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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning and Happy Wednesday to y'all!! :D

Yesterday (up until last night) was b-o-r-i-n-g on the feeds. This whole week has been boring as heck. Wil is still going home, and we only have tomorrows HOH to look forward to. Will Dan throw yet another HOH? Will Britney come in 2nd place for the 3rd week in a row and complain about it all week again? Will Boogie even be awake to participate? Stay tuned for tomorrows live HOH comp and find out! ;)

Okay, I'm being slightly sarcastic this morning. But I mean, come on..tomorrow we start Week 6 off with 11 houseugests, and then minus 1 later on at night. We have 4 more weeks of BB to go. Something major has to happen and SOON! (Quadruple eviction, anyone??)

In other news...

So, keeping in line with the rest of the faux showmances (or "no-mances") this season, you can now add Ashley & Frank to that list (which currently includes Ashley/Ian and Shane/Danielle, which CBS is still somehow trying to sucker the tv-only audience into thinking that it's actually real.) Last night, Ashley and Frank had a date in the HOH room and made out several times. But Ashley was just craving a little affection from a man. Nothing more to that, as of right now.

The one thing that I am dying to see this season (and I'm sure y'all are too!), is the draammmaaa!!!! I feel like I'm watching friends living together in harmony, even with all the behind-the-back smack talking that's been going on. But, hopefully BB is on top of things over there and have something major in store to shake up the house & get some drama goin' soon! ;)

Okay, well let's get to the Overnighter! I have about 45 mins to do it before I have to get to work (it's a short day today, I'll be back around 11am BBT), so let's hop to it!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with your live feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

10:33pm BBT:
Ashley is ready for her date with Frank. Frank walks into the bathroom to blow dry his hair. Wil's getting out the shower. Their date is about to start in a few minutes up in the HOH room.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Danielle is in front of Shane at the counter and keeps giving him the evil side-eye. (She complained, and cried, all night to various HG's about Shane and how she's so over him and can't stand how he's not paying attention to her anymore. No more kisses, cuddling, nothing.)
(According to Jenn last night, production keeps asking her about their "showmance", as other HG's have said the same in the past couple weeks. Britney said when she was asked last week, she told them there was no showmance. Which there isn't.)

10:39pm BBT:
Ashley & Frank's date begins! (**She asked him out, just for the record.)
They start off by having beer, then switching to wine a little later on. Ashley was feeling "loosey goosey".

They talk about everything from different types of beer, to a little bit of game talk. Ashley is pretty sure she knows that Wil is going home and she's still voting to keep him, regardless of how the house votes.

11:50pm BBT:
They see that fish are dying in the fish tank. Ashley feels horrible for them because they're watching them dye. :(

11:58pm BBT:
Ash tells Frank she'd put up Ian/Shane if she won HOH. (**She's feeling pretty good from the wine/beer at this point.) A few minutes later, she said she wouldn't put Ian up, or Frank.

12:15am BBT:
They move to the couch for some kissing and cuddling time...

Ashley starts laughing..
Ashley: "I have to stop!"
Frank laughs.

A minute later, they go back to making out again...

Ashley admits to Frank that this is secretly what she make out with him.

Frank: "Mom if you're watching, please turn the channel!"

Ashley comments that she had a great time. Frank said he feels really bad about Ian being upset that they're on a date. Ashley doesn't think he's that hurt and that he's "faking" it. Frank (and Brit earlier) disagreed with that.

12:24am BBT:
More cuddling...
They do some Janelle bashing, talked about how rude she was in the house. Frank talked about his "tickle monster" act, and how he tickled Danielle the most the week she was the swing vote to get her to vote, but then stopped once he knew she wasn't gonna vote for him.

12:29am BBT:
More kissing!..and a butt grab!

12:37am BBT:
The date ends on a good note! Frank changes into shorts (as Ashley is still in the room).

Frank: "You gonna come (back up) and cuddle with me tonight?"
Ashley: (giggling) "I don't know!" (**She didn't.)

12:42am BBT:
Frank/Dan/Ian are in the kitchen area.

Ian asked how the date went and if there was any kissing. )(**Aww. :( )

Frank: "Aww come on, bud. A gentleman never asks, and a lady never tells!"
Frank then talked about the dying fish upstairs. (This is his ploy to change subjects.)

**And that's it for The Overnighter! The rest of the night was filled with random convos, none of importance. For example: Dani complained to Dan about Shane and her about she's worried that Trey, a guy she saw for 2 weeks before BB, will think about her and Shane and hopes that he's still interested in her. (**Trey was found on Twitter this week by BB fans and he said that he has a girlfriend, and it's not Danielle.)

I gotta get to work, but I'll be back around 11am BBT. Not even sure if the HG's will be awake and moving around by then or not. Britney and Joe said last night that they plan on sleeping the whole day away. *sigh* We'll see.

Stay tuned...
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Heya Jamie....First time commenting this season but since I am a huge fan of showmances I figured this would be a good time to do one. I have to say this was an unexpected showmance but it sparked my interest. I hope that we get to see it develop. I wasn't crazy about either of these two but them together could be ones to watch :)

JJ said...

Well at least Ashley and Frank apparently had enough chemistry to actually do something physical...Besides diobolically lurking in the shadows and creeping the stair case like Dani that is.

Does anybody else expect to see the famous 1922 Nosferatu vampire-shadow on the wall as Danielle slithers by?

Pam Reed said...

This has to be the mos boring BB I have ever watched. So many people in the house and no drama. Yawn zzzzzzz

Nicole said...

I missed Big Brother after dark last night but was told that Britney and Ian were talking on the BY couch and Britney said something about Dan and Dani cuddling under the covers. I think my friend miss heard and Britney probably said Shane and Dani since Dan is married and doesn't seem like the type. Jaime did happen to catch this?

C.Montes said...

I have to say it annoyed me when I heard Shane talking about how little money personal trainers make on BBAD last night. Before my pregnancy I was working as a trainer (started at 18 an hour). But maybe that's because I have a degree in exercise physiology. It just feels like the people in this house this season are always talking a lot about stuff they know nothing about.

Jamie said...

Nicole: i think she misheard..dan is VERY cautious to not even get under the covers on a bed if a female is on it.

Nicole said...

Thanks Jamie! I didnt think Dan would do that he seems very respectful. Thanks again for blog!

James said...

C.Montes, way to make his point for him. $18 an hour is pretty good for a a young adult, better than nothing, and higher than minimum wage, but it isn't a lot of money and I can't imagine there's much room for growth outside a lucky few.

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