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Friday, August 17, 2012

Morning/Afternoon in the BB House (UPDATED!!)

Hey BB fans and welcome to the Morning/Afternoon post!! Today we will have nominations (not sure of the time, it tends to vary every week depending on HOH meetings and game talk). Frank and Boogie are set to the nominations, with Frank as this weeks target, with Boogie being the backup plan in case Frank wins veto tomorrow. The Silent Six alliance is officially done. The alliance in charge in the house is now the Quack Pack!

(pic courtesy of Doug K.)

This morning at around 8am BBT, Boogie got up and started to talk to us live feed watchers at around 8:25am BBT. Boogie said....

*He didn't feel that he needed to win HOH and that Shane won't go back on his word, not yet but "who knows, maybe Britney will pull a fast one, but Shane won't do it on his own accord."

*He thinks he built up enough trust the past 2 weeks to not get put up on the block this week.
*Confident he won't be nom'ed today.
*Said he wants Brit to go during a fast forward.
*Boogie likes Ashley, not a threat. He's okay with Joe still there, thinks he'll be loyal. (**yea, to Shane. lol)

*Ironically, Boogie wants to keep Shane around for a while because he's a bigger target and "super loyal". He wants Shane to win the comps, get the blood on his hands, and then cut him loose at the end.

*He referred to Danielle as a video game that can be controlled and played, and is the strongest girl left in the house. Wouldn't mind going against her in the end.
*Boogie wonders if Dan would pick Dani over Boogie to take to the end.
*He plans to bond more with Danielle.
*He's in a love/hate relationship with Brit. She's irritating and a slob, but "she keeps it real". He trusts Britney the least out of everyone in the house.

*Boogie doesn't want to sit next to Dan in Final 2, Dan will win. But he loves Dan's game and he's playing it well.

9:25am BBT:
Joe talks to Ashley and says they're safe as "pawns" and that the alliance of 4 are going after Boogie/Frank and for Ashley to tell Shane that she will vote whatever way he wants her to.

10:46am BBT:
Ashley told Jenn that she thinks it'll be Ash/Joe up on the block today. Jenn talked about how she was in pain last night from falling on back and that's where he mic pack was.

11:13am BBT:
HOH Room
Joe told Shane that Ashley is "100%" voting the way Shane wants her to vote. More talk of Shane wanting to put up Frank/Boogie on the block today.

(Meanwhile outside, Boogie/Ian are talking. Ian asked Boogie who he thinks will be nom'ed today, Boogie thinks Joe/Ashley and that it should be another "easy week".)

Back in the HOH, Joe told Shane that he (Shane) deserves to win the game. Joe warns Shane that he thinks Jenn/Boogie are still really close and is worried that Jenn would get info from them and then tell Boogie.

Joe said that if Boogie wins POV, he'll take Frank off the block because Boogie only wants the cash from the show. (The $16,000 he already won). They then talk about how he's a multi-millionaire (as Joe heard via Janelle), owns one of the biggest night clubs in L.A., a restaurant, used to drive a Bentley, etc.

Talk turns to how they're going on outside lockdown soon for BB to refill the storage room with food. At around 11:25am BBT, their convo is over and end it with a hug.

11:30am BBT:
Outside lockdown.
Britney and Dan notice that BB took the floating basketball hoop and badminton.

11:50am BBT:
Boogie talked about his businesses, as the feeds went on and off to fishies

12:02pm BBT:
Fishies on feeds...

12:06pm BBT:
HG's still on outside lockdown.

No game talk. Just general chit chat. Shane can't believe they've been in the house for 42 days now.

12:17pm BBT:
Frank just got done running in the backyard. Shane/Dan/Boogie/Dani are in the pool.
Britney and Jenn are on the patio, talking non-game..

Jenn's talking about her back and how bad it hurts from falling on it yesterday during the HOH comp. She took some advil for the pain today.

Jenn: "If I don't feel better in 24 hours, I'll do something about it." (aka go to production for doc)

Ian/Ashley just left the hammock and go into the pool.
12:22pm BBT:
"Houseguests, the lockdown is over."

12:24pm BBT:
Jenn/Shane talk. Shane said that she's safe this week, but doesn't know what he's doing this week just yet..doesn't know if there's gonna be a pandoras box or not, etc. Jenn said that's cool and to feel free to bounce any ideas off of her if he wants. They hug. (**This convo is all audio, the feeds are fishies for visual. Not sure why.)

1:15pm BBT:
Dani told Shane/Britney that Boogie told her yesterday that if the comp was endurance, he'd throw it to her but she'd have to make a big game move, to put up Brit/Shane. (Boogie wanted Britney out this week.) Britney's glad Shane won it so they can strike first.

