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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Live Show (Double Eviction)

Good evening, BB addicts! :D It's Thursday night, which means it's live eviction night in BB land!! And tonight, we will have a Double Eviction! Boogie is still slated to leave this house, but who will be the 2nd person to go?

Earlier on the feeds today, Boogie went and found Ian in the Have Not's room and gave him a hug as he cried...he told him he's a "good kid" and he loves him and wishes him the best in the game. Boogie left & went up to the HOH landing to cry, as Ian stayed in the Have Nots Room crying for a while.
 Ian's really having a tough time voting out someone who has idolized since he was 10 years old. :(

Also, Boogie said he was gonna try to trick Danielle into thinking (right before the live show starts) that he has some secret power and that he knows she's a nurse. I don't see this working at all, and I wonder if he'll even try it or not. I'm also curious for 2 things: (1) Boogie's speech..will it be classy or will he call people out? ...(2) Will Boogie be told via Ian's goodbye message that it was him that got Boogie out this week (if everything goes according to plan)? And if so, what will his reaction be, since he thinks this is all Dan's doing. Hmm!!!

As always, I will be here live blogging about tonights show. 

Okay, let's get this party started!!!

9:00pm EST:
Show starts....

The Votes to Evict:
*Ashley votes to evict...Jenn
*Britney votes to evict...Boogie
*Joe votes to evict...Boogie
*Frank votes to evict..Jenn
*Dan votes to evict...Boogie
*Ian votes to evict...Boogie
*Dani votes to evict...Boogie

Evicted from the BB House is:

Ian told Boogie it was him that voted against him before he left the house.
Boogie told Frank "Ian is not to be trusted". Ian is outted as playing for the other side.
Boogie literally tipped his hat to Ian's goodbye message, which told Boogie he was the mastermind behind his eviction. Boogie says he loves Ian and is proud, and clapped for him. 

Britney's goodbye message was hilarious!! She did a chilltown'ish message where she pretended to take a phone call from Janelle and said Boogie isn't there right now..then laughed. lol I will post it tomorrow for you guys to watch.  

The HOH comp is questions called "Before or After" (Ian should do well in this!) 

HOH Comp Winner:


POV Winner:
Frank told Ian he made a bad move nominating him before commercial started.

The Renom is:

The Votes to Evict:
*Jenn votes to Evict...Ashley
*Shane votes to Evict..Ashley
*Britney votes to Evict..Ashley
*Frank votes to Evict...Joe
*Danielle votes to Evict...Ashley
*Dan votes to Evict..Ashley

Evicted from the BB House is:

Watch the live feeds to see tonights aftermath!!

The HOH Comp will either be played tonight or tomorrow. No confirmation on when.

Stay tuned...
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Unknown said...

The site to watch the live stream is closed; got another one?

Nancy said...

Here we go!! :D

hummingbrd said...

Omg Jamie thank u so much for the link to tonight's show this is so crazy ! The feeds will be on fire tonight ... U rock!

jrt said...

Have these people forgotten that Dan won his season unanimously? Shouldn't that be a big enough threat?

C.Montes said...

I find it annoying that Dan and Britney both mentioned janelle when they voted to evict her and agreed with backdooring her.

Kiley said...

OMG JAMIE!!! Those farewell messages were AWESOME!!!

jrt said...

Wonder how Brian feels about Ian now. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Phillip Ayala said...

Should have backdoored Frank

C.Montes said...

I'm happy for frank. Ian had a chance to win but too bad.

jrt said...

Ian's one chance at making a bold move as the HoH and he flops it on Joe or Ashley?

C.Montes said...

Lol what a waste of an hoh. And is Ashley stoned?

Rhonda said...

Hey showed the show tonight and hopefully will Sunday.

Stephanie Fontenot said...

Shame would have had POV if he wouldn't of thrown his shamrock outside like poor Jeff and the clownshoe, lol

JCopperKid said...

I really hope Frank wins the next HOH because everyone else seems to be in some fantasy-world alliance. How would that even work? If Frank is out of the picture do these guys realize that there is no one else to go after except themselves?! Frank needs to regain some power to shake it up. And I completely agree with Frank when he said Britney and Dani are hiding behind muscle. It's annoying.

Krissy said...

Omg Frank and his arrogance. He's got to go!!! I'm over him. I hope Brit wins HOH or Dan. Ian should've went with his original plan and backdoor Frank. On a funny note they showed POV and all I can think of was ” clown shoe”

James said...

1) Ian should not have said anything to Boogie (he already had the goodbye message).

2) Even after Boogie told Frank that Ian is not to be trusted, Ian could have easily explained it later and told Frank that he told Boogie that he just said some things about Boogie in the DR and was never going agaist F/B in the game, but that Boogie misunderstood him. He could blame the vote on Ashley.

3) Ian should have stuck with the plan to backdoor Frank and not put him up initially. Maybe Frank would not have played in the POV and would not be so charged.

4) The plan was for Ian to throw the HOH to Danielle but Dani messed it up and wrote down a number that was way too high, even higher than Ian's attempt to throw it.

5) Now it is Frank against the house. Although I dislike Frank more everyday, it would be good TV to have him now win HOH.

James D.

Gemini said...

That was by far the funniest episode of BB I've ever seen in all my 14 years of watching. I have my DVR set since I work nights, so I just watched it. I don't think I'll be erasing this episode any time soon. It was way to funny! I do wish Ian would have thought things threw and put 2 other people up, then back door Frank. We all know how much of an athlete he is, it was NO SUPRISE he won POV. Can't wait to see who wins HOH

Gemini said...

Best BB episode ever! As far as how funny these folks are! I agree, the back door plan should have been played out, then Frank may be gone instead of a floater. Ashley would have been easy later on anyways. Now, Frank is out for revenge!!!

Gemini said...

Yes! You are right, things may have ended differently......

Anonymous said...

@ Krissy... I too thought " clown shoe"! Was I right when I saw Ian throw the csecond clover and look around like he was lost?

kelsey said...

i hope britney wins HOH and yea frank has the biggest ego along with boogie and i loved that ian told mike... i couldnt watch it because of a football game but i will watch it tomm. online... its comes on at 1:30 here and ashley definately didnt deserve to win because of her speech which i heard about lol i heard it was a good episode... jamie do you know when they are playing HOH... if they play it super late... im just gonna go to bed? thanks and hope you feel better...
ps. ian should have backdoored frank :)) that would have been even better if boogie and frank left on the same night... but i know it was probably impossible and to good to be true... people would like frank more if it wasnt for boogie and his ego plus franks ego missed together... its 2 times bigger than texas

Agri812 said...

Ian should have stuck with his gut about back dooring frank...classic big brother karma

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