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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Morning/Afternoon Post (Pre-POV)

Today is Saturday and that means that today is POV Comp today in the BB house!! :D Who will win it? Will Frank win it and pull himself off? As I stated in the Overnighter, Boogie did not get picked to play.

POV Players are:

Early this morning at 8am BBT, Wil/Boogie had several little talks (starting from the arcade room, ending up in the kitchen.) They might be working together in the future, including Frank. (**Wil is all over the place with alliances and smack talking, I've given up trying to figure him out. lol) 

Then Wil/Janelle talked (around 9am BBT). Wil said he trusts Ashley, but not Joe because Joe is gunning for the coaches. Wil told Jani that Danielle is just Dan's "sock puppet", and that the nominations were Dan's. (**True.)

9:30am BBT:

Boogie went and talked to Danielle in the HOH. Boogie said he wanted to mend fences, woke up in a better mood today, thinks that they can work together in some way. (**Boogie told Frank he was gonna talk to Danielle and try to somehow work her to put up Jani as a replacement nom if Frank comes off the block.)

Boogie said he's afraid of getting backdoored, Dani assures him that's not happening. They then talk about her (Dani) wanting to vote Frank out. Dani said it was a "last minute" thing. He then said he wants to "patch things up" with Dan. Dani told Boogie that it's all her fault with the wanting to vote Frank out & how she was hurt by Frank because he never came to talk to her about the vote. Boogie took responsibility for Frank not coming to her because his bad attitude "rubbed off" on Frank. He thanks her for the talk, glad to have mend fences and that the line of communication is now open.

9:50am BBT:
Boogie leaves the HOH.
Dan enters the HOH.

Dani tells Dan Boogie apologized & told him the whole convo. Dan said maybe if Frank goes home, they can work with Boogie. (**Dan told Boogie the same thing last night, but Boogie hates the thought of his best bud (Frank) in the house going home.

Meanwhile, Boogie was downstairs telling Frank about his convo with Danielle and he's confident now that he won't be a replacement nom if Frank or Wil come off the block.

10:38am BBT:

Ian goes up to the HOH (Brit/Dani are there) and tells him he's in for the alliance, but it has to be a secret alliance, this way if Ian wins the POV, he can use the excuse of not taking Frank off out of fear that Boogie would be the replacement nom. Ian feels that Boogie has "dumped him".

10:45am BBT:
Frank/Dani talked in the HOH.

She tells Frank, like she told Boogie, she had no idea how she was gonna vote last week until the last minute. Frank said he's ready to put the past in the past, but he knows he was lied to. Frank said he can't trust many people in the house to work with, but wants to see if maybe they can rebuild trust. He feels he can work with Shane/Dani/Dan.

Dan enters the HOH and joins the convo.

Dan says how do we know you are not gonna come back at us. Frank says if he went against them next week it would just make his fight harder and he would be on an island by himself again. Dan asks Frank to name five people he wants to roll with. He names Frank, Dan, Danielle, Shane and Brit. Frank said he can forgive Jani, but doesn't think Jani would be willing to let the past go.

12:01pm BBT:
Frank/Janelle talk.

Frank wants Janelle on his side. They talk about how Frank told Janelle "I will not lose to a coach". Frank said he was kidding. It was a joke.  Frank wants to work with Janelle and tells her he knows she'll stick to her word. Janelle said she thinks there's nobody that would be willing to save her. Not one person. Then she says, maybe Ashley. But Joe/Wil, no. Janelle said she feels alone in the game. Frank tells Janelle that Joe is the one that's leading the "get the coaches out" campaign. Frank said he wants to put the past in the past, and move on.

12:45pm BBT:

Brit/Dani/Dan talked. Dani really hates Janelle because she's a liar and she's fake. Brit thinks Jani would put up Shane if given the chance and says she doesn't trust Jani at all. Dan mostly listened.

Dani: "It's sad, I trust Boogie more than I trust (Janelle)."

Meanwhile, Frank/Jani are still talking...

Frank suggested an alliance of Janelle/Boogie/Dan/Frank. He thinks that'd be a strong alliance. (**That alliance would straight-up murder the houseguests in all the comps. lol Wow.)

Frank: "Oh, and Britney."

Janelle doesn't wanna work with Boogie. Frank said it's better to work in a group that can get you farther in the game, then to work by herself (since Jani is saying she feels she has nobody on her side). Frank goes to take a shower before the POV Comp starts.

Back to Dani/Brit/Dan. Dani asked Britney if they should think about having Janelle as a replacement nom, depending on the outcome of the POV comp. Brit never answers. Dan said that Jani/Frank talking downstairs 'doesn't concern him' because they know what her game is, she's transparent. She schemes. But she's not good at it.

And now let's dive into the live feeds!!  :D

Currently on the live feeds...

1:21pm BBT:
Sneakers Room
Janelle/Ashley (aka Pixie and Trixie)

Pixie and Trixie make a deal to work together. (**Have we really come full-circle already, where past alliances are re-aligning? It's only week 4! lol)

Ashley: "Does Boogie wanna work with you?"
Jani: "If I wanna work with them. I wanna work with you in this game."
Ashley: "I feel like I have no one."
Jani: "I feel like that, too."
Ashley: "You have Britney."
Jani: "Britney has Shane."
Ashley: "And the coaches will always have each others backs."
Jani: "They have their own thing. Their own deals."

Jani: "We should team up, you wanna?"
Ashley: "Yea.."
Jani: "Let's do it!"
Ashley: "You seem so loyal.."
Jani: "I am! I'd do anything to save you."

Janelle said she's "tried and tried" with Wil, but she's done with him.

Jani: "Jenn, Wil, Joe and Ian (are working together).
Ashley: "Ian will never leave Boogie's side."

1:42pm BBT:
Jenn/Wil are talking in the Boom Boom Room.
Wil thinks if Jenn won the POV and took Wil off, it'll make her a bigger target. (**I came into the convo late.)

1:46pm BBT:

HG's are just waiting for the POV Comp to start. Non-game chit chat in the living room between Shane/Frank/Danielle/Boogie/Dan.

In the Sneakers Room, Ashley/Jani are still talking.

2:40pm BBT:

All HG's are either sleeping or just talking in the living room. No game talk. I'll blog any game talk and/or when the POV Comp begins! :D

2:43pm BBT:

As Dan shaves his face, Frank tells him really quick that he wanted Dan to know that he doesn't want the coaches out..he wants to work with Mike, why would he want the coaches out if he wants to work with Mike. He also told him that he tried to mend fences with Jani and thinks it might have worked.

BB: "Dan, please go to the Diary Room."
Dan: "Coming!"

Dan heads to the D.R. (**POV Comp soon! He's hosting.)

2:48pm BBT:
Dan comes back out a minute later to grab his sneakers for his POV Comp outfit & heads back into the D.R.

2:56pm BBT:
TRIVIA!!! POV Comp time!! :D w00t w00t!! Expect the feeds to be down 2-3 hours'ish.

Stay tuned...
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