Britney then told Dani about Boogie's gential wart that Dr. Will removed on his TV show years ago. (The cams went to fishies as Brit told the story.)

Shane told Brit and Dani that he was gonna play the gay card in the house this season, so he wasn't a threat to the guys and could work easily with the girls, but he didn't want to be portrayed as that to America.

1:34pm BBT:
Boogie says that "something" is gonna be happening at 2pm BBT.

2:00pm BBT:
Waiting to see what that "something" is....(feeds MIGHT go to fish for a while if it does, just warning y'all.)

Shane/Boogie/Ashley/Dan/Britney are in the kitchen making lunch.
Jenn is on cams 3 & 4 sleeping.

2:20pm BBT:
Ian and Britney are cooking side by side. Britney tells her hubby Happy 5 month Anniversary! :)
Ian said he wants to do the BB circuit...go to the parties and conventions, then go back to school in Janurary.
Dan chimes in and says he encourages Ian to go back to school.

Britney is talking about foods to eat that will get her body in baby making mode, like avocados.

2:35pm BBT:
Boogie and Frank are hating on every houseguest and talking about how they all need to go. Boogie said that everyone is cocky now that they made it half way through the game. (They have no clue that they're getting nominated in a couple of hours.)
2:53pm BBT:
Nothing much going on at the moment. Dani is up in the HOH room listening to Shane's Akon (rap) CD.
2:54pm BBT:
Ashley asked to talk to Shane in the Arcade Room. (*Joe told her earlier this morning to tell Shane that he has her vote this week, whichever way he wants her to vote.) Shane makes a deal with Ashley...he'll keep her safe this week, if she'll keep him safe next week.

Ashley said she's happy that Shane is working with her and Joe.
Shane doesn't say who he's putting up, but said that Boogie going for the $10k yesterday shows him a lot. Ashley said that Frank is pissed that Boogie went for the money.

Shane tells Ashley to act like she might be going up on the block. (**Yea, keep Boogie/Frank in the dark so they blow up later hehe)

**I'll start a new post when Nominations take place, or if important convos start to happen. :)

Stay tuned...
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ryanwellar said...

i would love nothing more than boogie to be knocked out next, he doesn't deserve or need anymore money and i would LOVE how much it would hurt his ego not even making it to jury.
right about now i'm rooting for ashley, she's a spray tanner so i don't see her making a lot of money and i like that she is not winning any comps but is plaing a great social game!

Adi Bouskila said...

i actually dont think she deserves it at all. shes doesnt do anything.

Anonymous said...

Joe pulling another page out of the Shelly playbook telling Shane he's there to help him advance his game even over his own as he deserves to win like she did with Jeff & Jordan. Let's see if Joe's the one to stick the knife in Shane like Shelly was with Jeff.


Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure if Boogie's going home he'd actually much more prefer to do it before he has to spend the rest of the time sitting in Jury House and could just go back home into the real world.

As far as Boogie not needing the money and rooting for Ash because she does this isn't a charity show and I don't think that should factor in much. It should be about who plays the better all around game. Boogie while he's not the tops on my list has done some good social game work thus far especially in saving Frank. I don't consider what Ash has done great social game. She's just hanging out doing nothing while being weak physically and injured on top while also being not the brightest bulb mentally. Thus a complete nonfactor to worry about getting out as you can do it whenever since her chances of ever winning a comp or the 500K in the end are miniscule.


Richard Silva said...

The thing I'm worried about is (like em or not) if Frank or Boogie go this game is going to get boring REAL fast.

James said...

Ryanwellar, Maybe they can just give the money to the homeless guy down the street and call it a season. Ashley and Jenn are in a close battle for the absolutely least deserving at this point.

As much as people love to laud Boogie for his gameplay, I think he really has had only had one real moment in this game. He convinced the Dani and her alliance to get Janelle out over Frank. It wasn’t a hard argument to make and Dani disliked Jani as it was. And as it turns out was probably a good move because Dani/Dan are now in a great position. Otherwise, Boggie has played a pretty weak game. Just like 3 weeks ago, is again this week totally clueless as to where the game is. He pretty much has everyone in the house except Frank pegged wrong.

Jamie, you said earlier that Dani has a weak mind and she certainly does play the submissive Southern belle well, but I actually think she is playing this game more than people give her credit. She has Dan, Shane and Brit all believing that they are her # 1. She confirmed with Shane last night that he is her best friend in the house and they resealed their final 2 deal. Dan thinks the same and so does Brit. She repeatedly says things in private convo’s with them to reinforce each of those bonds. They will all want to take her to the end and all trust her loyalty.

