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Friday, August 17, 2012

Evening in the BB House (Nominations!)

Here we goooo!! At 5:48pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means it's finally time for the Nomination Ceremony!! Shane is still expected to put up Boogie and Frank, with Frank as this weeks target. Both Boogie and Frank have no idea that they're going up today, in fact, they are fully confident that they are 100% safe this week and as Boogie said, they're gonna have another "easy week". I wouldn't count on that, Mike. ;)

As soon as the Nominations come back, I'll post the aftermath, and I'm guessing there's gonna be some fireworks at some point tonight! Also, just as as sidenote, Frank has been SUPER snippy with the houseguests for the past couple of days. I don't what his deal is, but I'm thinking we could very easily see him blow up tonight. Today he yelled at Joe in the kitchen over egg whites in the fridge, and yelled at Dan for throwing his pillow on the floor...Frank said "That's where I put my face every night, Dan! No respect!" ...and there was no smile or laughter afterwards. So if you're just tuning into the feeds for the first time today and wondering why Frank is snippy, just know that it's been that way for a couple of days now.

Currently on the live feeds...

7:08pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Frank and Boogie are pissed! They're talking to Shane in the HOH room. Frank's voice is raising.

Boogie: "I wish you would have talked to us! If I would have thought we were going up on the block this week, I wouldn't have went for the $10,000! What am I gonna do with $10 G's after taxes are taken out?!"

Shane just pinned his noms on Britney! (**whoa!) He said he doesn't know how to play the game, she does.

He then changed his tune...

Shane said he's heard "from every single person" that they were gonna gun after Shane this week if Boogie won HOH, and that influenced him, but that he listened to Britney because she's

Boogie: "(Britney) doesn't give a F**K about you! This is your HOH...right? You still have time, take some time and think what's best for you! She's gonna snatch that $500,000 from you!"

Boogie: "Nominations don't mean shit...let us know if you change your mind.."

Shane said he changed the noms in the last hour. (**Uh huh. lol)
Boogie is now playing the "I'm not mad!" card, and telling him that it was just a brain lapse, they can move forward from this and work together, blah blah blah.

Shane said it was his decision, but he was influenced by Britney.
Frank is pissed and thinks Dan influenced Shane, too. Frank asked if Dan wanted Frank up, and Shane said he didn't say his name.

Boogie is calm and saying they still have veto, and it's long way till Monday, so they'll see what happens and if they can work through this.

Boogie: "Britney wants you to do the dirty work for her..."
Frank: "..and have one of us (F/B) win HOH and take YOU out!"

Shane is playing dumb and like he's been fooled into these nominations. (**lol wow!)

Shane: "I didn't wanna win HOH last night, but...because I knew I'd be in this position."
Frank: "You don't think I didn't want a bigger move (last week)?!!"

7:23pm BBT:
Frank: "Put Britney up (as a replacement nom)!"
Boogie: "She wants you to make a big move? There's a big move!"
Shane: "She's using me to get through (this game)!" (**He's totally acting stupid and fooled still. It's comical. lol)

**Turn on your feeds, guys! It's gonna be a long night!! lol

7:26pm BBT:

Boogie: "We understand! We understand! You were found (for this show) from a magazine, Cosmo or whatever, and (Britney) knows this game.."

Both Frank and Boogie are saying they're mad at him (they're beyond livid at Britney though.)

Boogie: "She didn't place 4th for no reason!"
Shane: "This isn't concrete, this..."
Boogie: "Let's f**kin' smash the veto..."

Boogie will pick Ashley (since her back is messed up) if he gets Houseguest Choice so it betters their odds of winning veto.

7:32pm BBT:
Britney comes up, Boogie asks her to leave so he can finish his last thought with Shane. She does.

Frank and Boogie are telling Shane that you need to keep bigger targets in the game, and if they (F/B) leave, then he's the biggest target left.

Boogie wants "them 3" (Shane/Boogie/Frank) to work together.
7:37pm BBT:
Same old talk, rinse and repeat...Boogie/Frank "aren't mad", they can "work through this", "Britney isn't working for your best interest", etc.

Boogie: 'So, let's fix it! Don't feel bad!"

