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Monday, August 20, 2012

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

Well ladies and gents, we have Jenn now sitting up on the block with Boogie, with Boogie set to get the BB boot this week on Thursday. The thing the most confused the houseguests today (and live feed watchers) was why Jenn was so mad.  She's clearly not the target, but Jenn didn't even know that until her convo with Boogie at 3:27pm BBT. (**I was baffled that she would even think she's a bigger threat than Boogie.)

3:27pm BBT:
Boogie said that while he'll be campainging, he's not gonna throw Jenn under the bus in the process. Jenn wonders who the real target is this week. Boogie sets her straight and tells her it's him. Obviously.

3:36pm BBT:
Ashley/Jenn talked about how Joe clearly picked sides now that the line in the sand has been drawn.

4:16pm BBT:
Britney had a heart-to-heart with Frank today and told him that she knows he's a really nice guy and to be careful of what he says in the heat in the moment, he could regret it later. (She's giving him honest and sincere advice.) Frank said he feels like Shane jerked him around this week by saying one thing and doing the opposite. Britney said he has a right to be mad. Frank said he's not being a bully, he's just defending himself. He also mentions that he truly feels bad for Shane because now that he did Dan's "dirty work" for him, he has now become target #1 (to Frank).

4:36pm BBT:
Jenn did some campaigning to Dan.

4:50pm BBT:
Jenn did some campaigning to Britney.
Jenn: "(Boogie has) won this, he's been here, he's had a fantastic run...I know he's a bigger target, but I'm not gonna trash the guy, and I'd love to stay here and see what shakes out."

5:17pm BBT:
Jenn/Frank/Ashley on the hammock.

Frank told Ashley and Jenn that if it's between them 3 in the HOH comp on Thursday, he'll throw it to them. They talk about how they think that if Dan and Shane were no longer in the house, that they could get Britney on their side.

5:19pm BBT:
Ian/Britney/Dan talk.

Britney told Ian that they're seeing a whole other side (a mean side) of Ian today. (**He's been acting like he's on Frank/Boogie's side and cussing a lot today.) Ian said he's just acting. Playing it up.

Ian thinks that the 3 people from their cast that would be asked back for All Stars 2, it would be Ian/Frank/Shane. They then go into "Before and After" questions to prepare for future HOH comps.

Dan mentions that they gotta get Frank (via Ian) to put up Joe if he wins HOH. Ian said he's trying and will "plant the seeds".

5:45pm BBT:

Frank told Ashley about his talk with Joe this morning and how they asked him to roll with them. Ashley said that Joe already picked a side..and it's not with them. Frank's nervous because Joe's the swing vote this week.

Frank: "I don't wanna play without Mike."

6:21pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dan said he asked Ian where Ashley's head is at and that he said he doesn't know.

Dani: "He likes the way she flirts with him, he's not gonna sell her out."
Shane: "(Ian) is sitting back while we do all the work."
Dani: "It really makes me mad! (Ian) said he won (HOH), he's puttin' up floaters. He will not put up Frank."
Dan: "No, he said he'd hope it'd be a one episode (double eviction) thing so he didn't have to deal with Frank. I mean, he doesn't wanna put up Frank...he'd put up Joe and someone else."

Dan told them about the convo him/Brit/Ian had a little bit ago and how Ian said he'd put up Joe or he could backdoor Frank.

6:37pm BBT:
Dan: "If one of us in the Quack Pack doesn't win, one of us 3 in this room is going home. No one else would go home."
Dani: "I feel sick."
Shane: "Why, you're 3rd in line to go up."

Dani: "I've been told that before."

6:39pm BBT:
Frank is telling Boogie that they need to kiss Joe's butt this week because they *need* his vote this week for Boogie to stay.

Frank: "We only need Joe's (vote) sucks but we need to kiss a** a lil bit and buddy buddy up with him as much as possible. We got the 3 (votes).."

They talk about how Jenn's poor attitude she's been having all day will only help Boogie's case to stay.

6:57pm BBT:
Jenn said that nobody has told her that she's just a pawn. She wonders if maybe they'd try to make a deal with Boogie and then get rid of Jenn.

Boogie: "Pfft! That ain't happenin', so you don't have to worry about that."