James D.

Jamie said...

While I agree with 1/2 of what you said about Danielle, you have to keep in mind that shes VERY weak minded in the fact that she DESPERATLY, and to a fault, wants to be liked, paid attention to, thought of as a threat and is pissed when she doesnt get any of that.

this will be her biggest downfall to lose this game. mark my words.

does she have the 'balls' to make big moves? yes. but Dan totally ran her HOH..she literally told him several times "just tell me what to do and i'll do it!" she's the perfect puppet to have.

her being social is by accident, she just wants to be liked SO BADLY that she'd make friends with the fish if she thought they liked her.

this is my opinion and i welcome everybody to have their own and share! :) i love a good debate! lol

James said...


I agree with you for the most part. Much, but not all, of her gameplay has been unintentional. But there is certainly an intentional component. She's not totally strait up with any of D/S/B, but they all believe she is. Also, weather intentional or not, she is in the best position in the Quack Pack right now and the quack pack is running the house. Not a bad place to be in the game. As I have said previously, I think she will come in 2nd.

James D.

Jamie said...

her social game i think is (1) her need for attention and (2) she's doing everything Dan tells her to, which he has told every little step..from how to act when someone else wins HOH, to breaking up convos for him, to putting up who he wants.

she is a puppet, dan is her puppet master. she will only get so far and then be dropped like a hot potato by Dan and left to sink in the BB ocean, if you will.

i havent posted any of the personal stuff of Dani's on the blog, but have you been following the stuff people that actually know her are saying? she has no real friends becasue she's a pathological liar, she makes up stories or steals other peoples lives and puts her place of them. this is why i think she's so latched onto Britney. Its the friend she's never had and can only have in the house. As soon as they leave and Britney finds out how insane she is, she will run for the hills.


James said...


I haven't heard about her personal life. The degree to which you can believe gossip, that is sad for her. I agree Dan is a master manipulater (probably the best in BB hx), but why would Dan want to drop her like a hot potato? What better person to take to final 2, he can beat her with jury votes and he believes she's loyal. He certainly doesn't trust Boogie. I've heard talk in the past couple days about getting Britney, Shane, Dan, Boogie, Frank and Ian out, but no talk of needing to get Dani out. She's floating without really being a floater.

James D.

Jen said...


Where can we go to read what people have to say about Danielle?

Jamie said...

I agree that he probably wont drop Dani, but if he had to, she'd sink without him..i guess that was my point. not when, but if.

let me ask on twitter, i'm sure i'll be flooded with links lol hold on and i'll post them here...

Neche said...


I agree with you, Danielle is a real loser, She doesn't play well, she just plays the way Dan wants her to and she makes up this relationship with this TRey guy, who I am sure she is obsessing over. BTW Jaime, Don't you think that if Shane puts up frank and boogie, BB would give frank a coup d'etat because it seems production loves the guys and if either frank or boogie were to leave the house would be so boring???because just like last year, Shane would be going home after the double eviction like Jeff did, and then this house would be so boring and that isn't worth just a week of excitement. Britney is so whiny and she is so negative like boogie said. If Frank doesn't win I am rooting for Ian ( He is adorable)

C.Montes said...

Idk if I believe EVERYTHING her so called friends are saying about her. And its a little crazy to me that Britney went into the house just a couple months after marriage.

ryanwellar said...

i totally agree jamie!!
danielle let all the power run to her head when she won hoh and the way she lets dan control her is pathetic. i like dan and he plays an amazing game but wtf danielle come to your senses!!
and for everyone else, i always look at both sides every year of bb; who they are as a person and the game they play. i personally do not thibk it is fair for boogie or dan to win again, and i would root for britney but i don't like how she rides coattails. i usually always go for the underdog, which in this case is ashley, if you disagree with my opinion that is absolutely fine!!(:

Jamie said...

you know what, just go to Twitter and search for the hashtag #bunnyboiler (its in reference to the movie Fatal Attraction). Thats what people are calling her.

James said...

Thanks Jamie,

I read some of the tweets. People can be so cruel. Although she has a crush on Shane, it is not a fatal attraction situation. She is going to cry a lot when she gets out.

James D.

Jamie said...

she goes from Shane, to "im in love with Trey and I miss him", to back to Shane, to nobody, and now she wants to hook up with Hayden at the finale and have sex with him.

By the way, Trey is real and he said he has a girlfriend, its not Danielle, and he said she's nuts. Like certifiable.

