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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Morning Post (Veto Players Picked!)

Good morning, BB addicts! Whatta day we have in store on the live feeds!! (*I have been sick all week, so if I take a break suddenly, please be patient with me. Feeling dizzy and nauseous this morning.)

Let's dive right in!!

Veto Players in Todays POV Comp are:
Ian, Frank, Boogie, Shane, Jenn and Ashley.

Frank and Boogie both got Houseguest Choice.

Currently on the live feeds...

10:34am BBT:
Arcade Room

Boogie/Frank said whichever one stays, will go after Dan.
Britney continues to eat her breakfast.
Boogie admits that he wanted Britney gone first, not Shane, because Brit is smart.

Boogie: "That veto draw was a dream for us!"
Brit: "Yea, of course."
Boogie: "I wanted to clear the air, we are all about (getting Dan out) now!"

Boogie/Frank are throwing Dan under the bus and want Britney's help in taking out Dan and Danielle. Boogie hopes she doesn't tell Danielle about this convo, Brit said it's in her best interest that doesn't tell her.

Boogie is telling Britney that "somehow" the person that is usually the target (Frank), ends up staying and winning HOH.

Britney said they dumped out the bag to make sure it wasn't rigged for BB putting chips in, or taking chips with names out.

Frank tells Britney that Dan told them he'd cut Danielle when he needs to, implying that he'll cut Britney loose at any time, too. Boogie/Frank want to work with Britney, they're trying to scare her at times, and compliment her at times, trying to work their manipulating magic on her. (**I don't think it's working though.)

They say they'll talk after veto today. Britney says that sounds good and that it's looking good for them to win. They agree.

Brit leaves.
Boogie: (whispers) "Baby steps..."
Frank: "We can't tell them too much in advance what we plan on doing..."

10:55am BBT:
Ian tells Boogie he can't believe that they picked Houseguest Choice twice. Booige laughs.
Boogie said that it might as well just be 3 people playing in veto today (Frank/Boogie/Shane), referring to Ash and Jenn not being a worry at all. (**I'd laugh so hard if Jenn or Ash won. lol)

**11:02amBBT: I'm sorry guys, I gotta go lay down. :( I'm super dizzy and nauseous. I will have my samsung tablet with me so i can keep tabs om the feeds. Currently, Boogie/Ian are talking in the Have Nots room.  I will continue to update over on Twitter....

Stay tuned...
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Amanda Kennamer said...

Finally, this is getting good. I was about to give up on this season!!!

Anonymous said...

What an awful cast of characters drawn to keep Froogie from winning POV. It's pretty much all on Shane and if it's mental and not physical forget about it. I guarantee you there is no way Ian tries to win this comp regardless of what it is because then he'd have to expose himself by not using it. Dan's game is going up in flames protecting a kid who has no interest in contributing anything to the alliance other than secret info that keeps him safe on all ends.


shana said...

I really hope they both stay! I'm rooting for Frank and boogie, Brittany is a paranoid snob and shane is her puppet, Dan is good but I don't like him and then there's dani who is crazy, then the rest who don't deserve to win anyways. I'm hoping it comes out that its Ian I would like to see how Ian handles that. the house would be so boring without Frank and boogie. we'll see Joe cooking Ashley laying around Ian up Ashley's butt brit talking about everyone, shane thinkin he's the best and dani go even more crazy then she already is and jenn who's that I never see her. oh joy can't wait

Anonymous said...

I'm calling it right now Frank is coming off the block with POV. He's the favorite to win it himself and I think Boogie will use it on him too. I'm conflicted because Boogie's ultimately selfish but I don't think he believes he stands a chance of winning this game without Frank so if he's gonna go he'd rather get to go home then sit in Jury House. He probably has such cockiness that he could work the votes and stay especially since he could use it to show how loyal he is that he'd use POV to save someone else when he's on the block. And if not Frank has a better chance solo in this game to at least be able to extract "revenge" on Dan.

I think Boogie will be still be evicted but then the pattern will continue and Frank will win HOH and Dan will follow right behind out the door and most of this drama could be finished in 1 night. I'm getting an awful feeling of a terrible end to this season ala season 11 with 3 underserving people fighting it out in the end. Hope beyond hope I'm wrong.


shana said...

I'm rooting for frank and boogie! I hope they stay, how boring this house will he without them, brit talking about everyone and picking her face, shane thinkin he's the best, Dan is good but I don't like him and dani is just crazy, then the rest I can't even try to think of one of them wining. oh how I would love for them to find out it was Ian I would like to see how Ian handles that situation, Ian is in a good spot but I still don't think he deserves to win

Godsgirl said...

Thanks for all this info!! Hope you get to feeling better! You are in my prayers!!! :-)


Godsgirl said...

Thanks for all the info!! Hope you get to feeling better!! You are in my prayers!!!! :-)

Jen said...

Just saw on my BB app that at 12:05 on cam 3 frank and boogie talked about production rigging the draw in their favor. Frank palmed the HG choice coin. Gonna watch flashback when I get home!

Jen said...

Just saw on my BB app that at 12:05 on cam 3 frank and boogie talked about production rigging the draw in their favor. Frank palmed the HG choice coin. Gonna watch flashback when I get home!

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