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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Happy Wednesday afternoon, y'all!! Today has been rather uneventful in the BB house. (As I type this, at 1:53pm BBT, half of the of the HG's are sleeping. lol) So we'll do a quick update thing...a current live feeds thing...and then log off until tonight's show in a few hours. Sound good? Good!! Let's get to it!! :D

1:16pm BBT:
Arcade Room

 Jani told Dan that Shane told her last night he (Shane) is voting for her to stay and asked if Dan is, too. Dan said if everyone else is, then yes and that he'll find out tonight how everyone is voting.

Janelle: "You wouldn't lie to me, right?" (**The whole house is lying to you, my dear.)

After their convo, Jani goes into the bathroom and Wil passes through.

She asked Wil if he'd let her know if anything was gonna change, right? ..and he said yes. (**She's gonna be sooo blindsided tomorrow.)


Dan's outside telling Boogie that he wants to tell Janelle tonight that he wants to tell her tonight that she's going home. Boogie tells him not to. Dan says okay.

Currently on the live feeds...

1:59pm BBT:

*Shane just woke up and is having a bowl of Fruit Loops.
*Wil/Joe/Brit/Dan/Dani/Ian/Jani are outside by the pool, chatting it up.

Britney, Dan and Janelle have been talking about having kids. Dan said his wife Chelsia would proabably tell him in a Letter from Home if she was pregnant or not. He said he'd want the sex of the baby to be a surprise until it was born, while his wife wants to know. Britney would want to know, too. Janelle said she's the planning-type and needed to know the sex of her baby. (*She had a baby girl.)

2:04pm BBT:
Frank is up and joining the pool crew.

Britney: "Where's your unitard?"
Frank: "I got my bathin' suit on!"

Talk is about a possible All-Stars 2. Ian thinks it'll be called something different, like "BB: Unfinished Business" or something. Wil jokes and says that Jodi will be on that season. (*lol)

2:09pm BBT:
*Jenn is up.
*Ashley is still in bed.
*Boogie was just called to the Diary Room.

2:11pm BBT:
*Boogie is out of the D.R.
*Janelle called to the D.R. next.
*All HG's (except for Shane/Ashley/Jenn/Boogie) is in the pool.
*Shane and Boogie just put on his swimming trunks.

2:16pm BBT:

Boogie does a cannonball...

Britney goes inside and changes into her swim suit. (She wants to walk across a "human bridge" in the pool. Not sure if BB is gonna allow her, though. lol)

Shane is now outside.

2:20pm BBT:
Britney gets out of the pool to get a big ball in the yard.

 Danielle carries Britney around in the pool...

**Okay guys, I'll see you all back here at 7:45pm BBT in the Chat Room. The HG's are having a nice relaxing day in the pool and having some fun in the sun! :) Nothing game wise is goin' on. I'll also post the link to the East Coast showing of tonights BB episode for those of you on the west coast or not at home to watch. :) Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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James said...

Danielle is not the innocent love puppy that everyone seems to think she is. Actually, I think she is really playing the game with all her alliance members. She has become "best friends" with all 3 of them. Britney's closest friend is Dani, Dan's closest friend is Dani and Shane's closest fried is Dani. She tells them different things and has them all believing that they are her #1. I'd dare say that she is in the best position in the house right now and has the highest chance of all of them of at least going to the final 2. She certainly has feelings for Shane, but seems just as concerned about some guy in Alabama named Trey.

James D.

JJ said...

Shanes really gotta start throwing some sunscreen on. He's going to look like the "cigarette guy" from Beetlejuice by finale night (and Abe Vigoda by the time he's 30)

Jamie said...

lol @ cigerette guy in beetlejuice! :D

James: If Danielle is actually playing the game, then it's purely by accident. lol I seriously think she is more interested in Shane than $500,000. #Stage5Clinger :P But to her defense, Shane keeps saying "no" to a showmance, but keeps her hangin' on, too. Bet or not, I would have skipped the massage last night if I was him.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Brit should just tell Janelle late tonight that Boogie, Ian, Jenn, Wil and Ashley are voting her out so there's nothing they can do to keep her at this point so they're not voting for her to stay. Which is actually true even though they would vote her out anyway regardless of that which shhh she's doesn't need to know. She'd probably assume from this info that Wil and Ashley made a deal with Boogie and his team and sold her out to Danielle. Maybe she'd pass this false info on to Joe and if he won HOH maybe he'd target them over the core 4.


James said...


Yes it may be by accident, but she is telling each of them what they need to hear to trust that she is very loyal to them. At the same time she is very genuine. I also keep in mind that this game can make even a normal person a little psycho. I think in the real world she is not crazy, but does feel a need to put everyone else before herself.

Ultimately, this game is about having a loyal alliance, managing your target and physical competitiveness. She seems to have all three.

Also, off topic. Do you think you could put a poll up at some point of "who is your favorite houseguest?"


James D.

Pam Reed said...

I have to say love her or hate her the show will be boring with Jani gone.

ZierbM said...

I am so over Danielle. She is so catty and I think it's ridiculous to get rid of Janelle over Frank! How on earth do they think its a great idea to keep boogie and frank together?

kelsey said...

Well first off janelle is playing a totally diff. Game this season and she has been saying lies after lies and i think that ppl can get frank out I mean he has been on the block three times and he should have left last week and it would be alt against 2 but I think Ian is in the best position in house... I love the quack attack or whatever they call it lol a good alliance in the house :)) Ian is trustworthy and stays by his word also :))

kelsey said...


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