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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good Morning, everyone.  SuzieQ here with today's updates.

Note:  No update on Jamie yet.  I expect to hear more soon.
Also, I cannot post comments, but feel free to make comments and Jamie can post them later.
I may be able to add a screenshot here & there.  Not as good as Jamie's, but I hope it helps.

Today is a BIG day - POV Day!!!  And this one is critical!  There are TWO POV's for this week - the one that's won today, and the one Ian got yesterday.  Dan & Danielle are on the block.  If both POV's are used to save them, it will be clear to Frank who is in what side.  Today can be a game-changer!  That would make for an interesting week!  A ggod time to have live feeds, which also includes $10 of music downloads.  I also love the other articles and BB videos that SuperPass has.  They currently have interviews with Boogie & Ashley up.  Get the live feeds by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.

Here's what happened this morning.

8:09am BBT - Frank/Jenn bathroom lounge.  (all other HG's are sleeping)
Frank is concerned that the "4" may still be working together and they may also have Ian.  Frank wants to talk to Ian today, because Ian gets nervous about these big decisions.  Jenn assures Frank if she wins POV, she won't use it.  Frank says that Danielle told him if Dan won POV she thinks he'll use it on her.  Frank/Jenn don't think Dan would do that, and think Danielle is crazy to think that.
They also express how Dan could pull something crazy out to be able to stay.

This is a live feed update:
11:57am BBT - Production using scare tactics on Ian
Apparently Ian had a discussion with someone he called "the cat with the cashier" as he makes eye gestures toward the cameras, meaning production. 

This discussion was last night and it scared Ian, which made him say things to Dan today that makes Dan nervous about what Ian will do today with the power. 
Ian reasures Dan that if there is a "perfect scenrio" today (if Brit or Shane wins POV), Ian will use the power.  Otherwise, he won't.  Dan & Daniell are planning to throw the comp to Brit or Shane, to ensure both powers are used.

Meantime, at this time, Joe/Shane in kitchen
Joe asks Shane if he's going for the Veto.  Shane says yes, to ensure his safety.
Joe asks if Shane would use it if he won.  Shane said no, because it upset Frank.  Shane also told Joe he doesn't think Ian will use the power either.

Ian is hosting today's POV. (Shane says this as production starts to call Ian to the D.R., but stops before completing the command.  Joe said this is about the 5th time today they have called him.  *This was also right after Ian told Dan about the chat with production that scared him.* Shane responds to Joe that it's probably because Ian's hosting the POV today.

Back to morning updates:
8: 18am BBT (approx) - Frank, alone in HOH room, talking to live feed viewers.
(*I love these moments, with any HG.)
Frank is basically thinking outloud, recapping what has happened.  He is saying how he can't believe Ian backstabbed him with his nom choices on double eviction night.  He blames Dan and others for manipulating young Ian and rattling him to make him put up who Dan & Co. wanted.  Frank feels Ian is a 21 year old kid (then he adds, "at least we THINK he is!") and it's not right for Dan to get Ian all nervous like he did.

Fishes, then we return, all HG's are up, doing the make-up, fixing breakfast.

9:42am BBT - Frank/Joe - HOH room
Joe tells Frank he wants Dan to go home, and so does Jenn, but last night Jenn slept in the same room as Danielle and others.
Frank is nervous about the fact that Ian can let power make him nervous, so he doesn't know what he'll do.
Ian is 3rd on Frank's hit list, unless Ian shows Frank something to make him think otherwise.
Frank keeps saying how he thinks Dan & Co. "take advantage" of Ian by making him rattled and in a way, intimidating Ian.

9:48am BBT  Joe tries to un-mask superman, Ian, but Frank doesn't believe it.

Joe: "Do you think Ian is f'ing playing people?"  I think he's smarter than we give him credit for.  Laetely he's been showing me sh*t that's just freaks me out.  I mean like when he won that veto yesterday, it was not the Ian I know in this house.  Some of the things he said, I mean, he has plans.  Whether we know it or not, that kid is very, very, f'ing smart."
Frank:  "I disagree."
Joe:  "Do you really?  You don't think he's got a plan to be the final f'ing one?"
Frank:  "No.  I think it's crunch time and he's so worried.
Frank goes on to say more, but that things changed for Ian after the confrontation between Ian & Dan. 

Joe is now ratting out his alliance with Dan & Co. (in a way...)
Joe re-tells what happened. 
Joe tells Frank he heard Dan say to Ian "I will rat you out." which wasn't about the ball game at all.  Frank is now hearing this for the first time. Joe repeats this scene about a dozen times.
Joe goes on to say how that after Dan discovered Ian got the power, and Ian is all hyped and MF'ing this and MF'ing that, and Dan started to apologise for his behavior, saying he is embarrassed about his behavior.
Frank wonders if that means that if Dan didn't win the veto, that Dan was going to tell Frank that Ian has been working with him (Dan) while pretending to work with Frank.
Frank says that as much as people want to think Ian's a genius, Frank doesn't think he's any smarter than an normal smart person.
They both agree Ian is a wild card.
Joe keeps that "I'll rat you out" statement alive to Frank.  Frank keeps disagreeing that it means something important, and keeps giving his reasons why.
(So, Frank isn't taking that info into serious consideration.)

Frank is furious of how he comforted Ian when he was crying before Boogie was evicted, and now he believes Ian was upset because he knew what he was about to do (send Boogie home)
Frank says if Ian keeps going aginst him (Frank) he (Frank) will do everything he can to make sure he doesn't win no matter who he is up against.

