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Friday, August 10, 2012

Evening Quickie Update + NOMINATIONS!!!

(*Scroll down for Nomination spoiler!)

Hey, everybody!! :D Just wanted to do a pre-Nominations quickie!! (I don't think I have the energy to do all the HOH convos before nominations today. lol)

The Have Nots Comp as played and the results are in!

The Have Nots Food for the Week:
Candy Canes and Cod

The Have Not's for the Week are:

Yayy for Ian not being a Have Not anymore!! lol :D When the feeds came back, Britney was complaining about Joe yelling at her to hurry up and to "hustle", when she was doing the best that she could. And in case you're wondering, Ashley did *not* play in the Have Not's Comp. (Here back has been jacked up all day realllly bad, in case this is your first time on the blog today.) 

3:33pm BBT:
 Boogie/Frank think of a plan to make a deal with Joe, and get out Wil this week.

3:46pm BBT:
Wil/Frank talked.

Wil said he was sorry for being so snippy earlier, he just didn't want Boogie in the room with them and didn't like that Boogie was speaking for Frank. (**He totally was. I agree.)

Wil said he's on align with Ashley, wouldn't gun after Boogie/Frank next week, and thinks Frank shouldn't "waste his HOH on Joe". Wil said he wants to work Frank. He, again, says that if he is up on the block today, he won't be mad.

4:09pm BBT:
Frank tells Joe in the Storage Room that he's going up on the block but to keep cool this and he should alright.

He said to go ahead and campaign, but don't "stir the pot" and he should be 1 step close to getting to jury, which is what Joe wanted. 

5:20pm BBT:
Shane volunteered to go up as a pawn, Frank said no. (Britney advised Shane to not volunteer as a pawn. Ever. lol)

Meanwhile, downstairs...Wil offered to work with Britney.

Britney said she's working with Shane and tip-toed around the question. 

5:33pm BBT:
Ashley talked to Frank in the HOH room (as Boogie was on the bed listening to Franks CD and eventually fell asleep. :P

Frank told her that she's not going up and to not worry. Frank told Ash that if she did win the POV, to please not use it. She agrees. Ashley doesn't want them to think that she's useless in the game.

5:58pm BBT:
*On cams 1 and 2, Frank and Boogie are sleeping in the HOH bed.

*On cams 3 and 4, Dani/Brit are laying down in the Have Nots room, talking non-game.

In the kitchen, Ashley/Ian/Shane/Joe are talking non-game.

And we're all caught up!! :D I'll be back after the Nominations Ceremony to post the spoiler!!

Updated @ 7:42pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds! Nomination Ceremony is underway! :D

 Nominated for Eviction are:

7:43pm BBT:
Joe/Brit/Wil are downstairs, as Boogie/Ian/Dan/Frank/Danielle are playing poker upstairs in the HOH room.

**And I'm outty for the night, ladies & gents!! :D I'll see y'all back here around...say...11am my time, which is Noon EST/9am PT. It's Saturday, let's all sleep in! ;) lol Enjoy your Friday night and watching the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Don't worry Wil Frank's no longer planning to "waste his HOH" getting out Joe haha


Anonymous said...

Boogie doesn't have to win HOH ever huh??? Whenever the others win, its just like Boogie won! Who will stand up and have their OWN HOH without interference from Boogie???

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Wait a minute - Jaime I thought you weren't allowed to tell someone you are nominating them? Is that true, if so, what would happen since Frank told Joe?

Jamie said...

knock knock: he just "probably will be". and "if". he was careful with his words. :) i was just summarizing.

Jamie F. said...

I'm impressed with Brittany if they do nominate Will. She is the one that planted the seed!

Anonymous said...

@Jamie F.

Wil himself had much more to do with it by offending Boogie by not bowing down and kissing his ring when he met with them in the HOH today.


kelsey said...

I think wil will be gone this week unless something happens

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