7:15pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Frank explains why him and Boogie were so mad this weekend is because they felt like "dancing bears all weekend". Shane said that he likes him and Boogie, it's nothing personal, it's just a game, and he's aware he's on the top of his (Frank's) and Jenn's list now and that's fine.

Frank: "What I hate the most is that you're now a bigger target than Dan, and that's exactly what Dan wanted."

Frank said that Boogie didn't bring up Shane & Britney's name (to get out of the house), only Britney's. Frank thinks now that the strong people in the house are gunning for each other, they're gonna pick each other off and leave floaters at the end to win the game.

Shane said that he wanted to work with Dani/Brit, but not Dan...but didn't know how to make that happen. Shane said he had to off of "valid information" that he was given, about him possibly being gunned after by Frank/Boogie. Shane said that there's a bigger target on his radar than Frank, but never named names.

7:41pm BBT:
Boogie/Frank talk. Frank thinks Shane's "bigger target" (that he wouldn't name) is Joe and tjhat they're gonna use that info as ammo for when they campaign to Joe later.

8:17pm BBT:

Boogie: "And f**k Ian for being friends with (Dan)."
Frank: "I know."
Boogie: "I'm done with him. I'm not gonna get into with him because  he's just a kid, but I feel like I showed him so much love and there's nothing in his mind that understands how to support me. He didn't do anything! And he's buddy buddy with him. I just don't respect that."

Frank said during his convo with Ashley today, he saw Ian wearing Dan's hat (which is actually Memphis's hat). They end up talking for a while about various things...they both agree it wasn't good to blow up at Joe yesterady because he's the swing vote for Boogie to stay. Boogie then started bashing Joe and said that his food is the worst tasting food.

8:40pm BBT:
Boogie talks to Ian. Frank is also there.

Boogie asked Ian if he thinks it furthers himself in the game to hang out with Shane. Ian said he's gonna hang out with everybody and that he likes Shane as a person, but not his game moves.

Boogie: "You don't think him yo-yo'ing us was bad?"
Ian: "But that's just his game. I think he's a fine individual outside of this house."
Frank: "But we're playing a game."
Ian: "I'm not gonna ignore him."
Frank: "We're not saying to ignore him."
Boogie: "Why did you say you were gonna start a fight (with Shane) this morning?"
Ian: "It was in the moment."
Boogie: "Ah."

Boogie said that Shane and Dan are "fake" and won't be Ian's friend outside of hte house and to not be fooled by that.

Ian: "I'm not gonna start dicking around with people, though."
Frank: "We're not saying that..."
Boogie: "We just want you to be careful."

Ian sticks to his guns and says that he's gonna continue to be cordial with people in the house, he's not gonna shut himself off from half of the house. (**Atta boy! :) )

Frank and Ian head over to the pool table to play a game.
Ian finishes his last thought...
Ian: "There's no need for that sh*t. We're all adults here."

**And that's it for tonight!! I'll be back tomorrow with the Overnighter, it'll be earlier than usual because I have to work tomorrow and I need to leave in the early afternoon. See ya then! Until then, enjoy the feeds!! :)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Oh look! Jenn's playing the game now! How cute. Don't flatter yourself sweetheart, no one gives a crap about you, you're the ultimate floater of BB14. So close that little "pandoras box" that you say Shane opened because you have no power and can't win anything.

And Danielle darling, your crazy is showing. You might want to tuck that back in.

Krissy said...

I cannot believe Jenn. Did she not watch BB2 and BB7 of course they want Boogie out since Frank won veto to even think she's a threat is CRAZY. We didn't even know she existed until she pops up in a DR session or well being nominated this week. She's really into herself. Jenn/Ash/Joe have to go I'm tired of floaters. Also, I can't believe Boogie and Frank are thinking this is all Dan when it's Shane/Britney. I mean Dan was good in his season and he's doing it again but they are giving him too much credit. I hope Brit wins HOH for the dbl eviction and then either Dan or Ian after. I love Shane but I'm tired of him winning. Frank has to go then they can get rid of the floaters and let the quack pack have it out at final 5.

Sarah Fletcher said...

Lmao that first comment has to be Wil!

Love the blog thanks for the tidbits. :-)

Sarah Fletcher said...

Wil is that you? Lmao

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