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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Evening in the BB House

Well the show is over and we have ourselves a new HOH..well, new for this week anyways. lol :P Frank is this weeks HOH!! Britney is pretty hard on herself that she placed 2nd in the HOH comp two weeks in a row. Brit also told Danielle that she doesn't know if voting out Janelle was the best thing for them to do. (**Too little, too late aye?)

Last week, Boogie ran Danielle's HOH, and I fully expect him to do the same with Franks HOH this week. I'm not doggin' on the guy, I mean..if you're good, you're good!! And love him or hate him, Boogie is good at this game. Annoying, yes. Arrogant, oh my gosh yes! lol But damn good at this game.

So, this week, I fully expect Boogie and Frank to stay true to their "Silent Six" alliance (Frank/Boogie/Dan/Danielle/Shane/Britney) and keep them safe, and gun after Joe. I'd be shocked if they didn't. As soon Frank gets his HOH room tonight, and Frank/Boogie have some time to talk alone, we'll be able to better see where his heads at. As for now, the wheels are clearly turnin'.

Currently on the live feeds...

8:12pm BBT:
Britney and Boogie talked at the kitchen counter. Brit admits that Janelle was telling her today that she really misses her baby, Violet. Boogie can see how being on the block can make ones mind get back in touch with their outside-the-house reality and it can start to set in.

The HG's are making homemade pita chips and guacamole.

8:14pm BBT:
Backyard is opened back up. HG's are excited that it wasn't a long lockdown.

8:15pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Talk is about putting up Joe/Wil, with Joe as the target, but to work with Wil to keep him safe.

Boogie: "We can't just get rid of Joe.We gotta get mileage out of this (HOH win)."
Frank: "You don't think we should put up Dan and Joe? They put me on the block and let me sweat all week. He always says how he had to put up Memphis in his season to hide his alliance."
Boogie: "As much as I'd love to do that, I'm concerned that'd rock the foundation of trust (in the alliance)."

Frank is conerned that next week, Dan will turn on him, Boogie doesn't think he will.

Boogie thinks that Frank should bring up the idea of Dan getting nominated with Joe in front of  Dan and see what he says and if he's totally against it, to remind him that they're not putting him up as pawn, so he better not do it to them.

They talk about getting Joe out this week.

Boogie wants to take the next 7 days to "set things up" for them in the game.
Frank said Dan looks worried. (**What's Franks obsession with Dan all of a sudden? Hmm.)
Boogie said this was a good week in the game to win HOH.

Boogie thinks they need to better their relationship with Ashley and Jenn this week.

Convo ends at 8:20pm BBT. They head into the kitchen.

8:27pm BBT:
On Cams 1 &2: Ian and Joe are playing a game of cornhole.

 On cams 3 &4, Boogie/Ashley/Dan/Frank/Wil/Jenn are in the dinning room area, chit chatting.
Ashley: (to Boogie) "Are you guys gonna sleep together?" (re: Boogie and Frank)
Boogie: "No! We're not bromancing that hard!"
Ashley: "Well I was just sayin', it's a big bed.." (*lol)

Talk turns to about Jodi and how they love her! (**Hi Jodi!)

**And I'm out for the night, guys!! Keep watching the live feeds for Frank to get his HOH room soon, then let the gaming begin!! :D This season, the cast tends to only game talk at night, and alllll niiighttt lonnnnng!! :P Have fun, y'all!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Frank doesn't get that while Dan probably is a little worried if he's looking outwardly worried in front of the whole house he's doing it for show to hide the alliance. How obvious would it be if Dan was jumping up and down for joy that Frank was HOH?


kelsey said...

I agree brian... Frqnk should know that

hummingbrd said...

Hello Jamie ,Big night tonight ok so here is my thought last week when Julie put coaches back in the game she said next week someone May be coming back in ...Do U think that they would put Janelle in sequester and drop her back in the game since it would be the LAST thing the house guests would be expecting or wanting ? LOL Its just a what if assumption could be good drama if they did! Thank u for the link to watch for west coasters it is much appreciated !

kelsey said...

I think if joe won veto by some strain of luck then wil would go up and out of here... Wil is funny but i dont care to much of wil... I think a coach might win HOH next week. But i thought that this week and it didnt happen... Frank will get his HOH about 1am est. my time... But hey jamie... Since the west coast dont get to see the show live on thursdays are their feeds down until then just wondering... I hope ian or britney wins HOH next week or shane of course... Hope joe or wil next week

kelsey said...

Nex weeks HOH might be more important but julie didnt say anything about a double eviction for next week because she always does when a double eviction is coming up the next week but you never know or a fast forward

kelsey said...


rosie said...

I had the chance to go to tonights live BB show and Janelle is much prettier in person! =)

Jon Effner said...

Jamie, why is Hamster on strike? Something to do with the leak? I hope they comes back soon.

As far as HoH goes, why go after Joe?He has no one on his side, and no indication that he is going to win anything. Why not go after Wil at least? Or really shake it up by back dooring Shane.

ashley h. said...

i think they should nominate danielle and Joe. to hide their alliance, and they could say their reasoning for not putting shane up was because he gets to play in the veto anyways.... i dunno

Anonymous said...

@ashley h.

I don't think Danielle has the personality or trust factor in Frank and Boogie to handle a pawn nomination very well and it could blow up the Silent 6 alliance if she doesn't take it well. Although it would serve her right to have to be the one to sacrifice going through being on the block since she was by far the most gung ho about keeping Frank to backdoor Janelle.


Goldchampagne said...

I wanna see Dani self destruct nominate her nominate her!!!!!

JChism said...

I used to like Danielle, didn't even mind her neediness, but she is so easily influenced and manipulated (by Boogie) that she didn't even play her own game...she played Boogie's game. She flip-flopped so many times between Frank and Janelle, and she ultimately put up Janelle because Janelle supposedly hurt her feelings? OMG!! Now look whi controls the house again this week....Boogie!! He's got Frank in the palm of his hand too. I would have voted frank out. Janelke was not gunning for Danielle. And Britney is just as bad as Danielle.

ashley h. said...

@Brian, youre absolutely right. I didnt think bout that, with all the whining and bitching she did when she had power i cannot imagine her as a pawn.

ashley h. said...

@ brian. youre absoutely right i didnt think about that. with all the whining she did when she had power i cannot imagine her as a pawn.

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