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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Overnighter

Happy Wednesday morning, or afternoon (depending in which time zone you are :P). I was up late last night watching the feeds and in Twitterland with the late-night'ers, watching to see if Danielle was gonna snap. lol She was having a bit of a crazy night and didn't seem that she was mentally stable at times.
(Screenshot via the mobile feeds on my phone.)

Okay, so let's start this post off with some news! Drew the Big Brother Cynic is busy moving and getting married, you know..the norm. ;) So that's why there hasn't been any cynic articles lately. He also (sadly) emailed me the other day and said that he might "retire" (either for this season or permanently, he's not sure yet) if the coaches do come into the game play tomorrow night. In his opinion, it'd be the "nail in the coffin" for him. I don't blame him. So right now, it's a wait-and-see situation. I told him that we'd miss him but would understand. (**But please don't leave, Drew! lol)

In other news, I have someone that might be joining the blog doing post once a week that I think you guys are gonna love! She's real, raw, in-your-face, and watches the feeds as much as any other BB addict does. For some, she might be too raw. Personally, I think she's hysterical and cut-throat. Good combo! I'll let y'all know when the first post will be. (**Having both her & Drew on here weekly would be my ultimate dream! 2 very different opinionated voices. I'd love it!!)

Alrighty, let's get this Overnighter started!! :D

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(As of 11:20am BBT, which is 2:20pm EST, only Frank & Joe are up. Everyone else is sleeping.)

9:03pm BBT:
Boom Boom Room

Britney: "I'm starting to rethink this whole thing." (re: voting Frank out)

Britney: "Janelle's team is falling apart. But you (Danielle) have the vote this week anyway, so do what you feel is best."

They talk some more, but the conclusion is that they are still on board with getting Frank out tomorrow.

9:18pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Cam 4
Boogie tells Ian to remain quiet like how he has been & keep enjoying his experience in the house, he's not a threat. He also told Ian to play the sympothy card, act sad like it's his fault that Frank is up on the block. Ian said he thinks Brit & Jani's team wanted Frank up from the start. Boogie doesn't agree. He wants them to stay up really late tonight and make sure that Janelle doesn't get in Danielle's ear to vote Frank out. (**They still think Frank might be safe. He's not.)

Ian said that if Frank ends up getting vote, then he's gonna win HOH.

9:27pm BBT:
Boogie/Jenn are left in the Arcade Room alone. They talk about Ashley. Jenn doesn't think that Ashley is "that stupid" and that she graduated from Penn State. Boogie disagrees and thinks Ashley is that stupid. Jenn says Ashley is like "2 different people", with one of them acting like she's dumb when she's not.

Boogie confesses that he told Ian to enjoy his experience in the hosue because Ian doesn't know how to play the game. It keeps him out of trouble.

9:34pm BBT:
Sneakers Room
Cam 1
Boogie: "If I have someone (playing the game) with me, then I'm rock solid!" (ie: Dr Will/Boogie)
Dan: "I'm the same way..." (ie Dan/Memphis)

Boogie: "Like, literally, if (Frank) walks out the door, I'm standin' up, and if one of my people win HOH, I'm gonna be like 'yo, upstairs is off limits, don't go bringing your phony sh*t, ain't nobody in here good for nothin!' I'm putting that on BLAST! This sh*t will be like..they'll interview him (Frank), they'll do the HOH, and then they'll do that thing at the end..'Let's go back to the house',  at 6:58pm and you'll see me just holdin' court in the kitchen." (*lol)

Dan laughs at the thought...
Boogie: "I'll be heated, yo. HEA-TED! I'm gonna be like 'Don't even come up the stairs, there's gonna be a velvet rope and none of you are on the list. What could ANYONE come upstairs and say, if you walk out the door."

Frank: "Yea. Nobody. Nothin'."
Boogie: "And I'm gonna ask to speak at the nomination ceremony...if it goes down like that. It's not going to, but.." (**Oh, but it is. lol)

10:04pm BBT:
Wil told Shane that next week, he's breaking away from Janelle and is gonna play his own game. (Later in the night, Wil/Jani have a talk.) Wil also talked about how Joe runs to Janelle and tells her everything.

