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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Morning in the BB House Quickie

Welcome to your Wednesday Morning in the BB house!! Nothing much is happening (...starting to sound like a broken record with that sentence lol...) but Boogie did talk to us live feed watchers this morning, telling us to 'hang in there' and 'things will get better'.

He also mentioned that they (BB) is gonna have to do something to kick this season into gear because there's too many people in the house as of right and that they need to "trim the fat", so to speak, and get this show on the road. If you wanna watch him talk to the cameras, Flashback to 8:55am BBT. He also thinks that "2 more people will be gone by Sunday". (He thinks there will be a double eviction).

11:22am BBT:
Ashley and Ian were left alone outside to talk.

It was really awkward to watch for the few minutes, as Ian is truly hurt that Ashley went on a "date" with Frank. (**he still is unware that Frank/Ash kissed.) However, they quickly started to warm up to each other and Ashley talked about how her girl friend would just love Ian. (**Almost sounded like she was trying to set him up with her, or maybe a subtle way of her telling Ian to 'move on' in the romance department. Or maybe both.)

They both talked about going to Kennywood together this October back in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. (..which is ironic because Pittsburgh is my hometown and I just cleared my schedule a few days ago to go to Kennywood this October, too. lol Weird.) So it seems that they've moved on as friends in the BB house and want to carry that outside of the house. :)

As of now (11:42am BBT), I've only seen Ian/Joe/Boogie/Frank/Ashley/Will up.
The rest of the HG's are still sleeping.

Frank/Ashley sat next to each other day on backyard patio couch this morning, but there was nothing flirting, no touching, nothing. When I said in the Overnighter that it's a faux showmance, I was more or less talking about that BB will probably portray it as the blossoming of a showmance, when it truly isn't. (**Just like with Dani/Shane and Ian/Ashley.) Ashley made it very clear, to both Britney and even Frank himself, that she just wanted to makeout with Frank and have some male attention, as all of us gals crave from time to time. So, as of right now, it seems that it was just 2 adults having fun, and that's where that story ends. At least for now. Who knows what the future may hold. ;)

I'll be back in the afternoon to do an afternoon quickie post, so check back! :) And of course, I'll see y'all over in Twitter land where I love to play when I'm not blogging. ;)

Stay tuned...
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dianamorden said...

Aww poor Ian! :( He is such a doll! does anyone know what him and Brittany were talking about when they took their mics off and were whispering? It must have been good since Brit told him to take his mic off.
Also Jamie have you posted the last Drew article yet? I didn't see it on the side. You do a fantastic job BTW!

James said...


Thanks so much for the daily updates. I know it gets difficult to do on boring weeks like this. At least things should pick up here pretty soon. Maybe they can just evict Jenn/Will/Ashley/Joe all this week and get on with the more interesting players.

James D.

Anonymous said...


Judging from what they said after they put their mics back on I believe it was a strategy to cheat in an HOH comp if it was majority rules. Brit wanted mics off cause if BB heard people devising said strategy they wouldn't do that comp so the strategy would be worthless.


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