They say to tell Brit they were just up there telling Shane to put Joe up as a replacement nom if they win POV.

All of them leave the HOH room and go grab Britney. (**This outta be good!)

7:39pm BBT:
HOH Room

Shane: "I wanted to get to you before they did...I said it was my decision, and i didn't blame it on your, but told them that you kinda made me think it was the best move for me."
Britney: "Uh huh..."
Shane: "And they asked if anything came out of Dan's mouth, I said make a move like that, they're not pissed."
Britney: "Of course they're not pissed, they were gonna put you up!"
Shane: 'I wanna tell you everything I said, so that if we're in a room, you'll know what I said."
Britney: "Uh huh..."
Shane: "..Britney's using you as a shield, blah blah blah..they don't know Ian's working with us."

Shane: "They might be like 'Why are you using Shane.." and stuff like that..."
Britney: "Uh huh.."

Shane is covering his tracks, and telling her what they told him, including about making her a replacement nom.

Britney: "But you CAN'T put me up!" (**She's safe this week.)
Britney: "I'm upset that you deflected it to me and now I"m a huge target! I realize that you're doing what you have to do, but you're making me a huge, huge target to them. Because they would have put you up! So I don't know why you threw me under the bus.."

Shane: "I didn't throw you under the bus.."
Britney: "That's what it sounds like to me!"

Britney said as much as she's hurt, she understands why he did it.
Shane said he wants to keep Britney and Danielle in the game.

Britney said that Shane is building up resume and he (Shane) will win this game if he can get to the end, and he would have her vote as well.

7:50pm BBT:
Shane: "Right now, they're playing the 'we're not mad' card."
Britney: "This is text book Big Brother..nobody plays the pissed card until after veto."

Shane wants to tell Boogie and Frank that he doesn't wanna work with them. Britney suggests to wait until Monday. Britney again says that

Shane: "They might come to you and ask why you're clouding my judgement, so..that's why I wanted to tell you."
Britney: "We just have to send the right one home."
Shane: "Depends on POV, too."

Britney: "So, (production) is building something outside right now, so I'm thinking it's the POV Comp."

Britney thinks it'll be a Fast Forward.
Britney leaves as Danielle enters.
Brit/Shane hug.
Britney goes downstairs and talks to Boogie/Frank.

**Turn on your feeds! Their convo is intense!! Too fast for me to type!

7:53pm BBT:
Sneakers Bedroom
Britney said she DID hear that Frank/Boogie were gonna put up Brit/Shane next week. Boogie is being condescending and saying stuff like "who you tryin' to fool, baby" and "strap yourself in sweetheart".
Frank/Brit are arguing now.
Britney is telling Frank that this isn't her HOH, these are Shane's actions, not hers.

Britney: "I don't put the keys in the box!"

Frank: "You might not put the keys in the box, but.." (feeds cut to!)

8:04pm BBT:
Frank is saying that it has to be Dan who said Boogie/Frank was putting them (Shane/Britney) up.

Frank: "You're throwing an imaginary person under the bus!"
Britney: "It upsets me that Shane's putting this on me, when I had minimal imput. I've been with Shane 3 minutes since yesterday."

Boogie and Frank are playing the victim cards, even though they wanted to get Britney out this week.

Frank: "It wasn't comin' out of our mouths!"
Boogie: "Actions speak louder than words."

Boogie said Frank didn't gun after them last week (...because Boogie told him its too soon, so he didn't....) and that should prove that they weren't gunning after Shane/Britney.

Britney said that they intimidated Shane and he buckled and threw her under the bus.
Boogie knows everyone is upset.

Frank: "We were gonna send Joe home (last week), but we thought a lot about what you said and took to it!"
Boogie: "I get it, you have to get us out, it's just too early..."

8:14pm BBT:
Britney reminds them that she can't be nominated as a replacement nom this week anyways because she won safety. Boogie and Frank laugh and said they totally forgot!'

