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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts!! Happy Monday to y'all! :D

Last night was INCREDIBLE on the live feeds!! If you were like me and one of the lucky ones to watch it happen live, then you were watching history being made.

Long story short: 
Dan/Frank made a final 2 deal, and made a Final 4 deal with Dani/Jenn. Jenn will be using the veto to pull Dan off the block today during the veto ceremony, and Britney will be the replacement nom.

If this all goes down today, this will be the greatest move in BB history. Period.

(Thanks to Doug K. for yet another gem this morning!)

Okay, let me go get the details and I'll start posting the Overnighter below.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with your live feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

7:50pm BBT:
"Dan's Funeral"

Dan: "Number 1 rule, please don't cry..Alright, um..(starts to get choked up)...the last 24 hours have been pretty tough. When I walked out of the Have Nots guys were there. That means a lot to me. I'd like to welcome you all to my Big Brother funeral."

Britney starts crying.
Dan: "Stop crying, Britney!"

During his speech to the houseguests, he's crying/choked up. He says nice stuff about everybody: he said Joe taught him how to make turkey burgers, how to be a good husband, and potential father.

He called Shane captain America, and that he's "such a good dude" and the type of guy that he'd like his sister to date and that he'll meet the girl of his dreams someday. He moves on to Jenn and tells her she's the 1st lesbian he ever met and that he learned of his own prejudices and he loves her for showing her that.

At this point, Shane/Dani/Brit are crying a little bit.

He moves on to Britney...he said she's a really sweet girl and her hubby is a lucky guy. She thanks him. He said they'll always have a special bond.

Ian...he thought Ian was an evil guy at first but he doesn't have a bad bone in his body and how much he reminds him of himself and how much he loves the game. He said Ian has a brain like the wall, and they work the same.

Next is Frank..they have a lot of things in common, including passion for the game. He knows how bad Frank wants to be in the game and it's motivating and inspiring. He said that he admits he said some things about Frank, in the house and Diary Room sessions, that he's not proud of...

Dan: "...and there's something in the bible I wanna read to you upstairs in private after is not the time or place. So I hope we can talk later."

He then moves on to Danielle. And drops a bomb on her. But first...

Dan: "All I ask in this game, is that you guys don't insult me. You can insult me by coming to me and talking game to me. I understand everyone in here wants me out, and I'm cool with that. Just show me some respect and don't initiate game talk with me. Because when this is all said and done, this meeting/funeral, whatever you wanna call it, I don't want it to be awkward. And if you ignore my wishes, just know that, as crazy as it sounds, if you come to me and talk game to me, I will yell out your name and tell you to stop talking game to me."

Dan: "And then there's Danielle...the last time I played this game, I learned a lot of tough lessons early on. I learned, luckily early enough, that you gotta find 1 person and have 100% trust with them. And I had that with Memphis Garrett. He always had my back."

Dan: "And when I saw you standing there Day 1, you came to me, and I knew you wanted to be on my team. And when I picked you, I thought you'd have similar qualities to Memphis. And, through my own fault, I was wrong. We don't need to get into it now. In this game, you will never earn my trust back, you know what you did, and in this game you're DEAD to me."

Dan: "So don't come to me and ask me. But moving forward, what I want, is that we can all be friends, we'll hug it out, I want another poker tournament, I wanna play billiards, I just all want us to be together. We can be friends outside this house. So I hope you guys understand. This was the death of Dan the player, I want the rest of the experience to fun for everyone, and not awkward. Thank you guys for listening, and I'd love if we could group-hug it out. I really appreciate it."

Dan starts giving the HG's hugs.

 Dan (to Dani): "No hard feelings."
 Dani: "What did I do? What did I do?"

The meeting/"funeral" is over.
Dan and Frank head upstairs to talk. Dan took his bible & swore on it everything he was about to tell Frank was the truth.

