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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone!! :D I know I'm starting the post just a tad later than what I was hoping for. I got some sad news this morning....Drew the BB Cynic sent me his final cynic article. :( *sigh*  I posted about a week ago that this would most likely be happening, but it's even more sad now that it's finalized. I am so lucky to call him a friend and I will always be grateful for his amazing cynic articles. I will post his final post this afternoon. Also, I have let him know that he will forever and always have a spot on the blog, if he ever so chooses to come back, and I don't blame him at all for resigning. This season has been difficult to swallow. For many of us.

Moving on...

Today is the POV Comp!! They will first pick for veto players, than an hour or so later, play the comp. And if you're wondering how Ashley's doing today, well...she's just as bad as yesterday. Maybe slightly better, and I'm only saying that because she can walk on her own, but it's not really called "walking" if you're slowly shuffling your feet from point A to point B. She was seen rubbing her buttocks earlier, and from having to suffer from a sciatic nerve problem myself, and the way she's walking, I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and guess that's what she has.
 (Pic taken @ 9:41am BBT, Cam 4)
 (And y'all that have sciatic nerve problems know that that stuff is no joke! Hurts like a son of a ...). I wonder if BB will wait it out for a couple of weeks to see if she's getting better or worse before making any kind of decisions. And if you even have to ask if she's gonna be playing in the POV Comp....the girl can barely walk! lol No, she will not play, nor will BB force her too.

Okay, let's dive right on in to the Overnighter!!

9:24pm BBT:
Sneakers Room
Britney talked about how Wil approached her for an alliance and that him and Ashley need to go somewhere.

Britney: "And he said (Boogie/Frank) are bullies and he doesn't like their ego trips, and that he doesn't wanna tell them that he won't put them up, because he will."

It's really hard to hear because they're stealth-whispering and some wrestling around with their mics.

Dan: " just gotta be really careful that Frank and Boogie don't see you talking to (Wil)."
Britney: "I know....exactly. (inaudible)..he doesn't have anybody else to pick (for veto). Ashley's crippled, and friggin' Joe's on the block...(inaudible)"
Dan: "If you can play that whole relationship ninja style, that would be (inaudible)..quack just gotta be really careful..."
Britney: "(Boogie) and Frank need to go! But one of us...(inaudible)...double eviction, get'em out.."
Dan: "Yea."

Sounds like they want Wil to stick around because he'll gun after Frank and Boogie.

9:38pm BBT:
Wil asked Ashley how her pain was, on a scale of 1-10. She ranked it at a 9. Frank is worried that Ashley will be sent home because of her back. He's thinking it might be a pinched nerve.

9:48pm BBT:
Britney/Frank talked in the bathroom (Ashley was there, laying on the bathroom coach.)

Frank/Britney talked about OCD. Frank said he "used to" have a weird thing with numbers, odds/evens, including blinking, etc. Example, he couldn't listen to a radio station on an odd number station, but he broke himself of it.

At around 10:15pm BBT, Britney is telling Ashley about a show called "I Survived" and all the horror stories that were on it. She gives Ashley a couple of helpful survival tips such as: if you're ever locked in a trunk of a car and there is no emergency lever (as most newer now have), then kick out the taillight and wave your arm out of it to flag someone down for help. Also, she said that gunman usually tell their victims to put their head down or turn around, but don't ...keep eye contact with them, it makes it harder for them to shoot you. They don't wanna see your face. Might save your own life.  (**Interesting.)

11:55pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Frank/Boogie talk. They point out duos in the game (Frank/Boogie, Wil/Ashley, Dan/Danielle, etc.) They said that Wil needs to go this week for sure. Frank, again, mentions that he wants Dan out ASAP, but agrees to get Wil out this week, then next week anybody who wins HOH will most likely take out Joe, then the week after that, hopefully Jenn/Ian/Ashley will win HOH and gun after Brit/Dan/Dani/Shane, leaving no blood on their hands. (**You guys are seriously planning out the next 3 weeks? Hello, McFly! lol This is BB!)

12:23am BBT:
And the Spirit-tard has been shunned!!! Frank is thrilled.
12:52am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Shane thinks that Ashley is faking her pain because one hour she's in pain, the next she's fine. He thinks it could be the medication, so he doesn't wanna call her out on it.

They then talk about backdooring Frank/Boogie. Britney agrees, but just wants to get through this week first.

Brit and Shane both saying they have to win the veto to keep nominations the same, but either Wil or Joe will hopefully go this week.

*Food for Thought: If Wil wins veto today, the "Quack Pack" could maybe snag up Will/Ashley to get Boogie or Frank out next week via backdoor, if they can keep their new alliance a secret until then. They'd have the votes (Brit/Dan/Dani/Shane/Ian + Wil/Ashley). Wil has already approached Britney to work together.

1:35am BBT:
Wil told Danielle that Wil/Ashley are only working with each other.

Wil: "..and we're trying to figure out who we can work with. And it's not gonna be with Mike and Frank!"

Danielle somehow spins the convo into about her and Shane kissing. Dani then washes her facial mask off. Wil leaves to get more tea.

2:51am BBT:
Wil/Danielle talk again, this time it's on the backyard patio. Wil asked if she's heard anything this week, Danielle said she knows people are talking about Joe (hinting he'd go) but saying that maybe think Wil's the bigger threat. Wil said that he can be really useful in the game and has some great ideas. Wil then said he's just gonna have fun in the veto today.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D I'll be starting the afternoon post in just a bit. :P

Stay tuned...
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Neche said...

This house is really a joke, No-one ever takes a stand, they all want to vote for the majority, why can't thy pick their alliances and stick to it and not just agree to go against someone just because one person brought it up. Boggie said it right, They are all a flock of sheep.

2boysmom said...

I would love nothing more than to see Mike back doored. Can't stand him! But, gotta give him credit, he's the puppet master. The house guests should realize that since he so obviously threw the last HOH. Ugh... Wake Up Hamsters!

Shannon said...

Just wanted to come and say thanks for continuing to update, and always being positive. I know that this season has been a little fishy thus far (no pun intended). But I appreciate all your updates, and your willingness to be positive.

I get so tired of reading all the sarcastic comments, and complaints about this show. It's just for our entertainment, and there is no need to constantly complain about it, nobody is forcing us to watch.

So thank you! I always look forward to the overnighters you post!

Anonymous said...


Dangerous part for Quack Pack if Wil won POV though is that Frank might just say screw putting up Ashley to get out Joe and backdoor Dan out of the house. He still seems to be on that kick despite Boogie talking him out of it. But this could turn into a similar situation as last week with Danielle and Dan concerning Janelle where eventually the former coach gives in to what their newbie wanted all along.

And Wil may not like Frank and Boogie right now and may have approached Brit and Dani but he has no interest in working with Dan either. He told Ash last night he'd nom Dan and Boogie if he won HOH and she agreed.


kelsey said...

I agree Shannon

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