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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning to all your addicted lovelies! Yesterday was a "what the heck is going on??!" kind of night. It seems that the feeds just simply weren't turned on for a while after the POV Comp ended. When they came back on, everything was inside lockdown as the BB crew cleaned up the backyard, there was hardly any talking, everybody was fact, Dani and Ian were playing a game of pool and having light chit chat. It all seemed a little...weird. And there's no real explanation for it.

Last night one thing was majorly clear, that Boogie/Frank wanna either (1) get Dan out this week putting him up as the renom (instead of Ashley, the current possible renom) or (2) at the very least, keep throwing Dan's game under the bus so that even if/when Boogie leaves this week, Dan's game will be so severely impaired, that he'll be the biggest target. Either way, plan "Kill Dans Game" is in effect and since tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony, they only have today and a few hours tomorrow to do the most damage. This should be an interesting day!

Let's hop to it, shall we?! :D

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8:37pm BBT:
Kitchen Counter

All 3 of them were talking about the POV Comp. (Ian is convinced that Ashley threw it to Frank so Frank would win.)  

Ashely: "Joe said that Frank and Boogie were cheating (during the comp). I didn't see it. Did you see it?" (..feeds cut to fishies..)

Feeds come back.
Ashley: "Why would I want Frank to win that veto? It makes no sense."
Britney: "No."
Shane: (joking) "Unless you want another date with him."
Ashley: "And even if I did like him that much, I would just pull him off the block if I won (veto). So it just doesn't make sense."
Britney: "Don't worry about it."

Britney explains the comp a little had to do with guess-counting. (It had to deal with candy.)

Britney: "There were 1,400 just in one strip, so then you had to go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10..."
Shane: "And then take out the window and the door."

Britney: "...and then take out the window and the door. I was gonna put 14,750. So when people were putting in really low answers, that's the only one I knew for sure..I'm not good at that game."

9:02pm BBT:
Dan cooked BBQ chicken and mac n cheese for herself, Shane, Dan, and Britney.

Britney: "Dan.."
Dan: "Brit..."
Britney: "Guess what gets to resume in 1 month."
Dan: (looks confused)
Britney: "You're sexy life!"
Dan laughs.

Britney: "One month from tomorrow, sex lives..back on!"
Ian: "Guess what might start one month from tomorrow?"
Britney: "What?"
Ian: "MY sex life!"

Britney laughs.

9:29pm BBT:

Ashley tells Ian that she didn't throw the comp, she didn't fold (her cards?) and throw it to Frank, she was "so confident with the marshmallows and liquorice." Ashely said it hurts her feelings that Ian would think that she'd throw the comp to Frank.

10:38pm BBT:
Ashley/Brit talk in the hammock.
Britney tells Ashley that the girls have to stick together and let the guys take each other out.

Britney: "I think the girls do need to work together, Ashley. If we wanna make it far."
Ashley: "If not, we're just handing them a check for a half million dollars."

Ashley says that if she wins HOH, she won't put a girl up as a pawn. Britney thinks this week's HOH will be a quiz.

10:56pm BBT:

Frank: "If you go home, I got nobody to work with! Nobody."
Boogie: "I know."

Britney walks by with her giant glass of coffee...
Boogie: "I wanna knock that cup out of her hands. Fu**king bitch."

Boogie said that "they" are all sheep and that if they think he's gonna "tip toe around like Wil" all week, "it ain't happening."

Boogie: "I will demand to know what (their) answer is, and I will demand to know where they stand. Because if not, then you're eligible for Franks wrath after I leave."

Frank mentions that the 'on the fence' houseguests need to pick. Boogie agrees.
Boggie mentions how Ian is "buddying up to" Dan and doesn't seem too concerned with Boogie possibly going home. He thinks Ian needs to step it up and start winning comps "for the team". (They still think Ian is on their side.)

Frank wants to get Dan out next week. 
Boogie and Frank talk about ruining Dan's game and "getting him in the hot seat".
Boogie: "We'll go to work tomorrow. Hard. Tomorrow, we divide."
Frank: "Yea." 

Boogie said he's gonna do everything he can to stay, but will prepare for the worse.

They move their convo indoors.

11:11pm BBT:
Arcade Room
They talk about how tomorrow "they divide". Boogie said he's been planting the seeds and laying the foundation with Britney. He said she wants to be mom, he's already a dad, so he's gonna work her on that angle. Tug on her heart strings.