During the Dan/Frank convo, Dan outed the Quack Pack, who was in it, and threw Ian under the bus and told Frank that it was Ian who got Boogie out and that he (Dan) took the heat for him, as Ian was "skipping around the house". It's a great convo to catch on Flashback. I don't have the time to cover it in great detail, only the jist of the convo. They also make a Final 2 deal and shake on it, and plan to get Dani/Jenn on board for a Final 4 deal, and then Frank is to get Jenn to use the veto to save Dan and put Britney up as the replacement nom.

They shake on the Final 2.

Dan: "You know Boogie is watching this sh*t right now and goin' nuts."

9:12pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Dan goes and talks to Dani. Tells her it was an act to save them both this week and that he needed her reaction to be real. Dani threw a pillow at him out of anger. She asked if he knew that he'd break her heart like that, he said he didn't think she'd take it that bad. She calls him "one sick person".

Dan tells Dani about them joining forces with Frank/Jenn. Dani asked who the replacement nom will be if Jenn takes him off the block. He tells her the'll be Britney. She actually smiled and was okay with that.
Dan tells her to go talk to Frank and Jenn. They go over what she should say to both of them.

Meanwhile, upstairs..
Frank is working Jenn.
Frank: "You and Dan are gonna vote Britney out. And I think we can get Joe's vote. I'm gonna explain to him that this have to be done, because Britney and Shane are too close. Britney is the main culprit here. She's covered on all angles."

Frank tells her that Ian is a rat and has been the whole time. 

Jenn is on board. She will use the veto on Dan. Britney will go up.

10:08pm BBT:
Dan celebrates in the Storage Room.

Dan: "I got 1 shot left in this game!"

10:11pm BBT:
Jenn/Dani talk in the HOH room alone.

Jenn: "You ready to do this?"
Dani: "Yea! this sh*t really going on right now?"

Jenn tells Dani that she's taking Dan off the block.

11:02pm BBT:
After Jenn/Dan talk in the Boom Boom Room about her using the veto and how Jenn said she's from Brooklyn and they don't like rats (like Ian), Dan goes into the Sneakers Bedroom and talk to the camera..

Dan: (to camera) "This might be my finest move EVER in this game."

11:21pm BBT:

Frank/Dan meet and hug about everything that happened. Dan asked Frank how did he convince Jenn to use the veto, Frank said he told her that Ian is a rat and that Ian/Brit/Shane are working together and they need to get rid of one of them. (**It would have been Ian if he didn't win the golden veto this week.)

**I'm gonna wrap up the Overnighter since the HG's are up and talking. :) Starting a the morning post shortly!

Stay tuned...
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Neche said...

I don't think Dan's move was that historical, All he did was expose Ian and that had Frank tripping, Because Ian was the only reason e could not trust Dan at first, so all Dan had to do was tell Frank the truth, he didn't sell any mist or tell nay lie.

jlhey said...

My first question of the season! woohoo!!
I got the live feeds this year for the fist time ever. You are one convincing gal Jamie! :)
So.... my question. Ian's golden veto thingy. Can he save it for another week or does he have to use it this week?

Keep up the awesome work, and take plenty of care of yourself. Glad you're feeling better!!

Megan Malloy said...

That overnight was phenomenal. If Dan pulls this off, he's the most amazing player EVER.

Phillip Ayala said...

So what did dani do that pissed dan off?

Nicole said...


Daniel Eitzen said...


Amanda Kennamer said...

Poor Dani!!!! She has cried all season! Awesome move, Dan!!!

Kim M said...

Is Dan's alliance with Frank real? Or is it just valid for as long as Dan needs it to save himself from the block?

Anonymous said...

finally ian has been exposed! so glad, he wanted to run around the house as an innocent "mastermind" and now has to the face the consequences!
i like this final 2 :)

Drea said...

Crazy, crazy, worth every penny to have the feeds! I agree Dan is a "Player" he was given 24 hours to dream this up, who thinks of this? Brilliant! my only question, can Ian use the Veto after Jenn and pull Brit off or once she is up its a done deal, might be a stupid ? But you know more than me!

MM said...

DAN...IS...MY...HERO. I've been watching BB for the last 7 years, and had the live feeds for the last 4 years. Dan's plan was the most amazing thing that has ever happened in BB history, hands down. This season may have started off slow, but last night was worth it all. He's brilliant.