They keep talking...
Boogie: "Look, I'm not gonna get pissed on, and be told that it's raining."
Frank: "We're on our own island, pretty much, once again...we're gonna stick to our word (to those that wanna work for us)."
Boogie: 'I hate to sound like a broken record, but actions speak louder than words."
Britney: "I didn't put the keys in the box, it's not my HOH, and you're pissed off at me."
Frank: "It's spread out, and it's spreading to another person that it was spreading to already." (**Dan.)

Britney said that she told Shane she heard that F/B were gunning for Brit/Shane and thats the only "influence" she had.

Frank is REALLY wanting to know who "this person" was that told her that Frank/Boogie were gunning for Brit/Shane.  (He wants confirmation that it's Dan.)

Boogie undersnads that Shane's a nice guy, doesn't have the stomach for this game, and tells Brit that Shane did take partial blame for the nominations, didn't fully blame Britney. He just wanted to make that clear.

Britney: "I am NOT goin' down for this! I'm not!"
8:24pm BBT:
They're talking about Dan and how "likeable" he is. Boogie said there's a way both F/B can stay, he hopes they can "fix" this and move on, tells Britney to think about it.

Boogie: "Tomorrow's a new day."
Frank wants Dan up and out before jury.

Chat is nice and civil, laughs here and there.
Britney thinks theres only 3 people that could win this game...Frank/Danielle/Dan.
Frank: "I"m gonna give you a hug when we stand up for that (comment)!" (laughs)

They talk about putting Dan up as a replacement nom. (**I don't see that happening.)
Boogie: "(Dan) is a wolf in sheeps clothing."

Boogie said that Dan is "so scary" to him, to win the game, because he's good.
Boogie: "He's good! I'll give that to him."

Boogie: "One of us is winning veto tomorrow! And unless the veto comp is 'Who can spray tan someone the fastest', then..." (*lol)

They all hug and leave.
Frank/Boogie go back into the bedroom to talk.

8:30pm BBT:

They are convinced it was Dan that told Britney that they were gunning for Brit/Shane. They're done with Dan now. They don't know how to play it to Dan now. Boogie doesn't wanna be fake to Dan, he wants to go to war. Frank is more scared that Dan would work overtime on Shane if they did that.

Boogie decides he's just gonna act "indifferent".
Boogie: "I think we can swing Shane."
Frank: "I think we can, too!"
Boogie: "I think we playe this as well as we could."
Frank: "Let's eat! ..and try not to cuss this son of a bitch out."
Boogie: "I wanna knock him out!"

They leave to go eat dinner. 
**Anndddd I'm outta here for the night!! Turn on the  feeds, the night is just begining! ;) See y'all tomorrow!

Stay tuned...
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Scott said...

Funny I thought Frank put his face up Boggies (well ya all know lol) every night

ryanwellar said...

LMFAO @scott!!!

James said...

Wouldn't it be a pleasant surprise if Shane said, you know the game is going well right now and I WILL NOT take Pandora's box. He can make BB hx.

James D.

Brandy said...

I think Frank is being snippy because he knows no matter who got HOH, he would be on the block. Then to have Boogie go for the money, boy he has your back huh??? Also on a side note, do believe Ian is mad at Frank~~Do he and Ashley have something going on???

Adi Bouskila said...

Question- why do people think ian is deserving of winning when he hasn't really done anything in the house?

it's ME! said...

Hello Shane! When you have a millionaire sitting there telling you Brit is only after the money, after he's single-handedly pulled in $16k this season in prizes, wake up buddy! Smell that coffee... Boogie is blowin' smoke up your behind!

Debbie Franz said...

Maybe After Dark will be worth watching tonight?! Bring on the DRAMA!!!

James said...

Shane is making a mistake by not taking ownership for his own HOH. It was your decision (and the right decision) so own it, people will respect you more for it. Tell FB that it was the best game move for me. Sorry, nothing personal.

James D.

Jen said...

So Boogie and Frank don't realize that Brit won safety and can't go home this week, right? Or are they too mad/dumb to remember that?

Nancy said...

Ok right now Boogie sounds like that adults off Charlie Brown to it.

Tango said...

Hahahahahahah i sure hope Booger gets sent out!!! woot woot!

Scott said...

So Shane finally makes a big move and now is gonna spend the rest of the night back peddling and blaming Brit - What a man - NOT

Pam Reed said...