Jamie said...

have you head on the feeds about Dani telling peopel she was in a car accident that killed somebody (or something to that effect), well that really happened..but not to her. Some girl came forward on Twitter and did interviews with several sites saying she was livid that Danielle claimed to be in that accident when she wasnt and that the girl that was killed was her friend or cousin or something. I wish i had all the facts, but thats about 90% accurate from my memory.

So she's doing all of this to herself. She's kissing shane and obessesing, then she cried to nearly ALL the hg's last week about how she hopes Trey still likes her and that she hopes he's not mad and she really likes him and told Janelle to tell him that it's "not what it looks like", then she went back to Shane. This girl is all over the map.

Neche said...

Oh I love you Jaime, It's surprising how the house-guests don't know she is so dramatic and CRAZY!!

JChism said...

Danielle is an insecure person and I feel really bad that when she gets back to the real world and reads some of the garbage that people are posting about her she is going to implode. Everybody has crap and no one is perfect. She's obviously got issues (don't we all?) but can we all just lighten up on her? Just saying. And Danielle, if you ever read THIS post, just know sweetie that there are a lot of haters and they're going to hate no matter who you are or what you do.

Adi Bouskila said...

I think frank deserves to be in this house. He has been fighting since day one to be there.

William Cordoba said...

I have to say, initially I was pulling for Dani, but I figured out that it was only because I really respect Dan's game play. That being said, did anyone else notice on the AD episode when Dani and Ian were in the hammock and Dani was quizzing Ian on how he thought "America" would vote based on what they have seen so far? Talk about in need of attention??!!! She was asking questions like who would America prefer to see in a bikini, Dani or Janelle, Dani/Ashley. Then the who America would consider more intelligent, Brit/Dani... OMG!!!! Bless Ian for answering truthfully and not just telling her what she wanted to hear. He told her pretty much everyone else besides herself to every question. I promise Dani was wanting to hear her name everytime. I feel bad for thinking that it's funny, but she is seriously begging for attention. Not to mention how suddenly she is talking trash about Shane and Brit. I lost a lot of respect for her the other night. She claims that she lied about being a nurse because "nurses are perceived as making a lot of money"! That was just ignorant, and she didn't do a great job at lying being that Boogie figured it out and was right on the money as far as her occupation is concerned.
She won one HOH and POV and thinks that she is up there with Shane and Frank.... ummmm... intervention anyone? This girl has lost her mind!

Neche said...

I totally agree with Adi Bouskila, People are only hating on the poor kid because they are scared of boogie, He deserves to win, His the only newbie who is really honest and knows what he is doing in the game, Britney is just so threatened by him because he is so good ( Isn't that how you win the game??). Mark my words, somehow, Frank now boogie, won't be going home on Thursday.

What do you think Jaime?

James said...

Hear hear JChism,

James D.

Adi Bouskila said...

Thanx dude! I truly love him and I want them to realize that if shane frank ian and dan actually worked together they can destroy this game

Jenn said...

Friends Til The End???? Just kidding

As easy as it is to just believe the masses. We aren't Danielle nor do we have an insight into her real life. All it takes is one person to get the story tainted and that's it you are a psychopath. I'm sure there's some accuracy to the gossip but in my experience gossip is far from the truth.

I really think Britney is the least deserving of all. As much as no one seems to like Frank at least he's really the only one that's had to fight to stay there and he's won things! I would love to see Ian win, I just wish he would separate himself from the quack pack. He is gonna be the first one they boot out when it comes down to just them being in the house.

I really wish the coaches thing never happened because it is running this game. The coaches are still the ones making the decisions and telling everyone else what to do.

I agree with the person that commented on Britney going in right after she got married but I think Janelle is way worse. Who leaves their baby?!?! Willingly!!!! When my daughter was 5 months old I had to go away for a week training and I snuck we and my husband into the hotel with me so I didnt have to be away from them for such a long time. She needs to get her priorities straight! Baby comes before 15 minutes of fame and another BB loss.

James said...


This game is about managing your threat level (which is why Dan is so good at BB). Frank's threat level is through the roof, which is why he won't win. Being the strongest member of the weakest alliance is a sure fire way of getting evicted on any reality show.

James D.

Adi Bouskila said...

as much as I love him I dnt find ian deserving. Hes not doing much in this house

pgh fan said...

I think ian is smart and will win if all men are gone. being in quackers works. he and dan are smartest. both will not come out til they have to. i think boogie will go home and frank will be next hoh. dan will win veto and then hoh. thst is when he will come out. unless boogie gets dan backdoored. ian should win but dan might

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