10:09pm BBT:
Cam 3

As Wil/Janelle were in the hallway by the bathroom, Janelle asked Wil if they can talk in the Arcade Room. He said sure & goes pee, while Janelle fixes her hair & makeup to be camera-ready. As she's fixing her hair, she grabs kleenex and puts them in her back pocket for her upcoming fake-cry a couple minutes later during her talk with Wil.

Wil tells Jani that he didn't like how Janelle wanted him & Ashley to kiss Franks a** last week to make sure they weren't gonna get backdoored & that he doesn't wanna play that way. Janelle tells Wil that she has never had bad intentions for Wil & that she'd do anything to get him further in the game.

Janelle said it makes her sad that Wil thinks she's trying to play his game for him. She's just trying to "fix things" so that he's safe.

Janelle: "Hold on, let me get.." (She gets her kleenex)
Wil: "Don't cry, don't.."

Janelle: "I just get so upset.." (**And the Oscar nom goes to...)
Janelle: "We didn't talk for like 24 hours.  I was really upset."
Wil feels like he doesn't have any game (of his own). Janelle said he does & he's been awesome and that they all work together as a team.Wil said he hates the coaches twist and felt pressured to play Janelle's way. He said he's not fake in real life and isn't going to be fake-nice or a** kiss in the game. That's not who he is and he's not going to pretend to be.

Wil: "This game would be so different if the coaches weren't playing in it."
Janelle: "Frank would win this season if there were no coaches."

Wil tells Janelle that he's going to play his game from now on. Janelle said okay & that she'll still save him if she wins coaches comps.

10:35pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Cam 2
Danielle told Dan how Janelle told Shane "Ooo Ashley likes you! You two should get together!"

Dan: "Gettin' jealous!"
Danielle: "No!" (*Yes!)

Dan: "She's jealous, she's jealous, she's jealous, hey hey! Nobody gets between me and my Shane!"

Dan tells her to stop it & that they're not gonna date when they're outside the BB house.
Dan: "He's not gonna be your husband, or your boyfriend.."
Danielle: "I wasn't even thinking along those lines.."
Dan: "Yea you were."
Danielle: "Okay umm, you just act like I'm chopped liver."

Danielle said she likes Shane "as a friend". Dan said she's a bad liar.
Dan: "I'm not losing $100k over a little high school crush."
Danielle: "I'm not losing $500k over him, either."
Dan: "You're flirtin' with it." (**Boom.)

Dan tells her that her feelings are getting involved.
Dan: "You have to play this game like a cut-throat assassin."

Danielle said that Janelle is "testing her constantly", pushing her buttons, but she hasn't said anything.

Dan comments that Janelle is "confused" on how to play this season because she never played the game like this before, she's only won comps.

10:50pm BBT:
Talk continues.
Dan hides behind a pillow and very softly tells Danielle "I'm coming into the game". Danielle said that it'd be "best case scenario" and everyone will "flip their sh*t". 

Dan: "So who do we run with?" (re: who to align with)
Danielle: "Shane."
Dan: "You think he'd freak out if I told him (I'm coming into the game)?"
Danielle: "No."

Dan doesn't think Britney trusts him. Danielle says Britney does trust him.
Danielle: "Me, you and Shane. I agree."

10:52pm BBT:
Shane enters.

They talk about Ashley. Shane doesn't trust Ashley because she tells Jani everything.
Dan asked if Shane is all for Frank going, he said yea.

Dan asked "hypothetically" if Dan was dropped into the game, if he'd be down for having a Shane/Danielle/Dan alliance. He said "absolutely!"

10:58pm BBT:
Brit joins Dan/Dani/Shane.
They talk about Ashey/Wil running to Janelle and telling her everything. Brit thinks Jani's team is falling apart. They all agree to "run with each other" if the coaches get dropped in the game. 

Britney: "The 4 of us need to stick together."

**Both Brit & Dan agreed that if "given the option" to join the game, they would. So would Boogie. (He confirmed it yesterday). Janelle would too.

11:30pm BBT:
Brit/Shane/Dani/Dan continue talking in the Arcade Room.
They agree that Jani is hard to trust. Brit told Dan how Jani said she's tired of talking game with Dan because he never gives up any info. Dan said it's because Jani lies.

12:56am BBT:
As Dan showers, Danielle and Britney play a practical joke on throwing cold water on him. The 2nd time, Dan fights back by pouring soap on them. lol

Shane: "OHHH MAN!!"