JChism said...

Holy Moly....what a night!! Gotta tip my hat to Dan if he pulls this off. Annoying Britney is going to flip!! And is Dani actually abandoning Shane?? Oh my!! Can't wait to see the veto ceremony.

Crystal said...

Dan and Frank as Final Two would make it difficult for the jury to decide... Frank rocks competitions but Dan is definately a great manipulator!

Zurlin said...

Dan was upset with Dani because she was supposed to not go for any points in the veto. Dan needed either himself, Britney, or Shane to win POV. The thought was that no matter what happened, Dani could beat whoever she was up against after the veto played out...whether it was Dan, Britney, or Shane. So she didn't have to worry about going home no matter what, and if she did win POV, Dan was DONE. Apparently late in the competition Dani buzzed in for a question that was worth a lot of points, so he felt like she was screwing him and that Shane, Britney, and Dani got together and decided that if the veto didn't go their way and they couldn't save everybody, then they were fine with Dan taking the fall (as opposed to Brit/Shane).

Dan was definitely upset with her, but I believe he purposely blew it out of proportion because he KNEW that Dani would turn into a crying mess and would get sympathy from the entire house and they would never vote her out this week. That way, if he could get Brit up in his place, the house would keep Dani over her. So it seems like he was looking out for her in the big picture...but man, that was brutal. Right after he said it, they kept the camera right on Dani's face and you could literally see her heart breaking second by second. It was mean but pretty awesome....almost as awesome as the upcoming Brit meltdown is going to be. I can't's gonna be a repeat of when she found out about the Brigade and MELTED DOWN. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Brrrrrring. Brrrring. Brrrrrring. Britney, this is Janelle returning your there? Brrrrring. Brrrrring. Britney?? Brrrring. Brrrrring.....oh man.

Bwah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Sonny said...

to answer your question~
Ian's GBV (golden ball of veto) will be wasted .. he must use it this week or not at all annnd apparently must decide before Jenn makes her decision (this is extremely important and interesting) .. little does he or Britney know, that Jenn will be using it afterall, and Snowflake will go up .. of course, by then it will be too late. I'm unsure how Frank was given this info, which he passed along to Dan, but this is really key and the only way Britney goes home.. as if Ian were second, he could pull his momma off the block and then Joe would probably get the boot. However, like I said, apparently Ian has to go first so ... there ya go.

hummingbrd said...

Hello Jamie I have a ? The golden veto Ian has will he be able to save Brittney ,Because when this happens (veto ceremony) Ian WILL be pissed so I am hoping he can use it on her... I so hope that is a great twist and will help her get off the block then look out lol ! Also i was counting last night if Brit n Dani r on the block then it is Shane Ian and Joe against Dan and Jenn with Frank who cant vote ~ they dont have the votes 4 Brit to leave? Uggg I do not want to see Brittney leave :( Hope U are feeling better sweetie

UnionGrl said...

I haven't commented much this season but last night was great!! Dan has always been a favorite and he just reminded me why. That boy can think deep. Wednesday will be interesting and Thursday over the top.

kelsey said...

I will laugh so hard if this plan blows up in their face and dani still goes home over Brit because it is a toss up and I wanted Dan to go home because he's already won this freaking game... I hope dani ends p going home now that would be awesome

Sonny said...

Look right above your post.

Anonymous said...

@Kim M

I don't think the F2 with Frank is real since he told Dani he made that with Frank but his real F2 is with her cause he believes he'll lose regardless now that Boogie's gone since he doesn't believe this jury will give him another 500K. So if he can get to the F2 with the girl he coached he'd have proved all he needed to prove. He's just hedging his bets in case Frank wins the right to make the choice that he'd take Dan since Frank rightfully has little fear of losing to anyone if he's in one of those final chairs. I believe the F4 is real for the most part although Dan did mention to Dani that they could get rid of Frank at F5 if the opportunity presented itself.


Brian said...

