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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Overnighter

Good afternoon, BB addicts & Happy Sunday Funday to y'all!! :D I was up until 5am this morning watching the live feeds last night...most of us on Twitter that watch & tweet about the show normally go to bed around 2-3am but we were all too interested last night. lol MAJOR, major talks went down, which I will cover in todays Overnighter.

Per Boogie idea in the HOH room last night, Danielle/Shane/Ian/Shane/Britney (and Frank/Boogie) wanna backdoor Janelle this week. Dan, however, is not on board. Or at least he wasn't until the point where I went to bed. Dani then through out the suggestion of taking Wil off the block (instead of Frank), and putting Janelle up alongside Frank, to ensure Janelle's departure from the BB house. (**They're worried how  Frank and Boogie would vote together.)

If I had to transcibe every convo from last night, I'd be here for months!! lol And between all the flip-flopping, it's pointless anyways. So, I'm gonna give ya guys times of what happened and a summary/conclusion of what that convo was about.

Let's get to it!! :D

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with yourlive feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

(Keep refreshing...)

8:38pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

Wil: "I wanna work with you."

That's pretty much the basis of this convo. lol (**Ashley also agreed to work with Janelle last night, but who knows where Ashleys head is at and where her loyalty is..if anywhere at this point.) Ashley and Wil then talked about how they feel they can't trust Jani.

Moving on...

10:11pm BBT:
HOH Room

**This is where the whole night of "Get Jani Out" talks begin.

Boogie wants to them (Boogie/Frank) to work with Frank/Boogie/Shane/Britney/Dani/Dan. The alliance would be called "The Avengers" and he wants them to get Janelle up on the block & out of the house.

Boogie does some Janelle bashing, works his magic, and before you know it, Dani is on board.

10:41pm BBT:
After Dani leaves, Boogie and Frank talk with Dan.
Boogie tells Dan his "Avengers" idea. Dan just kept saying "yeahs" and "mm hmms" most of the time. Boogie said he'd love for the 3 of them (Dan/Boogie/Frank) to work together and have 'the others' as their shield. (Brit/Shane/Dani). Shane joins the HOH. Their 3-some alliance talks stops.

Boogie then tells Shane what he's told Dan and Dani about the Avengers idea and to get Janelle out this week.

11:01pm BBT:
They talk about what Boogie/Frank offered, to gather as an alliance and get Janelle out. Britney/Dani/Shane are down for it. Dan, however, is not. They go back and forth, Dan (who wants Frank out so he can work with Boogie alone, and who is working with Janelle) doesn't want to see Janelle gone.

At one point, Dan gets snippy with Danielle and tells her to stop playing personal.

11:17pm BBT:
Dan wonders if they would truly have Boogie and Franks vote (after they'd pull Frank down from the block.) Dan asked Brit what she thought and Britney said she thinks it'd be harder to get Janelle out later, over Frank.

**In case you missed it yesterday, Ian is now with Brit/Dan/Dani/Shane. They're a solid 5.

12:24am BBT:

Dan/Ian/Dani/Shane talk in the HOH room about what to do this week..should they get Janelle out, who gets pulled down, how does Boogie play this game, would he stab them in the back next week, etc etc.

2:21pm BBT:
Shane/Brit/Dani/Ian talk more about backdooring Janelle.
Britney suggests putting Jani up against Frank.

Dani: "That way if Frank's up, we know how Boogie's voting."
Shane: "And Boogie cannot be mad at us for doing that, we're securing the votes."
Dani: "If Boogie has an attitude when I try to bring it up to him, if he's like (not wanting Frank still up on the block), then uh-uh, I'm not changin' noms! It's all how Boogie reacts to that."

Ian said to let him get info from that side of the house first and see what's going on. Britney tells Ian to be careful and say that they have only 3 votes (not 4 votes). 

Meanwhile downstairs, Ashley is talking to Wil and wondering why Ian has been up in the HOH room so much lately and that she hates that they stop talking when she goes up there, so she's not going to go up there anymore.

2:37am BBT:
HOH Room

Shane gets called to the Diary Room (**this was productions way of letting Dan talk to Dani alone lol).

Shane leaves.
Dan starts scolding Danielle.

Dan: "Do you want me to bring the hammer now? Or later."
Dani: "Whatta ya mean?"
Dan: "You gotta calm down!"
Dani: "Later. Tomorrow morning."
Dan: "No. You're telling a room full of people that Janelle would put them up..who cares?? She's not putting you up!I guaran-f'ing-tee she's not putting you up. But you just blew that."