1:13am BBT:
Boom Boom Room
Cam 3

Ashley tells Janelle she's crushing on Shane. (**Uh oh!)
Janelle: "So you think (Shane's) cute?"
Ashley: (inaudible)
Janelle laughs & goes "aww!"
Ashley: "Why is Dan so against showmances?"
Janelle: "Because it ruins (Danielle's) game."

2:01am BBT:
Backyard Patio
Cam 3

Ian is putting himself down (**pretty sure this is via Boogie's advice to play the sympothy card) and saying he's "not Shane" and doesn't have 3 POV's. Dan tried to cheer him up.

Ian said he'd be pissed if the coaches came into the game because his odds would be 1 in 11, instead of 1 in 7. Dan said that he could work with the coaches though. (**Is Dan pre-building his army? Hm.)

2:21am BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 2

Shane is telling Danielle (nicely) that he doesn't wanna have a showmance and that he's trying to cut off his feelings for her because he doesn't wanna be in a situation such as being in the Final 4 with her and then they have to part ways. (**I'm thinking this is his nice way of letting her down.)

Danielle says he "can't control life", Shane said he can. (**lol Get a clue, Dani. He's just not that into you hun.)

Danielle thinks Shane's just "scared" to have a relationship. (**Oh lordy..)
Shane complains that he's sore. Danielle tells him to roll over for a massage.

Shane: "No, I don't want a massage.."
Danielle: "You are 110% afraid of me.." (**I bet he is! lol)
Shane: "No, I'm not afraid of you."

Danielle keeps flirting with Shane, trying to make some headway.

Shane: "Don't hate me."
Danielle: "I don't hate you. Just tell me why you don't like being touched and then I won't do it."
Shane: "I dunno. I just don't. I don't like my body."
Danielle: "Really?"
Shane: "Mmm hmm. I'm not answering anymore questions, you're getting too much info.."

Shane gives her hug before she leaves the HOH room (around 2:45am BBT).
Shane: "You're obstructing my microphone..." (he giggles)

3:16am BBT:
Danielle gets some much-wanted attention, in the form of spooning from Ashley. lol :P
**Note: Danielle has spooned Ashley before, so this is a mutual thing it looks like.

Okie dokie, that's it for The Overnighter!! Today we will see Frank/Boogie try to keep Frank in the game. The HG's are currently on lockdown as projected for tomorrows endurance comp!! :D It's gonna be EPIC!!! w00t! I'll be back in a bit to start the afternoon post. Nothing much is happening right now on the feeds....

1:29pm BBT:

Stay tuned...
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Michelle said...

ok, here's what I'm thinking. When they announce that the coaches are entering the game on Thursday night, they'll also give Jodi, Kara & the evicted HG the chance to also come back in the game in a comp., Frank gets evicted & gets back in during comp & goes after the coaches...

Christine Miller said...

No coaches means more drama! Besides Janelle. She can stay :) I think Wil is going to either save himself or hang himself by playing his own game, but either way I can't wait to watch! And without Dan, Danielle would let herself lose $500K for a little crush, and that's what we want to see! Unless you are rooting for Danielle, and then I'd like to know WHY?! Tomorrow night is going to be interesting. If the coaches come in, which they probably will, it will be a little better because then there will be more backstabbing especially from Janelle's team! I LOVE BB! And I love you, Jamie ! :) Been reading for years! (I usually post under "carolina" but I want to use my google account now) THANKS!

5f3eb1a2-dc12-11e1-87bb-000bcdcb5194 said...

I have to say that I'm with Drew if the coaches come into the game. Dan's the only one with a good soul and Brit's not too far behind that (I'm only putting in a good word for her because I'm a Fayetteville girl myself). But the other two, gag me. Boogie's a 41 yr old going on 20 and Janelle, well, if I wrote what I really thought you might not post my comment.(:
Thanks Jamie for all your hard work and I hope you get well soon!

5f3eb1a2-dc12-11e1-87bb-000bcdcb5194 said...

I'm with Drew if the coaches come into the game. Dan's the only one with a soul and Britney's not too far behind (I'm only giving her a little credit because I'm a Fayetteville girl myself). As for the other two-Boogie's a 41 yr old going on 20 (he wishes) and Janelle, well if I said what I really want to say you might not publish my comment.(:
Thanks Jamie for all your hard work and I hope you get well soon!

TyrnnAnn said...

Danielle = Clueless.

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