Joe is spilling the beans on everyone!
He tells Frank that from what he sees, Jenn will never vote Danielle out.
Frank wants Joe to tell Ian he wants to see him.
Their chat ends at about 10:10am BBT

Frank/Ian in HOH room
Joe runs to Brit/Shane and tells all to them about what Frank said.

Frank asks Ian what did he mean when Dan said "I'll rat you out."
Ian says it because he came to bat for Dan in a past week, and Franks seems to accept that.
Ian says he can't take Dan or Danielle off the block because "the Powers that be" (production) don't want him to do that.

Brit walks in.
Frank gets called to D.R. - he thinks it's time to pick veto players.
As soon as he leaves, Ian tells Brit the Quack Pack is in trouble because of "I'll rat you out."
Ian says he thinks Joe is the one who told Frank about the "rat" statement.  Britney agrees, saying how Joe came and told them what Frank said.
Trivia - time to pick veto players

10:41am BBT - feeds are back!
It seems Joe is the only person not playing in the veto.
Jenn was chosen as HG Choice by Dan.
Ian is the host.

Ian says the he doesn't want anayone to throw the comp, in case Frank comes out with some sort of threat, forcing Ian to NOT use the veto.  (Threats from Frank, or from production???)  Dan said Frank has no power next week and he doesn't have the numbers for votes, so he doesn't see what kind of threat Frank can say.
Dan says that if the perfect scenerio comes up and Ian doesn't use it, it's clear how Dan will feel about it and what he'll say in the Jury.

11:28am BBT - Frank/Brit in HOH room
All HG's have been speculating the comp may be "How Bad Do You Want It"
Frank tells Brit isn't as sure of his position now as he could have been if Ian had put Dan on the block with his 20 min. HOH.   They talk scenerios.

11:48am BBT - Dan/Brit in living room  (this pic is before Brit entered)

Dan tells Brit he doesn't think Ian will use veto because of their earlier chat.
*I reported about what happens next - scroll up to see "Sidebar" live feed updates.

12:30pm BBT - Ian/Dan in Have-Not Room
Dan asks if he & Shane are on the block, will he (Dan) have Ian's vote.
Ian is uncomfortable being in the position he's in.  he reluctantly promises Dan his vote, Dan exxtends to his to shake, and Ian, nervous about making deals with so many possibilities of what could happen, does shake, then sayng how he hates to be pout in these positions.

Frank/Shane in HOH room
Frank has been saying to others, and he says this to Shane:  how he (Frank) told Ian that if he uses the veto, Frank will put Britney up on the block, using Brit as a consequences to Ian knowing Ian & Brit are close.
(* scenerios, all day long, making my head spin!  I want the veto to be over!)

12:49pm BBT - Ian/Brit in bathroom lounge
Ian is giving Brit strategies to use if it's a spelling comp.
Ian tells Brit about his deal with Dan, and says it can't come down to that (Shane vs Dan)
Ian is getting extremely frustrated with all the chats and deals about this, and the threats about jury votes. 
Ian says how he goes to bat for Dan so much but it's never enough for Dan.
Ian says it's getting to the point where he may go to the psychiatrist about it a little.
Ian says for the millionth time how he wants Joe out.
Ian said he told Joe that he wants to know where he (Joe stands) and he (Ian) wants Joe to pick a side, that he doesn't have to answer him now but he wants to know soon.
(poor Ian is feeling preasure from production, Dan, Frank, others)

1:09pm BBT - Dan/Brit in Have-Not Room
Brit/Dan talking about possible games & strategy.
(Dan doing a lot of resting today)

1:44pm BBT - Frank alone in HOH room
Talks to live feed viewers.
Says he's in a crazy spot right now, trying to trust some people who wanted him out.  If he can get Dan out, Brit & Shane might actually want to work with him (Frank).  Says how Frank & Shane are big threats that people don't want to take to final 2 because they win a lot of comps.
He says he's a little stressed because of all of the doubts about the others, including Ian.

He looks at the monitor, sees Ian downstairs alone.  He steps out of the door and invites Ian up to talk, to give the SuperPassers something to watch since everyone is sleeping.
Ian begs Frank to win the Veto and to PLEASE send Dan home. (maybe "beg" is strong word, maybe it should read that Ian strongl, strongly encourages Frank many times)
(does he mean that because he's so frustrated by Dan right now?  Or is it game?)
Ian tells Frank that he told Joe to pick a side.  Frank told Ian "You need to calm that down, Bubba!" That's going to make Joe put you up (if he wins HOH).  Ian said Joe would put him (Ian) up anyway.
Frank brings up the Ian/Dan "fight" in the claw comp.  Frank tells Ian that people might think he's getting a little too big in britches and he could be at rsik.  Ian says he can see how the game has made him a bad person in the last couple of days.
Ian says if he (Ian) doesn't win HOH, Franks going up, and Ian wants that to change.
Ian says (again) he's been wanting a lengthy chat with the spychologist for a while now.
(that ball challenge and the words Ian & others used and the aggression have taken its toll on Ian.  Ian is talking a bit cocky, and seems like he wants to really help Frank.  Of course, who knows, right?)
More talk, then ends at about 2:29pm BBT

2:33pm BBT - Trivia - Veto Comp Time!   (I will start a new post at the top when feeds return)

Depending on how this comp goes, things could get VERY interesting when it's over!
Get the live feeds to see it all!

Stay tuned...
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