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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Overnighter - Summary

Happy Saturday, BB fans!! :D Sorry for the late start to my day, I really gotta stop watching the live feeds past midnight..they just suck me in. lol :P

Anyways, since there's some stuff that went down that might be confusing, I'm just gonna do a summary of what happened last night. (You'll thank me later! lol)

**Sidenote: The POV Players have been picked already for todays POV Comp.

POV Players are:

I'm gonna start with the Boogie/Dan talk...

10:33pm BBT:
Storage Room

Dan told Boogie he wants to work with him, side by side, in the game. Dan to be his Dr. Will, Boogie to be his Memphis. He also wanted Bogie to work with the coaches. Mike wasn't sold on the idea, at all, since Dan/Britney/Janelle just lied to him big-time this past week and was gonna get Frank out. Dan suggested for Boogie to get rid of Frank and cut his loses, but Boogie would rather work with Frank than the coaches. They go round & round for a while, making no real headway. (The conclusion to this talk is unknown since the feeds went to fishies and when they came back, all cams were on Britney/Shane in the HOH room.)

Dan then told Britney/Danielle/Janelle that Boogie is not playing the game with them.  (**Dan wanted the coaches plus Danielle/Shane.)

*So, we have:  Janelle-Britney-Dan-Danielle-Shane. (*Update: Ian is now a part of this alliance, too.)

*Then we have the other alliance of: Will-Ashley-Jenn-Joe, who wanna take out the vets.

(Flashback to around 11:45pm BBT for the Hot Tub Convo of Will/Ash/Jenn/Joe and Ian. They talk about gunning for the coaches.)

*Frank and Boogie seem to be on their own.

And that's all for the The Overnighter Summary. I have to dive into the Afternoon post quickly and we'll pick up from this morning until now! :D

Stay tuned...
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