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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning and Welcome to your Friday, BB addicts!! Last night, Shane won the title of HOH for the week, and late last night, the Quack Pack alliance met up in the HOH room at 2:30am BBT and decided that Frank/Boogie will be todays nominations, with Frank as the target. Shane is gonna tell Boogie and Frank that it's "just strategic, nothing personal" when he nominates them. (**And this is the end of the Silent Six alliance.)

So if you have the feeds, use the Flashback feature and watch that convo. The heart of the convo is from 2:30am BBT-2:40am BBT.

 **You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with your live feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

11:05pm BBT:

Shane: "Who  wants to see my HOH room??!"
Ashley: "We do!"

Everyone looked so tired walking up to the HOH room. Jenn was sleeping and woke up to join everybody. Shane told her that wasn't necessary and that it was okay if she went back to bed. (**Shane, always the nice guy! :) )

The feeds blocked the HOH reveal, but the audio was still on. (It was apparently shown on BB After Dark, though.) Shane got a letter from his sister and some new pics. The rest, I guess we'll have to see on Sunday's show. :P

Frank slept through the HOH room reveal. He went up at 11:22pm BBT and apologized.

11:22pm BBT:
Booze delivery!! The HG's got 2 bottles of wine and 7 beers to share between the 10 of them. (**In case you missed the post yesterday, there's no Have Nots comp this week.) That's the most alcohol BB has given them all summer long. They're usually super stingy with it.

11:45pm BBT:
The "Cute Moment Of The Night" Award goes to...

Ian and Ashley!!

Ian: "Nobody comes between me and my flirtmance!"
Ashley & others: "Ooooohhhh!!" 

Ashley and Ian have been cuddled up together on the couch for a little bit, and Ashley's been playing with his hair.
During this convo with Dan/Dani/Ian/Ashley/Shane/Britney/Joe, they all talked about how Boogie won a total of $16,000 this year in BB comps.

12:45am BBT:
Dani/Ashley/Danielle took a bubble bath together after drinking a good amount of wine/beer.

At 12:55am BBT, Ian joins and gets a double smooch from Ash and Dani per Shane's suggestion. (*love it! lol)

1:18am BBT:
Ash/Ian are left in the hot tub. Dan is tub-side talking to them, saying that it's a coincidence that they're both from Pittsburgh. Ian said that they might have ran into each other at some point during the time that Ashley worked at Hollister at a mall because he bought clothing from there during that time period when she worked there. Dan said, and made it clear that he was serious, that he would not be suprised if Ian and Ashley dated after the show.

Ashley: "Awww!"
Ashley said that Ian and her already made about 5 days worth of plans for Pittsburgh after the show. Dan leaves them to enjoy their bath together.

1:16am BBT:
As Joe/Shane waited for Brit and Dani to come out of the Diary Room (so that they could throw pillows at them), they game talked.

Shane: "I don't know if I'm making a big game move this week or not."
Joe: "We'll talk. Because I heard somethin'.."
Shane: "Me too. Did you hear that if Boogie would have won that he'd put me up?"
Joe: "Yep!"
Shane: "That's what I heard (too)."

Shane is worried that if he "pulls this move", that he's gonna have blood on his hands. Joe said that they have his and Ashley's support and vote "100%!".

Shane/Joe make a Final 2 deal and to have each others backs until the end of the game.
Shane: "I have a lot of respect for you!...I didn't week 1 or 2, but now I do." (*lol)

Shane tells Joe that if Boogie or Frank win veto, he has to put him or Ashley up as a pawn but that "they don't know what we have", regarding a Final 2 deal. Joe agreed.

Shane: "Boogie dug his own grave today by going after the ten grand."

1:20am BBT:
The girls come out of the D.R., finally!
Shane was wailing on Danielle with 2 pillows repeatedly. For like a minute straight. lol
1:46am BBT:
Dani/Dan play some pool and game talk.
Dan's glad that it's not them putting Boogie/Frank up.

Dan: "Ian's gonna win this game, I hope you realize that."
Dani: "So you think that's who should go up?"
Dan: "You'd almost have to backdoor him."
Dani: "Okay, what about Ian/Boogie up?"
Dan: "What would that accomplish, that'd just piss everyone off."
Dani: "If you won HOH, what would you do?"
Dan: "I would have put up 2 floaters because I wouldn't want the bloods (of getting a big threat) out."

Dan thinks that Ian is playing Dan's game from 4 years ago, not trying to win anything because he doesn't have to.

Dan thinks they should stick with Britney and Shane, because they're bigger targets and the they (Dan/Dani) can beat them in the end. Dan told Dani that he knows Dani would cut Britney loose if it meant Dan/Dani getting to Final 2. Dani agrees.

(**This whole convo is a master manipulation of Dani's weak mind by Dan. If you watch this convo, you'll see Dan work his magic. He's working Shane via Danielle, complimenting her where neccessary to get her to do what he wants her to do, while setting her up to make it seem like it's her idea. All I gotta say is that Dan is good at this game. lol)

2:00am BBT:
Britney has joined Dan/Dani. Britney is firm on wanting to get Frank out, with having Boogie/Frank up on the block together. Dan agrees with Britney.
Dan and Britney both think that Frank is "really good" at the game and will win if he stays in the game. Britney thinks it'll be hard to convince Shane to put up Boogie/Shane because he doesn't wanna "break his word".

Dan: "F his word."
Britney: "They would have no problems breaking their word!"

Ian comes out.
Joe comes out a few seconds later. Game talk stops. 

2:30am BBT:
HOH Room
The Quack Pack
As I mentioned in the begining of the Overnighter, the Quack Pack agreed to put up Boogie/Frank, with Frank as the target. Britney said to let veto "decide" which one of them goes home...if Frank wins, then get Boogie out, and vice versa. But the target is Frank. (Ian wants Boogie as the target.)

Talk then turns to how much money Boogie has, that he used to drive a Bentley (before getting a kid friendly car), how he won $150,000 in blackjack, he won $16,000 in the house already, etc. They all agree that it'd be better to sit next to Boogie in the Final 2, rather than Frank who's been winning comps and hoh's. Boogie "slept for the first 4 weeks" of BB this summer. Big difference.

And in case  you're wondering, Ian said that he likes to flirt with Ashley but she will not get in the way of his game and that she's not "his type".

At 2:55am BBT, the Quack Pack do their sign (..their hand as ducks bill, quacking) and agree to get out Frank this week.
**And that's it for The Overnighter!!! :D
Today we have the Nominations Ceremony, and I'm sure some visits to the HOH room from Boogie and Frank. :P

Starting the Morning/Afternoon post shortly!!

Stay tuned...
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