Boogie doesn't want Jenn on the block, that'd be his worse case scenario.
Frank mentions that Britney is "stressed", which means she's open for the possibily of working with them, and how he (F) wants to try to grab Shane too. Boogie tells Shane that Boogie/Frank would be bigger targets than Shane and essentially protects him in that way, so it's in his best interest for him (B) to stay. In addition, he's gonna tell Shane that Ashley placed 2nd for the second time in POV Comp this season.

Meanwhile, upstairs..

We have Britney and Dani playfully wrestling. (**Anyone else find this awkward to watch? lol)
Britney says she thinks a fish died and runs over to see.
Britney: "Oh he's not dead yet.." (**Fish have been dying here and there this season.)

11:22pm BBT:
Brit tells Dani about her talk with Ashley on the hammock and how the girls need to stick together, and how Ashley said that if she won HOH she'd never put a girl up.

They want Jenn to go up as the renom to ensure they have the votes.
Dani: "Because I think Jenn would vote a girl out."

Meanwhile, back downstairs...

Frank and Boogie are still talking in the Arcade Room.
Frank said that without Boogie, he has to win comp after comp, and there's gonna come a point where he can't win them, and then he's gone.

Boogie: "In a sense, you're fighting for your life too this week. There's nobody to work with."
Frank: "Agreed."

Frank said he told the D.R. his main goal is to make Dan cry this week.
Frank: "(The D.R.) actually gave me a really good..." (**sounded like he was about to say "line".)

Boogie: "I hate these people SO MUCH!"

Boogie then imitates Jenn's walk.
Talk turns back to Ian and how they think Ian will vote for Boogie to stay.
Frank thinks that Joe is a "lying piece of...".

11:34pm BBT:
HOH Room

Shane said he's gotta come up with something to tell Boogie tomorrow (**today) about why he's not gonna put Dan up on the block. He said he's gonna tell him that he has better odds being with Dan/Dani/Brit.

Britney: "I would prefer if you would just not even say my should just say look, going forward, I feel the 2 of you in the house are super strong and I'd always be the 3rd wheel, you two will always roll together, and I would be the 3rd wheel to your 2."

Britney said that Ashley will vote however Shane wants her to vote because he kept her off the block and how Ash said she will not vote out a girl, so to put up Jenn.

Dan joins them in the HOH room.
Shane tells Dan about telling Boogie/Frank that he'd 'be the 3rd wheel' and he's not gonna tell them who the replacement nom is gonna be.

Britney said that it'll piss Jenn off to see Frank/Boogie campaigning so hard against her. (Since they're working together.)

Shane said he will tell Jenn that she's just a pawn and that she's 100% safe. Dan brings up a good point..she's gonna ask how is she for sure safe, who are the votes...nobody knows Ian is working with them.

Britney: "She'll just think it'll be Ashley's vote." 
Britney again tells Shane to leave her name out of it. Shane said he will.

12:11am BBT:
Ashley tells Frank that he can come across as a bully, so to use his charm instead for votes.  Jenn is there as well.

Ashley: "Don't be mad at me, I'm just shooting you straight."

12:34am BBT:
HOH Room

Joe thinks Ashley is with the Frank/Boogie side of the house. He said it went "dead silent" when he joined their group out there. Joe said it pisses him off because Ashley pulls the stupid act out all the time but she's not stupid at all, it's all an act. They talk about the POV Comp and how Ashley kept folding her cards. Dani mentions how Frank picked Ashley, and how Ashley threw it to Frank..because then she'd have to make a decision and get blood on her hands.

Joe: "At best, (Ashley) is playing both sides of the house."
Shane said his decision is made and Jenn is going up on the block, and Ashley's gonna have to pick sides.

They talk about if Ashley is bisexual or not. Dani said she asked if Jenn/Ashley flirting is real or a fake showmance, Ashley said a little bit of both.

Shane: "I think I just threw up in the mouth.."

Joe: "Their single mission is get rid of Dan! That's all their fightin' for."

Shane: "Well Boogie's going home, so.."

They talk about how next week if any of them (Dan/Dani/Shane/Joe) win HOH, they're putting up Ashley/Frank and how Ashley has a big target on her now.

12:56am BBT:
Storage Room

Dan and Ian have a quick meeting. Ian told Dan that Boggie's pitch it to get Dan or Joe up on the block.

They both leave.
Dan goes into the bathroom with Dani is and tells her that he "feels good about the 4 of them". Dani agrees.

1:10am BBT:
Joe is telling Dan/Shane/Dani that Boogie and Frank said they're gonna try to get Dan to up as the replacement nom.

