joe: "This is your life, on a hula hoop."

11:37pm BBT:
Shane: "(BB) can we have the trumpet noise again? I wanna see Joe.."
Joe: "Shhh!!"
Trumpet starts to be played over the loudspeaker. :P

Dani and Shane cheer him on.

11:50pm BBT:
Ian: "Who wants to see my HOH room?!"

HG's clapping and cheering.

They enter the HOH room and look at Ian's pictures.
Shane: "Ian, your mom is hot!!"
Ian: "Thanks."

Ian got perogies in his HOH basket...
Ian: "YES!!!"

He also got bud light. (**Ian, you're from should've got Yuengling, my dear boy! lol)
His HOH CD is "Arctic Monkeys". (Never heard of'em.)

Ian's letter was from Mom & Dad.

They told him that he knows how to play the game and to PLAY IT! And that they support every decision that he's made in the house, and how many people are rooting for him...near and far.

12:06am BBT:
Everyone is leaving the HOH room and then...the trumpet horn sounds!! Get down with your bad self, Joe & start hula hoopin' buddy! lol

Frank is laughing.
Frank: "..poor guy is terrible!" (lol)

After Joe's done, Ian grabs the hula hoop and starts goin' to town! He's REALLY good at it!!

Frank: "OH SH*T!!!"
Joe: "You and Shane are the only ones that can do that."
Ian: "It's all about the thrust!"

**The flashback feature is wonky for me when I try to go back to 12:30-1am BBT. Hmm.

Anyways, Joe/Ian talked in the HOH room and Ian told Joe he's safe this week. BB came over the loudspeaker and warned Ian that he's not allowed to discuss his nominations.

(**Sorry, had to take a phone call from docs.)

I'm running late for my job, so let me just do cliffnotes since we knew it's looking it'll be Frank/Jenn up on the block.

12:49am BBT:
Frank tried to work with Ian, so that it'd be Frank/Jenn/Ian. Ian said the only person he trusts is gone..Britney. Ian told Frank that he doesn't wanna "waste his HOH on him", since he can't play in the next HOH anyways. (He later on tells the remaining Quack Pack that he's nom'ing Frank/Jenn, with Joe as a possible replacement.) Ian is planning on keeping his word on keeping Shane/Dani safe this week. 100%.

1:44am BBT:
Ian admitted to Dan that he made a safety deal with Shane/Dani this week. (But not Dan.) He tells Dan he's still down for the Quack Pack and that either Frank or Jenn is going this week.

2:09am BBT:
Dan/Ian still talking in HOH. Dan asked Ian if he wants to still do the "renegade" thing (Final 2 deal). Ian said he'll let him know by the end of the week.

2:20am BBT:

Ian: "We might not have Britney, but the Quack (Pack) is back."

*And that's it for The Overnighter! I'll be back this afternoon to do the afternoon post and into the evening. :) As of 9:36am BBT, I only see Joe up on the feeds. He's in the kitchen (hula hoop nearby), washing dishes.

Stay tuned...
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Nights Live Endurance Comp

Here we go, BB addicts!! It's HOH Endurance Comp time!! :D Also, in case you missed it, next week on Thursday is a live double eviction!

*The 1st HG to drop is JOE!!!! He will get a punishment.
*The 2nd HG to drop is JENN!!

Who will win the title of HOH for this week??We'll find out!

Wanna watch tonights HOH comp?

The live feeds will come on in about 15 mins'ish. Hang tight, guys! :D

7:10pm BBT:
Feeds are live!!! :D

*Nobody else has fallen yet.
*HG's telling each other "good job" for hanging in so far.

Frank: "I think it's just gonna go faster and faster as time goes on."

7:14pm BBT:
Shane: "Gonna have rope burn tomorrow!"

7:16pm BBT:
Dani: "(Production) can I take off these googles??"
Shane: "You can put them on your forehead, hun."

Production: "Hey, uh.." (feeds cut to fishies as they talk to the HGs real quick.)

Shane & Ian both think Britney would have won this comp for sure.

