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Monday, August 6, 2012

Evening in the BB House

Hey everyone and welcome to the Evening post! :D The house has been calm this afternoon, but as predicted, things are starting to heat up! If you missed any of the posts from earlier, Wil was taken off the block by POV winner Danielle, and Janelle was the replacement nom. This week is "backdoor Janelle" week in the BB house. On one hand, Janelle seems like she doesn't care that she might be going home. (**She's mentioned how she gets the same $20k no matter if she stays or go and would be going home to her husband and baby.) But it seems that she's not about to throw in the towel just yet. She wants to talk to Danielle tonight at some point to see where her head is at and if she wants her (Jani) out.

Let's turn on the feeds and see what's goin' down.

Currently on the live feeds...

 6:47pm BBT:
Sneakers Room
Joe said that Frank is already talking as if he's gonna be in the house still next week. Ashley said that Frank has been really nice to everyone. Janelle said that she talked to Britney and she said she doesn't know what's going on, why she (Jani) was put up on the block.

Joe thinks they're missing something. (**Yea, like 4 alliances. lol) Jani wonders why Dani put her against Frank, because she (J) would have definitely went home if she was sitting next to Wil.

Joe: "Maybe they just wanna scare you."

Jani said she'll talk to Danielle later.

7:00pm BBT:
Checking in on the HG's!

Boogie is about to take a dip in the pool sine it's so hot outside.
Wil is running laps in the backyard.
Janelle is working out in the BY as well.
Shane/Dani are laying on a lounger outside.
Joe just gave the HG's a headsup for dinner, ready in 30 mins.

7:09pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Joe helped Ashley find her mic pack, which was in the Have Nots room. Joe told Ashley that Jenn wants an alliance with Ian..Joe/Ian/Jenn/Ashley. Ashley said that's a great idea. (**Ian is already spoken for with Brit/Dan/Dani/Shane.)

7:15pm BBT:
*Janelle is lifting weights.
*Joe/Dan/Ian/Danielle are all playing badminton.
*Boogie/Frank are poolside watching.
7:20pm BBT:
Joe/Janelle are inside preparing for dinner.
Ian just went inside to grab a drink. 
Ian: (to himself) "Feels nice to be inside." (**It's blazing hot in Cali today. 100+ degrees.)
Dan/Danielle are playing a game of badminton.

Dan: "Good game." *shakes hands with Dani*
Boogie: "I do like a lil badminton, not gonna lie!"

Boogie tells them during one his seasons, BB gave them a net to hang up to play.
Britney is now helping Janelle set the table for dinner.

7:29pm BBT:
Backyard Lounger

Boogie is congratulating Dani on a "good well done" for today. (Putting Jani up.) Dani said when Janelle talked to her in the HOH right after the Veto Ceremony today, she threatened her in a non-threatining tone that she "made a big mistake".

Boogie: (laughing) "Oh really! Okay...good to know!"

Dani asked about what Boogie is gonna say in his goodbye message to Janelle. Boogie said he has a few things in mind..nothing too mean, but he's "gotta rub it in a lil bit".

7:37pm BBT:
Dinner time!! Courtesy of Joe. Who never washes his hands after he uses the restroom. (**barf.)

All HG's: "Thanks, Joe!"

**The HG's are aware that Joe doesn't wash his hands after going to the bathroom, but will eat dinners he cooks. I don't get it. lol

8:05pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani keeps saying she feels bad and is so sorry.
Janelle thinks "they" are using her because she's too sweet to see their game.
Janelle said she's gonna hang out with Dani all week anyways. Dani welcomes her and says she can even use her makeup, which Janelle likes.

Janelle doesn't know why she's a big target. She's not a comp beast. Dani says she is.
Dani: "You shouldn't downplay that, Janelle. You just won 2! You murdered Dan!"
Janelle: "Well, yea.." (smiles)

Meanwhile, on Cam 3...

Ashley is telling Wil that Janelle is going around and saying Wil is the one who sold her out and threw her under the bus with lies. She also warns Wil that Joe is working with/for Janelle and he is not to be trusted.

Speaking of Joe, he walked into the storage room during their convo and campainged for Janelle to stay.
Joe leaves a couple minutes later.

Wil wants to work a deal with Danielle to be safe for 2 weeks and they won't nom or backdoor them.
Ashley: "You think we should make deals right now?"

Wil said they need t think of next week if they get nominated and that they'd need 5 votes, so there has to be "6 of us, just in case", for votes. Wil is scared of a double eviction, even more reason to get numbers on their side. Wil wants Dani/Shane to join up with them in an alliance.

Wil tells Ashley that Frank is not gunning for them (Ash/Wil), he'd target Shane and Danielle.

Wil has to "poo really bad", so their convo ends. lol :P

**And I'm out!! The night is just begining & the live feeds are coming alive, as they do every night!! Enjoy the feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Isn't Joe a professional chef at some restaurant??? It's so gross to see he doesn't wash his hands.

stephanelson said...

I'm hoping whatever career Joe had is gone now, not to be too rude or anything, but it is a no brainer that if you can't wash your hands you're probably doing other unsanitary things as you prepare food for others.

Krissy said...

Great so we have another Gerry (season 3) on our hands. So gross. Bring back Lori and Danielle so they can fight over it again that was a classic week 1 moment.

C.Montes said...

Didn't old man jerry not wash his hands either? Gross.

JJ said...

If Janelle ends up figuring out about the "six" alliance she may actually have a chance at pulling enough votes to stay. I give dani credit for a big move, but I wont be surprised if jani pulls a rabbit out of her hat

mrsslice said...

I love how Ashley and Wil keep trying to pull people into their alliance, and talking about throwing comps etc etc. The numbers are most certainly not on your side dears!

JChism said...

Evev if he did wash his hands, I would not allow another HG to cook my meals. He's probably the least liked in the house right now (next to Boogie) and comes across as a big butt kisser with all of his cooking BS as if that's his hook to stay in the house. His DR sessions are also annoying. Can't wait for him to go. Would love to see Ian win HOH.

Goldchampagne said...

Is it just me or is Janelle getting a bad edit this year! Have I missed all the dirty lies Janelle has been telling or is everyone else forgetting the lies they are telling? Boogie has said horrible things about Dani and Janelle behind their backs and needs to be found out! Seems to me everyone has their own definition of what lying is! Shame on Allison G if Janelle leaves! Who else will stop Boogie?

Mrs WonderBoy said...

How do you do it Jamey? I stayed up (again) until midnight watching BBAD and I'm dragging today!

David McDaniel said...

Joe is a personal chef!!!! I doubt he will get many job offers now lmao !!!

kelsey said...

JJ... Even if shr figured it out... She wouldn't have enough votes to stay because ian is with dan and them and dan and them already told ian that they were gonna make that alliance of 6... So ian already knows and it would be 5-4 for janelle to leave anyways... So either way its not looking good for her... She would only have joe, jenn, wil and ashley

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