Joe warns that Boogie or Frank might call a house meeting to destroy Dan's game. Dan said he'd leave and go outside on the hammock and have them say anything they want. He refuses to talk bad about anybody. During this convo, Joe tells Dan that he has his back in the game.

Dan: "Likewise."

1:47am BBT:
Arcade Room
Britney lies to Frank and says she doesn't know what Shane's gonna do (as far as a renom goes) and she doesn't wanna know because she doesn't want anything coming back on her.

Frank: "Who do you wanna work with going forward, Britney?"
Britney says she feels that Frank is honest and good on his word.
Britney: 'I think you're good to your word. I think you were unfairly targeted early in the game and I give you so much respect. You staying in this game has been a struggle for you...I do have a lot of respect for you. When you tell me you're gonna do something, I beleive you're gonna do it. I feel betrayed by everybody right now. I'm hearing Dan said things, but why didn't you (Frank) tell me that you feel that Dan was playing both sides.."

Frank: "I tried but Boogie wasn't for it."

Brit mentions how Dan is supposidly in a Final 3 deal with them (F/B), Shane's throwing her under the bus, so she feels betryaed on all angles. Brit mentions that she's been burned once before in the game (the Brigade) and she doesn't want that to happen again.

Brit said that she'll be on board with what Shane does, but that she's not responsible for what he does. Frank told Britney that Dan mentioned how he wanted Shane and Britney gone. Frank said the 1st chance he gets, he's getting Dan out.

2:00am BBT:
They're still talking.

Frank said that if Boogie leaves, he's still there and needs to work with people and is happy that Britney can trust him. Frank said that he doesn't trust Dan and always thought that Dan wanted to only work with Boogie and Frank would be the odd man out.

2:10am BBT:
Britney said she might "be open" to maybe voting for Boogie to stay. Frank said they'd have her back if she did. Frank said he's worried about Joe playing both sides to make sure he doesn't go up on the block. Brit thinks he's worried he's going up on the block this week. Britney calls him "Eagle Eye" Joe.

2:45am BBT:
They're still talking.
Frank saying (again) that he wants Boogie to stay and they'd have Brit's back. They also want Shane on board with them.

Frank said him and Boogie would be "shields" for Britney becasue they'd be put up on the block together again.

Frank: "Food for thought."
Britney: "Open comminication..see where we can go from here."
Frank: "Sounds great!"

They hug it out and leave the arcade room.

2:56pm BBT:
Joe is grilling pork chops. At nearly 3am. lol (They won the grill during the POV Comp.)
A few minutes later, Jenn/Brit/Joe enjoy their 'pork on a fork'.

Joe: "Pork on a Fork, at 3am!"

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Today is 'Back to Reality' Sunday, where I do my laundry and clean my apartment, all that domesticated stuff. :P I'll be back tonight for tonights BB show & to open up the chat room. It'll be the Nominations Ceremony episode where we will get to watch Boogie and Frank's surprsied expressions as they get blindsided by their Silent Six alliance.

If you wanna know what's happening in the house, you can take advantage of the 3 day free trial to see what us BB addicts can't live without every season!! ;) See y'all back here tonight!

Stay tuned...
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shana said...

Ugh! I can't stand Brittney, I didn't like her in her season and I don't like her now. she's so paranoid and makes everyone feel that way. I hope she goes home at the double eviction, she's only safe this first round. maybe B/F can get the votes over jenn if she's the renom she don't do anything anyways. wishful thinking on my part.

Neche said...

I 100% agree with Shana, Britney is possibly one of the worst okay players to play BB, so what you were fooled in your season, get the hell over it and move on, this is a new game so she needs to stop letting paranoia get the best of her.

bbfan27 said...

I feel like Britney is actually playing a very good game. Despite being a previous player, she is not majorly on anyones radar and she is developing relationships with everyone in the house.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the POV was where you have to guess how much of something there is then everyone writes down their answers and reveals them then decides whether to stay or fold.


Digiam42 said...

Yep. Another season of floaters making it to the end while the strong take each other out. Britney has caused more drama than any other person in that house. Frank and boogie are the only ones honest to their word and nobody seems to see that. Shane has backstabbed and gone back on his word more than anyone but they all seem to trust him. I just dont get it.

kelsey said...

Yea frank and boogie are honest... Yea right... They said they were gonna put shane and Britney up and break the alliance... I know hate is a strong word but hate boogie and frank or should i say cant stand them and i love britney... Boogie is nothing but a hypocrite and a greedy bastard, shane said that lastnight...Go home boogie... Hardly anybody likes you... Most of yall probably dont have the feeds so you dont see what boogie and frank does all the time and what they say... They are evil and mean

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