I'm very intrigued on how this decision will affect Ian. By making this alliance, Dan has clearly split the house into Dan Danielle Frank and Jenn vs Shane Ian and Brit with Joe siding with wherever the power is. Ian won't be able to fathom this move at first because he isn't good with decision making. He will eventually realize that Joe is the deciding vote. And Joe sides with power. Now if he or Shane or Brit can get Joe to realize that Frank can not compete in the next two HoHs, he will realize that there are strength in numbers on Ians side if he votes Dani out. Ian, Brit, Shane and Joe have a much better chance of winning HoH than Dan and Jenn. Dan, albeit, a very good strategy player is not the best at HoH, seeing as though he has never won one. Jenn is not a good BB player at all. Ultimately, this was a great move on Dans part but I believe it can be countered if Ian realizes this. Dan is one of the great strategizers in BB but I believe that Ian is just as smart. At least, I hope he is.

Anonymous said...


Frank thinks he can get Joe to vote his way and Dani is pretty confident Shane will keep her over Brit since she does have a F2 with him and he doesn't have one with Brit who's become much closer to Ian than him. Brit's pretty much just using Shane as a workhorse and shield especially ever since he threw her under the bus to Froogie. That was also part of publicly breaking ties with Dani since now she can tell Shane there's not even a hint of competition for him with Dan as far as who she would choose where there is with Brit and Ian.


Brian said...

The house is divided into two right now, plus Joe. And that is really big bc Joe is the deciding vote. How I see it, Joe sides with power. Right now, Frank is in power so he will probably go to their side (at least for the week). However this can be countered by the Ian, Shane and Brit alliance. If one of them explains that Frank can not compete for two weeks, (which eliminates the biggest threat) and that they (Joe, Brit, Shane, Ian) have a better chance at winning HoH than Dan and Jenn, then he should realize who really could have the power and vote Dani out. Dan is not great at comps, while Jenn is not good at BB. Ultimately, it was a great move on Dans part but it can be countered. I think Ian is just a younger version of Dan and will realize this. It all depends on Joe and I hope, for Ians sake, that this blows up in Dans face and he sees Dani going home with the other side of the house in charge next week.

Anonymous said...


Even if Dani ends up going home I wouldn't say the plan blew up in Dan's face as he'd still be in the house when he would've 100% been gone without it. Would he be upset if it cost Dani the game absolutely but he'd still be alive so it'd be well worth it regardless.


Brian said...

Oh absolutely. Dan went from his deathbed to holding the most power. That's why he is one of the best players to have played. I'm just saying that his plan can be countered and it could lead to him having a bigger target on his back than Frank.

Anonymous said...


Dan won 2 regular HOH comps in his first season BB10 plus then won 2 of the 3 part final HOH. So saying he's never won an HOH is inaccurate as he's actually won 3.


Brian said...

Oh, I just meant this season.. Although, I had thought he only won the 2 out of 3 on his last season and not three total.

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't be so positive that Shane is a guaranteed vote to keep Brit as he has a F2 deal with Dani that they have reaffirmed several times while he's never made one with Brit. Dani is gonna play dumb on this move and say if Dan made a deal with Frank she has nothing to do with it and after what Dan did to her in his house meeting she's closer to Shane in this game than ever before while Brit has gotten much closer to Ian than Shane lately.


Brian said...

That's an interesting note. Although I wouldn't be too sure that Dani 100 percent gets his vote either. It will definitely be a tough choice for him.

cheri mariotti said...

I think Dan has been playing a really good game. He won some comps in the past, so it makes me think he is purposely not winning some to look like a weak player. I haven’t been able to watch any of the episodes live, but I always make sure I catch it in the morning on my Hopper with the Auto Hop feature. It will automatically skip over the commercials for me, so it gives me time to get ready before I have to head into work at Dish. This week is going to turn the house all around and it will be exciting to watch.

Unknown said...

Bravo Dan!

Ian needs to learn some etiquette from his hero, Boogie.

I had renewed respect for Boogie when he tipped his hat to Ian, when it was reviled Ian duped him.

Now that the situation has tuned against Ian he's throwing a hissy fit. Not cool, but entertaining...

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