Dani: "How are you so sure?"
Dan: "Because I know. And you keep saying its strategic, but it's personal. You're playing personal."
Dani: "No! No, can I talk, Dan?"
Dan: "No, because you've been up here with your boyfriend for 4 hours  and I haven't talked to you."
Dani: "Oh my god..Janelle is a bigger compeititor than Frnak. I'm afraid Jani will come after you."
Dan: "She won't."

Dani: "The only way I'd put Janelle up is if she's goin' home."

Talk continues and is a must-watch on the Flashback Feeds. I haven't seen Dan this irritated and pissed off in the game before. It's on Cam 4 at 2:37am BBT.

2:49am BBT:
Dan and Dani's talk continues.

Dan: " So it would be me, Shane, Boogie, Ian, and Britney voting to get rid of Janelle. And we really have Ian, but Boogie doesn't need to know that."

Dan seems to be on board to get Janelle out, but to make a deal with Wil first before taking him off the block and that he doesn't want people to know that they're working with Frank/Boogie.

They then talk about who would be easier to get out later on. Dan said Janelle, Dani says that she's good in comps, Dan confirms and says she won 11 comps in 2 seasons total. He thinks Boogie's game is crap without Dr. Will.

Dan tells her agian that she's playing personal, she says she's not, they laugh and he leaves to go to bed.

**It is important to note that during all the talks tonight, Shane did mention the idea of backdooring Boogie this week. Will anything come of it? We'll find out!

And that's it for The Overnighter!! Tomorrow (Monday) is the Veto Ceremony, so they have today and tomorrow morning to solidify a plan to either get Janelle out, or go with their original plan to get Frank out.

If you're wondering how Ian did with sleeping in a sleeping bag in his doghouse last night, he said he loved it and slept like a rock!! It's much better than the Have Not's bed he's been on for 3 weeks now. :P

Today in the BB House Quick Review:
So far today on the feeds, there has been very little game talk. Boogie talked to Dan about the Avengers alliance idea and getting Jani out, but Dan was non-commital. Then Shane/Dani talked a little bit in the HOH room and Dani said she wants everyone to be on board with getting Janelle out of the house and not waiver. So we shall see what the day brings!! :D

Today is Sunday Funday for me, aka "back to reality" day for me. lol This is when I take a few hours off to do real-life stuff like pay bills, clean my apartment, put laundry away, etc. I will be back tonight at 8pm EST in the Chat Room when the show starts! Feel free to hop on in at anytime! See y'all tonight!! :D Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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ryanwellar said...

i am just cutious jamie are you a Janelle fan?
i love love love her and would fibd it quite sad if she got backdoored cobsidering she was the most successful coach and she is very genuine!
just wanted to kniw what your thoughts were!!(:

ryanwellar said...

really wish someone would realise how great of an ali Janelle is and use Jani to their advantage!

tyroneman007 said...

Thanks for the hard work. Second season viewer, consider yourself an enabler to my new addiction!!! LOVE BB

tyroneman007 said...

Thanks for all the hard work. Only a second season viewer, consider yourself an enabler to my newest addiction!!! Love BB

ryanwellar said...

kay i was really hoping dan would convince danielle, but now that he's on board and janelle doesn't have one person to depend on in the game, her game is over. obviously none of these newbies (excluding ian) have watched bb before. HELLO; mike boogie will get rid of you whenever he feels, yes frank, that goes for you too. at least let janelle have a bit of revenge and vote her out after boogie! i just love janelle and she should win hands down and they don't consider the fact that janelle deserves to be there more than joe and jenn for crying out loud!!!!! ughh!

Anonymous said...

I think they're gonna eventually settle on the plan of using POV on Wil and replacing him with Janelle as it'll buy them some time that they could always still vote out Frank if they want in the end.
Much better chance of Dan giving in on that as it'll at least give him 3 more days to work on how best to handle things.


Anonymous said...

The safest person to be this season has been the target. None have gotten evicted thus far. Being up on the block has given them a chance to work their asses off to stay while everyone else relaxes and one of them ends up going. Janelle would've benefited from this last week while her and her team went to work while Frank and Boogie chilled. Now this week the reverse is apparently gonna come back to really bite her.


Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that they are considering backdooring Janelle.
Go newbies!

2boysmom said...

Ryan, I would live to see Jani back doored. Why do you think she's a good coach? I don't like her or think she's a good coach. Dan is trying to coach, but his player is too emotional. Anyway...

James said...

