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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Night in the BB House

Holy moly, what an episode!! We have both Boogie and Ashley gone. The HOH comp might either tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully the houseguest will confirm for us tonight and soon.

At 7:32pm BBT, the live feeds came back on.

On Cams 1 & 2, Ian/Britney/Jenn are talking about tonights show.

Cams 3 & 4, Dani is crying to Dan.

7:35pm BBT:
Storage Room

Ian is telling Frank he doesn't know what came over him today to vote out Boogie and put up Frank. (**

Frank asked if they (Ian/Frank) are working together going forward, or is Ian with Dan and the other side. Ian said he'll work with Frank. He apologizes to Frank. Frank said he knows Dan put him up to this.

Frank: "You can correct your course, and you'll be alright."

Ian said he needs to pack up Ashley's stuff for her. (He's wearing the HOH key around his neck.)

7:42pm BBT:
Jenn checks up on Dani, who's still crying.

Britney joins them, makes sure she's okay, says she wants to talk to her later on, Dani said okay. Brit leaves.
Dani/Jenn talk about tonights show. Dani tells Jenn that Boogie tried to scare her into thinking he had some sort of power and that she should save him.

Apparantly Dani is crying because Boogie and Frank were mean to her. Jenn saying to not pay attention to them what they said.

Jenn: "Don't think America doesn't love you.." (**Uhh...)

7:48pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Shane: "How's it feel to wear the (HOH) key?"

Ian said it feels good, though his reign is short term.

7:52pm BBT:
Britney goes and talks to Dani.

Britney: "Okay, why are you crying??"
(Dani is stealth-whispering, hard to hear, even with volume at full blast. )

Britney asked Dani if she'd throw the HOH comp to her and Dani said yes.

Dan walks in and tells the girls he thinks the comp they practiced last night will have a day number on each Day 37 on one hole, Day 2 on another, etc.
Dan leaves.
The girls continue to talk about how it's the house versus Frank.

Britney: "I'm just glad (the Quack Pack) are all still here."

*Okay guys, I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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superbecca said...

if Ian has the HOH key I'd be willing to bet that he has one night upstairs before the comp

hummingbrd said...

HEY Jamie ,I have a question do they play another HOH or does Ian put up more noms ? sorry if its a dumb question LOL I 4got how it goes.
That was a killer killer show :) Wowsers :( bye bye boogie and ashley

Andi said... frank really that dumb?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me what the difference is between Double Eviction and Fast Forward?? I thought they were the same but the HG's just said they aren't.

Jen said...

Dani needs to go this week...

James said...

Interesting, Ashley had the worst final speech in BB history and Joe had the best. LOL

James D.

shana said...

Omg!!! Im so sad and mad! I'm actually yelling at the tv and shaking lol now that's addicted huh... haha I'm so happy for frank! I hope he wins hoh to... I'm sorry to say I don't think I like Ian at all anymore!! It's one thing to turn on your friends its another to be a little smart butt about it... and poor Ashley! I feel so bad that Ian turned on her. ugh I'm still so upset with D/D/I/B/S someones gotta break them up and only Frank can do it since he's the only one not in the cry babies wack quacks

Michelle said...

Ian wasted his HOH. Ashley isn't a threat. the girl couldn't win anything. Is original plan to back door Frank was SO much better.

James said...

Double eviction and Fast Forward I think are the same. Sometimes the Double eviction night is called "Big Brother Fast Forward". The HGs are confused and think that a FF is two evictions in one week, like it is in the final 4 at the end of the season.

James D.

Anonymous said...

Yes he is.

Brad said...

Ashley was totally doped up.. That's why she made zero sense.

Brad said...

Ashley was doped up on pain meds. That's why she made zero sense. I love Ian's goodbye speech - so glad they showed most of it and let him explain.

Totally should have backdoored Frank though.

cballz79 said...

Frank is the man!!! I absolutely love the fact that the houseguests(and all of you reading this) want so badly for him to go home because hes the alpha-male and there is STILL nothing they can do to make that happen!! The battle he is winning this summer should be an inspiration to people watching, but unfortunately society is so lazy today to see this and would rather just go with the majority. Hes the only REAL personality in this house. Its so painful watching how fake the rest of these people are. Even if Frank gets evicted this week, that dude is the winner this season!

kelsey said...

haha yea i agree james d... i heard it was great and that ashley was stupid and i heard that britney and ians goodbye was great but britneys was awesome lol i cant wait to see it and them... watching the feeds now... hope britney wins HOH

Sabine Kratzer said...

Oh oh... the live feeds are on trivia...I guess the HOH comp is on the way

Isaiah's Mom said...

Jamie what post interviews does Boogie have to do and when? I want to see some more of his reactions to finding out about the Quak Pack.

jrt said...

Ready for Brit or Dani to go.

Megrock1 said...

Umm anyone else thinking its kinda sad ian didnt have enough sense or balls to do exactly what he had wanted to do not put frank up initially then backdoor so he couldnt play POV etc. BUT oh wait maybe ian knew he actually wanted frank to still be there{which i do too and i think america & BB love frank too} its not his fault his was aligned with boogie and he hasnt lied or backstabbed & he wins many POVs to keep himself safe...well IDK im at least glad Ian was honest ab being the 'mastermind'to get boogie out some respect & props there. I know shane has won alot but def curious to see how the hell he would do if brit/dan/dani werent playing his game for him basically. Cant wait to see who wins HOH its finally getting good, please dont let it get boring for ash out, wont miss her much...not real sure who im rooting for anymore we'll have to see how this week goes down!! :~) Thanks again jamie

Jordan Mizell said...

Frank is a champ! My goodness I hope he wins it all himself cause none of these cowards in the house can be trusted!

Zach said...

Ian, shoulda, woulda, coulda, backdoored Frank.
Ashley, I'm sad to see her go. I had the best laughs from the crappy she would say in the DR. " My strategy was...."
Danielle, sounds like she's a whiny little pest. They sure don't let her come across that way on the shows....

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