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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Overnighter

Happy Friday, BB fans!! :D I slept in majorly late today since I was up past 3am last night (as some of you on Twitter and Facebook already know). There's already game talk going on inside the BB house, so I'm gonna do a summary version of the Overnighter and then hurry up & dive into the afternoon post.

With Danielle as the HOH, and nominations scheduled today, its' gonna be a busy day of scheming and deal making! Can't wait!! :D

The Overnighter:
Dan told Boogie, as the coaches were voting to reset the game or not, that Frank was the one who was slated to go home. Not Joe. This made Boogie pissed off, obviously. Dan is worried that it pissed Frank off as well. Boogie said that Frank isn't the type to get mad and that he actually keeps Boogie calm in the game. Boogie also told Dan that he (Dan) is on "Will Kirby's level now".

Boogie is mad that he's not longer a coach in the game, but he understands why Dan pushed the button...along with Janelle (who denied it during the HOH comp), and Britney.

According to Danielle's convo with Dan this morning at around 11:30am BBT, Janelle made a "to the end" deal with Danielle, saying she has her back & that Jani wanted to go to the end "with a strong female". (**I can't imagine this being real at all. lol But time will tell!)

At 10:35pm BBT, Boogie asked Britney if she knew about Frank being the target last week. She played dumb and denied it.

Ian told Frank and Boogie that he was really upset that he didn't win HOH to "make up for" last week (for being the reason Frank went up on the block, but Frank was gonna go up regardless. They just looked for a reason and used Ian as a scapegoat.)
*Frank thinks that Dan wants him out so that Dan/Boogie can work together.
*Britney acted like she hated the coaches coming into the game. (*Not sure if she's admitted to hitting the button or not. Dan has admitted it.)

*As of late last night, Danielle wanted to put Janelle on the block, but as of this morning, Danielle is thinking about nominating Frank & Wil. (Danielle said she doesn't like how Janelle thinks she's a floater.) Wil would just be a pawn. Danielle is scared to use Joe as a pawn because of how bad he freaked out last week.

*Shane's pissed because his HOH was "pointless" and he nominated 3 people last week & none of them went home, and he's left with all the blood on his hands & a bigger target on his back. (**Pretty much. :( )

**NOTE: There's gonna have to be a fast forward and a double eviction or two, to get caught up. There's 12 players, and it's week 4.

*Frank wonders if Wil was gonna evict Frank or not. (**Even though Dani was the swing vote, to Frank, Wil was the swing vote because Dani kept promising her vote to him.)

*Frank asked Shane if he (Frank) was gonna go home. Shane played dumb and said no, and that he's still working with Frank, and that maybe Dan/Jani have a deal and Dan told Danielle to vote Frank out.

*Around 11:35pm BBT last night, Dan/Jani talked about getting Frank up on the block. Jani wants Wil sitting beside him. They both agree that Frank has to go.

*Janelle thinks the newbies wanna make an alliance to get the coaches out.

*Dan admitted to Britney, Shane & Danielle that him telling Boogie about Frank being the one to leave was a "Stupid move" and that he just "got really excited" (about the game reset). He also told Boogie that Danielle was gonna vote Frank out. Brit said they have to "deny, deny, deny" that Danielle was gonna vote Frank out so that she's not a target. (**Remember, Dan/Britney/Shane/Danielle are all in an alliance together.)

*Brit/Shane/Danielle think of a way to cover up what Dan told Boogie...Dan told Boogie that "Frank was on his way out". They think of pinning the vote on Wil, to take the heat off of Danielle.

*Around Midnight, Wil asked Danielle (in front of Britney) if they can work together. Danielle says yes. Wil says they have to get out a bigger threat.

*Britney told Dani that she wants to trust Dan "so bad" but that he doesn't have a trustworthy reputation in the game and that Dan throwing Danielle under the bus just proves that she can't trust him. Dani said she forgives Dan. Britney said she's pissed.

*Frank wants to call out Dan & Dani for lying to him (about him being safe last week).

*At 1am BBT, Dan/Dani talked about putting up Janelle/Ashley, with Janelle as the target. Danielle tells Dan she hates Janelle.

*Frank wants Dan out asap.
*Around 2am, Boogie was complaining (again) about how much he hates that the coaches are playing the game.

*Boogie doesn't like Danielle at all and said that if she wins the game, he's not going to the Finale.

*2:30am BBT, Brit/Dan/Danielle/Shane talked about bringing Janelle and Ashley into their alliance. They need the numbers. They then decide to put up Frank/Wil.

*Even though Jani and Wil have told other HG's they don't wanna work together, and they bash each other, they were hanging out together at 3:30am BBT. Janelle said to her, they (Jani/Wil) are still working together and he can come to her at anytime. Wil said she gives great advice. (**I don't understand these two. lol)

*Around 4am BBT, Dan told Dani in the HOH room that they need to get Janelle on their side because she'll get them 1 or 2 weeks ahead after this week.  Danielle doesn't like the idea, but gives in eventually.

*Around 4:30am, Janelle/Danielle make a deal together.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! Starting the Afternoon post in about 20 mins, I have to run to the bank really quick. BRB! :D

PS: If you have the live feeds, turn'em on. Britney/Dan/Danielle (and Shane, according to Britney) are making (what it seems to be) an alliance with Ian. Ian said the game has been "reset" and that Boogie's heart is not in the game anymore (**which is true.) and that he's in distress. Needs somewhere to go.

Stay tuned...
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