I'm really liking Dani/Shane. I think they're great together and the most honest and trustworthy 2 in the house. Of the 4 person alliance (D/D/Brit/Sh), I think Dan is the least trustworthy and the only one that seems to be looking out for #1 (which is what made him a successful player in the past). Dani has total 100% blind confidence in Dan, but he's partly playing his own game. He want's the coaches all in the house for awhile because he thinks it would keep him safer. He wants to work a secret deal with Boogie but w/o Frank. I think the 4 person DDBS alliance has the potential to go all the way, but Dan may be the Matt of the bunch. It will be sad when Dani finds out that Dan is straying, and I hope it's not too late for her.

Re: Janelle, I think she is lying and scheming too much and it's become too obvious. I don't think she has played that great of a game so far and needs to come off her high horse. She may be a victim of too much "you're so great" praise. The best thing to do would be to get her out this week and then go after Frank and Boogie next week or the week after next. If Jani stays, I would not be surprised if she underperforms in the comps. It's been 7 years and there are bigger competitors in the house.

James D.

ryanwellar said...

for one; janelle had all three players left and saved them when she felt they were in trouble and for janelle to have saved wil and him turn his back on her now, is very rude in my opinion.
janelle is an amazing competitor and for her to have convince shane and britney to put frank out saving joe was absolutely amazing and it sucks that no one got voted out last week. i just think that janelle is one of the best players to ever be in the game and obvi i am not the only person to think so otherwise she wouldn't be here for a third time!!
dont get me wrong, i think this whole coaches twist is unfair to the newbies but since they are here i want janelle to win, if she doesn't i want dan to win, if not dan then shane. i can't stand boogie and i hate how contridictive and incredibly fake britney is. as for the rest i find them incredibly näive and none of them really know how to play.

James said...

I would disagree that Janelle is one of the best players ever. She lost twice and is not looking too goo this season. A great competitor and a likeable person does not make a great player, and this season she is not even very likeable (agian the praise has gone to her head). A truly great player manages the size of their traget (other people need to see them as strong but not too strong or with counterbalancing weaknesses). In BB6 Janelle was a big target on the weaker team (not a good position even if she was a killer competitor and much more likeable than the Nerd Herd). In BB6 Chilltown controlled the game. Janelle came one comp away from the win. Close but not enough.

James D.

William Helfrich said...

So let me get this straight; Dan lectures Danielle about playing it cool in the house... And he was the one that told Boogie that Frank was going home?

Pot, kettle much?

Anonymous said...


I think all 4 members of the D/D/S/B alliance are all rightfully looking out for themselves first while not screwing the others over not just Dan. Brit is trying to get something going with Ian and though she's always trashing Janelle with Danielle has something going with her to her face. And Danielle and Shane have gone farther than any of the others making a final 2 deal with each other. I don't think Dan is straying in him working to keep himself safe as he's not working against her in doing so. Keeping people from coming after him protects Danielle as well since they're viewed as a pair so they would be targeted together with him acting as her shield in essence since he's a much bigger target.

Categorizing Janelle as just having lost twice is downplaying her accomplishments. She did finish 3rd both times including an All Star season while winning 13 comps along the way. The Buffalo Bills may not have won a championship but making it to 4 straight Super Bowls is still a mighty impressive feat. Not sure if you're an NFL fan.


James said...


First, I respect your opinion and really enjoy your posts.

I am an NFL fan and although going to 4 strait Superbowls is quite a feat, I would not categorize the early 90's Buffalo Bills as one of the greatest teams ever (no one would). I don't deny that she has done great things and is one of the best competitors ever, she is really not a great strategist. Good, not great. This year, she is making mistakes and does not realize it. To her credit, it is hard to win this season with such a strong reputation that she has. But she can't be jumping around from alliance to alliance and over-scheming. It's too much and has come back to bite her.

James D.

Anonymous said...


The Bills and Janelle comparison is a little clumsy because there are obviously a lot more NFL seasons and Super Bowl champions then BB seasons and winners. Plus unlike BB each team gets to play every year. I would say Janelle is certainly higher on the BB list than the Bills on the NFL list.

Whether Janelle is one of the best players ever probably depends on what is meant by one of. If you're talking top 3 or 5 then no but if you're talking about building an All Star cast of greats then I believe she makes the cut. Is she equally great in all aspects of the game no but no one really is. Even Dr Will who most consider the greatest won almost no competitions. There's no one way to play.

As far as this season nothing's bit her quite yet as it looks like the POV won't be used as of now. And things have changed so much this season week to week, day to day, and even hour to hour that it's far from calling her done in terms repeating or perhaps bettering what she's done previously.


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