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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB fans!! :D It's 7:48pm EST (4:48pm BBT) as I'm typing this and so far, not a darn thing has happened inside the BB14 house today. lol Y'all on twitter probably noticed how dead it is today, that's becasue the HG's have been napping, swimming, or eating for 99% of the time. The other 1% has been game talk..well..kinda.

Wil is still going home this week, Britney told her reasoning behind wanting to pick the players she picked as a coach (wanted a guy because guys usually win BB), Dan refused to tell anyone his strategy. There was some Janelle bashing via Wil/Boogie, oh and Frank said he's gonna "dog on Janelle" in his HOH blog, which he already did. (HOH pics were also taken early this afternoon.) Speaking of, Shane (being funny) asked Danielle if they could take a pic of her handing him a (fake) restraining order..since Zingbot's joke about her was about getting one from Shane...Dani didn't think that was funny.

What else...

Boogie still has an ear infection (it's called "swimmers ear", apparently.), he saw the BB doctor for medicine for it. Dani also did some Janelle bashing.

There was some speculation around 3pm BBT that there might be a Pandoras Box in the HOH room, since Frank's HOH room was locked...and then they had an inside lockdown...but nope, no Pandora's box. Boogie told Frank if that did happen, to "take it" and that the punishments aren't that bad for Pandora's Box.

Currently on the live feeds...

4:55pm BBT:

Frank/Britney/Dan/Dani/Shane are all talking about who to nominate and evict if it's a double eviction coming up, this way they're not seen gaming/talking during the show (by Ashley/Joe/Jenn..assuming Wil is gone at this point), so that they don't give away their alliance.

Talk swithes to poo'ing and "Dirty Sanchez". (**I'm gonna barf. lol) Ian also outside now. Everyone else is inside sleeping.
Alright guys, I will see y'all back here in the morning fir The Overnighter!!

Stay tuned...
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Unknown said...

Did you know that Wil was on american idol?

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