Way to go Shane. I didn't care much for him until now. He just needs to take credit for a great move and not blame it on Brit because she wouldn't have the guts to make a big move like this.

daryl42 said...

All bets are off now. Anyone would be a fool to believe 1 word Boogie say.

Amanda said...

Hey Jamie! I'm just catching up on the blog and was reading about the "?" box in the crane game thing.... Do you think instead of hinting at Pandora's Box, it actually a clue for that competition where they show like a small amount of something like 50 marbles in a fishbowl and they have to guess how many are in the huge fish tank behind it. Theres like a few different things like that and each round the furthest away is eliminated. I thought it was a veto comp in the past.... I hope that made sense and you know what I'm talking about lol.
It's just my guess.

But as far as Shane blaming Brit for his nomination, I feel like it was a smart move because it will make Brit a bigger target for the remaining (Frank or Boogie...or maybe both) to go after and Shane won't have to worry about doing it himself later in the game.

Jenn said...

I don't think Ian is the most deserving because he's done so much. I'm just saying that I like him and want him to win. I don't really know who I think is most deserving. I don't think any of the coaches deserve it, Frank doesn't deserve it because if BB didn't interfer he would be gone already, Shane has won a lot but other than Frank there's no one else that matches his physical abilities, Danielle has just been a puppet and hasn't done anything on her own, and Ashley, Joe, Ian are floaters that follow the majority. What ever happened to people voting the way they wanted and not just with the house to stop them from being a target?

Adi Bouskila said...

I agree but disagree bc frank has fought since day one to be ther. I believe es most deserving

Anonymous said...

Man Frank is as obsessed with Dan as Janelle was about Frank. Everything bad that happens in the house always gets pinned on Dan in his mind. Lets see if it ruins his game like it did Janelle's. Dan was pretty much the only 1 of the 4 that wouldn't have put up Frank and Boogie if he won HOH too not that he had any interest in winning HOH or is upset Shane did it.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone screaming over the convo b/t Frank, Boogie, and Brit? This is how Frank and Boogie play the game so well and I am shocked that Brit is falling for it and getting so emotional! Her getting so upset could be the start of a HUGE crack in the Quack Pack!

Anonymous said...

Man Frank is as obsessed with Dan as Janelle was about Frank. Everything bad that happens in the house always gets pinned on Dan in his mind. Lets see if it ruins his game like it did Janelle's. Dan was pretty much the only 1 of the 4 that wouldn't have put up Frank and Boogie if he won HOH too not that he had any interest in winning HOH or is upset Shane did it.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Dan is gonna end up taking the full brunt of the hit for this. Shane puts them up and passes the blame on to Brit who continues to toss the hot potato all onto Dan.


James said...

Britney: "I'm so pissed off right now that I can't even see strait." LOL

James D

Shannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon said...

It is SO demeaning that Boogie has to call Britney "honey, baby and sweetie" all in 1 sentence. I'm not even a big Britney fan but I hate that.

Anonymous said...

How crazy is it that Dan has somehow become the bad guy in all this with Frank/Boogie & even Brit/Shane? I'm gonna be the first to call Dan leaving this Thurs over this. His only option may be to throw Ian under the bus.


hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie how r u tonight,
I cannot believe how ugly Shane looks to me right now while he is explaining himself to Brit in the game room ! He has a creepy look to him and he is acting like he doesn't know what an HOHs job actually is ... I am not a Shane fan right now uggg :( I am think they should Back door DAN it would be perfect :) what do u think?

it's ME! said...

I think Brit has finally lost her marbles... and poor Shane... has lost about 10-pounds off his behind after that a$$ chewin'!


Jerrinator said...

That's the point. Right now, he is likable to everyone and doesn't have to win anything right now because of his position (He's in the quack pack) and is basically playing Dan's game from a few years back in bb 10

Kimmie said...

Did anyone get the turkey burger recipe? Lol

Digiam42 said...

How do you figure that. Believe it or not boogie is the only one that has played a straight up honest game so far. Shane has consitantly stabbed people in the back. I know its big brother but most winners were the most respectable of the 2 left. How many times has shane lied straight to franks face.

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