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Monday, August 20, 2012

Morning in the BB House (Pre-Veto Ceremony)

This morning has already been busy, that's because today is the Veto Ceremony and Boogie/Frank plan to keep working on Shane to backdoor Dan this morning. (Boogie is still very hopeful that Dan will be sitting next to him on the block today, even got really excited about it at 10:32am BBT on the patio with Ian/Frank.)

Let's dive right on in!
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9:57am BBT:

Joe talked to Boogie/Frank on the patio this morning. Joe said that Shane isn't saying who he's putting up on the block. Joe also said that he thinks Shane made up his mind on who he wants up as the renom today, but just isn't telling anybody.

10:25am BBT:
HOH Room

Boogie is sticking to his plan of getting in Shane's ear again to get Dan backdoored. Boogie said he thinks Boogie/Frank/Shane running together would awesome. Shane said he's bringing up good points. Boogie, knowing that Shane has never seen Dan's season, is telling him how he technically doesn't lie, so instead he'll just be quiet or play on words (such as "assumptions were made..").

Boogie: "I don't wanna talk your ear off, I've been super loyal, and I have a lot more loyalty to go around. And, I'll leave you with that!"

Boogie heads downstairs to the patio where Ian/Frank are.

10:32am BBT:

He feels really good about the possibility of Dan going up on the block today.
Frank said he wants to to be the last one in Shane's ear before the veto ceremony.

10:45am BBT:
Jenn/Boogie are talking on the patio.

Jenn said she's surprised that (The Quack Pack) didn't try to get her, Ashley or Ian on their side. Boogie said that they tried but Ian is solid with them. (**Boogie and Frank still think Ian is with them.)

10:52am BBT:
Talk is about Shane. Jenn said he can be a "d*ck" sometimes. Boogie agrees.
Jenn heads inside.

Boogie: "Ahhh come on...let's make some f**king magic happen."
BB: "Britney, please change your batteries."

Jenn is back outside now.

10:57am BBT:
HOH Room

Frank is getting into Shane's ear again, trying to get Dan backdoored.

11:01am BBT:
BB: "Frank, please go to the Diary Room."

Feeds switch to trivia...TIME FOR THE VETO CEREMONY!!! :D Feeds should be back in about an hour. :)

Stay tuned...
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it's ME! said...

would love to be a fly on that BB wall for this one! KJ

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