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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Nights BB SHow

Happy Wednesday Night, y'all!! :D Tonight's BB episode is the POV Comp and Veto Ceremony show. Plus, according to Danielle, we might be seeing the guy she "dated" for "a couple of weeks" prior to the show. Hmm. That'll be interesting.

Don't forget that tomorrow's HOH comp is going to be the Endurance Comp!! If the coaches come back to play, it'll defintiley be a do or die kind of comp that will surely last for hours! Get yourself set up now, watch some of the feeds tonight to get aquinated with them, and then'll be all set up for tomorow night!!

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I can't imagine not having the feeds every BB season. Love'em!! :)

Alright guys & gals, enjoy the show & enjoy the live feeds after the show is ovahhh! ;)

Oh, and just for giggles...this was taken around 6:30pm BBT in the HOH room. Danielle looks ticked off that Shane isn't snuggling with her. lol (If you didn't see The Overnighter, Shane told Danielle that he doesn't want a showmance.)

Stay tuned...
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James said...

Shane should not be too distant with Danielle. He needs to keep her close but not too close. That being said, showmances are not always a bad thing for one's game. They can help or hurt. But he's clearly not into Dani.

As much as I dislike Joe, I was actually impressed with his plea to stay to Shane on tonight's episode. Jani thought she was so swift by offering her jewelry, but that didn't make much of a difference. The reason why Shane used the POV and flipped was mostly because of Ian and also Joe's plea. I also was impressed with Britney's move of getting info out of Ian and then immediately getting Shane to flip using that info. It was a smart move on her part.

James D.

OA said...

Danielle is such a Slough. It is pathetic, I mean "oh my boyfriend", you should have thought about that and she is so desperate to get with Shane it is sad. She is beyond useless and I can't wait till Dan screws her like he did to laugherella in his season.

2boysmom said...

What is up with the ladies pink tank top that Shane keeps wearing?

2boysmom said...

What is up with Shane's pink tank top. Looks like a girl.

ashley h. said...

lol. agreed. i want to like her but.... shes making it difficult. who are you referring to as laugherella?

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