7:20pm BBT:
*Ian/Shane/Dan/Dani are still hanging on! Round & round they go...
Jenn: "Lookin' good!" (clapping)
Frank: "Lookin' real good, everybody!"

7:23pm BBT:
*Shane and Ian think production did a great job on the set up for the comp.
*Dan said he can hang on "until breakfast". This might be a long comp. ;) lol

Wanna watch tonights HOH comp?

Frank: "It's goin' faster..."
Ian: "Finally! It's easier when it goes faster."
Jenn: "Watch out, guys!"

The "comet" thing is pushing the HG's as they swing by. Shane is swinging around really fast. Dani is now, too.

Dani: "Oh my god! Ugh...Shane I might throw up.."

Dani is out!!!!

She's the 3rd HG to drop) She was about to puke.
Everyone tells her "good job".

7:28pm BBT:
Dani is puking!!! (Ewww!! lol)
Jenn: "It's okay, baby.."


Shane (to Ian): "How bad do you want that HOH room?"
Ian: "I might be rubbing one out tonight!"
Shane: "Over my dead body!" (lol)

7:35pm BBT:
Dani is still puking...
Dani: "I'm so sick.."

*Ian & Shane are still going round and round...
Ian: "It's speeding up a lil bit."
Shane: "Why am I spinning? I haven't hit anything."

7:41pm BBT:

Shane: "I'm in this for the whole night, Ian! Woo hoo!!"
Ian: "Me too!"

Shane keeps rotating positions from standing to squatting. He said his right foot if "burning for some reason".

7:45pm BBT:
Dan/Dani/Jenn/Joe/Frank watch from the sidelines.
Dan is asking Ian if the planets set for the comp is accurate. lol Ian said he doesn't think they thought to be accurate when they built it.

Frank gets off his chair.
Frank: "My butt hurts."

Shane/Ian are still going round n round!

7:56pm BBT:
The "comet" comes back out! (Looks more like a piece of chicken. lol)

8:03pm BBT:
*Shane seems to be struggling a bit.
*Ian seems comfy.

BB gave the HG's Dramamine to all the HG's to prevent nausea/motion sickness.
Shane said he only took half the pill.

8:06pm BBT:
*Shane/Ian still going round n round!
*Shane keeps spitting out the liquid that BB is spraying out of the 'sun' in the middle. He still looks like he's struggling.

8:12pm BBT:
*Shane still rotating from standing to squating, as Ian continues to stand the whole time.
*Shane looks like he's uncomfy, as Ian looks to be doing just fine.
*HG's watching from the sidelines.
8:20pm BBT:
Dan: "Good job, guy."
Ian: "Thanks guys. Good job, Shaners!"

Dan: "Just think, tomorrow this (comp set-up) will be all gone. And we'll have our backyard back."

8:32pm BBT:

*Shane/Ian still going strong!
*The "comet" is out further now, hitting the guys each time they pass it.

8:42pm BBT:

BB sped up the swings and Ian/Shane are hitting the "comet" pretty good now.
Joe: "This could go all night!"

Frank: "Nice battle, boys!"
Ian: "Thanks, Frank."

Ian: "You're not going up, no replacement, no bullsh*t."
Shane: "Alright, I'll drop."



Ian promised both Shane and Dani safety this week.
Ian: "Good job, Shane!"
Shane: "I'm crazy dizzy. My foot is on fire!"

Joe: "You okay, Shane?"
Shane is shaking like a leaf.
Shane: "I'm just wicked cold and wicked dizzy!"

8:54pm BBT:
Joes punishment is that he has to hula hoop every hour on the hour. lol

9:01pm BBT:

The HG's are inside the house now, as BB tears down the comp outside.
Dan is finally off of being a Have Not and the first thing he's eating is chocolate.
Jenn thinks she's going up for sure this week.

**Alright guys & gals, I'm gonna lay in bed and rest and watch the live feeds!! I'll see y'all back here tomorrow with The Overnighter! G'dnight, kids. ;)

Stay tuned...
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