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Monday, August 13, 2012

Afternoon Quickie

Good afternoon, BB fans!! Holy uneventful day in the BB house, batman! lol Earlier in the day, the houseguests had the Veto Ceremony, where POV winner Frank did not use it. The noms stayed the same. Wil is still slated to get the BB boot this Thursday. Nothing has changed in that department.

This afternoon has been filled with fun in the sun and napping. Not exactly entertaining. lol :P I'm hoping the BB gods have something up their sleeve this week otherwise, we're gonna have another 3 days of no game talking and watching houseguests sleep.

So what else did we miss this afternoon? Well, we missed the HG's spelling out "HONK" with towels for planes flying overhead to see at 2:44pm BBT.
(This is Jenn, by the way. She is indeed part of the BB14 cast.)

Around 3:15pm BBT, Danielle said that the Have Nots are allowed to sleep on the floor in the Have Nots room, as long as they don't go to bed before Big Brother After Dark is over.

3:46pm BBT, Brit/Dani were on the bathroom couch talking about the Have Not's can't have avacado's (including in salsa's) anymore because of Dani's "idiot boyfriend Shane" because Shane was questioning every ingediant in the salsa.

3:48pm BBT, Cam 3:

Britney: "(Shane) just doesn't get it!"
Dani: "How many times have we said don't talk about it (aka draw attention to it) and we can get away with it, ya know??" ..then feeds cut to fishies.

4:11pm BBT:
HOH Room
Dan thanked Frank for not backdooring him this week. Dan's aware that Frank could have, and didn't. Dan said he was never worried that he was gonna be backdoored.

Frank: "I'm not gonna lie, it did cross my mind, I'm being honest ya know!" (laughs)
Dan: "And I wouldn't be surprised if other people pitched that to you, too. I know you said you wanted to run with me and Mike."

Dan talks about Danielle.
Dan: "I know it can be scary, with (Dani's) relationship with Shane..."
Frank: "I think she trusts your word more than her feelings with Shane."

Talk continues.
Dan said he wants someone to earn the win this season..not to have anybody float to the end.
Frank agrees and mentions that's how Porsche was last season.
Frank then said he'd rather sit next to Dan and Boogie in the end.

Frank talked about his convo with Ian and how Ian was defending Dan and not on board to backdoor him. Dan said "that's good to know". 

They then talked about what's the plan for the next couple of evictions, this way if a double eviction happens, they'll be prepared. Frank said Joe goes out 1st (they don't want him in jury), then Jenn next.

Frank talks about Ian and how much he "loves that kid". They move on to Shane and how much of a threat he is. Frank doesn't wanna be up against Shane in the end.

Their talk is long and ongoing. Dan really wanted to take advantage of their time alone since they (Frank/Dan) rarely get any together, without it being obvious. (Dan was listening to Franks CD when Frank entered the HOH room. Wasn't a planned talk.)

5:19pm BBT:

Frank tells Boogie about his long talk with Dan. Frank said that it was Wil/Ashley's idea to backdoor Dan, but didn't lie and said the thought had crossed his mind and he was just being honest. He re-tells their convo nearly word for word, keeping Boogie in the loop. Boogie said that Dan was loyal to Memphis in his season, so he'll be loyal to them and wont "f*ck them", at least not soon.

Frank said he just gets a little paranoid with trusting people in the house.

A little while into the convo, Frank admits that he wishes Britney wasn't married. lol ;) Boogie said that she definitely puts on a good show (with wearing bikinis, etc.) 

**Sidenote: Boogie has an ear infection. He said it's "90% blocked" and he can't well out of his ear.

6:22pm BBT:
Quad Cam

All 4 cams are on Joe making a cod salad.

I'll be updating this post here & there all night, so checking back every hour or so. :)

Stay tuned...
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it's ME! said...

I noticed that BBAD is on an hour later on Thursday... perhaps another long endurance comp this week? I'm just sayin'.


kelsey said...

i love how you put the jenn pick on here and the caption lol it was hilarious

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