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Friday, August 24, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

SuzieQ here with some updates this afternoon, until our fearless leader returns.  Let's get to it!

(to be seen on Sunday's show)

Houseguests are commenting on how they can BB building something, and they speculate it's Pandora's Box.  (* they're right!)

Feeds are off & on fishes.
Arcade Room - Frank/Shane
Shane "appears" to be joining forces with Frank.  Is it real, or fake?  Sometimes I'm not sure myself!
For this chat, Shane promises Frank he won't put him up, that's it not in Shane's best interestest to put Frank on the block, they will go to the final 3, that between the two of them, they can take turns winning the comps and go to the end.  Dan is still Frank's target.  Frank says he doesn't want to put Shane up, even as a replacement nom.

Kicks Room Danielle/Dan, the Brit, then Joe
They talk of how Shane says too much when he should just lie low, talk less.
Danielle is sad, crying off & on.  I believe she is concerned about her & Dan going on the block.  She's been crying every time I check in since last night!  Then they lay down & rest.

Sidebar - Reminder:
I cannot post screenshots and I cannot post comments.  Please be patient until Jamie returns.  :)

Kitchen - Dan/Ian
Have Nots got Matza & ....Mozzarella???
Dan wants in the storage room, BB voice says "Dan, stop that." Twice in a row! Fishes (briefly)
Not long after, Dan is able to get in and comes back with the matza in a variety of flavors.  He says, "Thank you from the Jewish community."

Houseguests were waking from nap, joining in the kitchen.

Nomination time! (or Pandora's Box - not sure.)
"The Big Brother Houseguests are playing a game that's secret until the next TV episode."

I'll keeps the feeds open and will update as soon as they are back.
You can still make comments, but I cannot publish them.  Jamie will update that later.  :)

Feeds are back!  3:03 BBT
Something about looking for quarters... (to use on something... the ball machine in the arcade room?)
I think Ian won something. 

Brit says something about asking Ian to NOT use something.
Ian feels bad for how he played that game.  He is holding a gold ball (baseball size)
Ian cannot play in the veto.

Dan/Danielle  (then Shane & Brit join at different times)
Sounds like Dan & Ian had some harsh words in the heat of the moment.
It did involve the ball machine in the arcade room.
Dani is questioning Ian's alliance.

It sounds like this was Pandora's box.
Dani is wondering what the "something bad" is, and that this was "something good" for Frank.
Dan said there isn't something more, it's over.
Ian has some kind of decision.
Dan keeps saying he's glad he didn't rat out Ian like he wanted to.
Dan is embarrassed about the way he acted in this event, he never acted that way in this house.
He keeps saying how bad he feels aboutn the way he acted.

It seems there will be TWO people that Frank can't nominated.
Danielle is crying, still.  Sounds like someone outed Dani as a nurse, and Ian cussed at her. 
Dan said they went from having no hope of the 4 of them winning to a slim chance of hope.
Apparently, during the "event", Dan said to Ian, "I'll rat your ass out."  Dan is now wondering if Jenn or Joe heard that and if they knew what that meant.  Ian seemed rattled right after this event. 

Brit/Jenn, then Joe in bathroom
They are talking about how agressive they were in trying to find the quarters.
The box in the ball machine with the question mark is gone now.

Frank/Dan/Dani - arcade room
Frank is describing Pandora's Box.  Sounds like he got to pick things and got a some money.
Dani tells how production was chicking something (balls?) while they were looking for "things" (balls?) that jingled and had quarters in them.  It took 2 quarters to make the machine work.

Frank got money, the HG's got to play a challenge to get quarters for ball machine for a reward.
Ian got the reward.  There are now 2 HG's that Frank can't niminate.  So Frank got something good and something bad (in a way)

Now Frank is telling Shane/Brit/Jenn about Pandora's Box:
Frank got to pick 3 boxes that had folded paper inside with a dollar amount.
He picked $3, 333.33, $7.11, & $1.05

4pm BBT (maybe a little earlier) Frank/Jenn in HOH (briefly) - no major points.

(4:06pm BBT)  Frank/Dan - HoH room
Dan tells Frank that Boogie pulled him (Dan) into the storage room and said that Frank is a warrior and loyal.  Dan understands that Frank may have to take his shot (at getting Dan out) but if Frank misses, Dan doesn't want him to automatically think he (Dan) will come after Frank if somehow Dan gets saved.

4:27(or 28) BBT - Frank/Brit
Frank asks Brit if she wants to be the one that gets up early in the morning and have coffee and talk game with him.  She says ok.
They start to talk about the various scenerios of who to put on the block.
(if Brit is still a true Quack-Packer, she can influence things to go their way.)

Ian's golden ball is a veto he can choose to use, or not use.

Frank says how he was shocked to discover that Ashley had more game than she appeared to have, and how Frank/Boogie discovered that in the last week or so.
Britney was describing the game they played.  She said she read the directions as everyone huddled around.  When she was done, she dropped the card and everyone scattered, tearing up the backyard, flipping furniture, looking for those coins.  Then some went inside to look.  Then production started dropping balls, a few, then more, then tons more. 

Fishes, then trivia.

Frank/Brit in HOH (cont'd)
Brit asks if Frank gets HG choice, who is he going to pick.  Frank answers "Shane".

Trivia... I think nominations now.

Update on Jamie:
Jamie will be staying in the hospital tonight.  Docs want to check on some things.
She wants me to be sure to pass on that she appreciates all of the prayers and well-wishes for her.
She feels the love!  And she appreciates it, sincerely.
I'll cover for as much as possible.  I'll be here to update after noms and for a little while beyond.  Maybe a little later tonight, and for sure back here in the morning for the overnight update.

Feeds are back!!!

It appears Dan & Danielle are the noms... will update when I know for sure.
Stay tuned...
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MsDiana said...

Hey Hun! Just wanted to tell you.. I had my gallbladder removed last week after many years of living with gall stones. I totally understand your pain! I am amazed at how much better I feel already. The surgery wasn't too bad. Stayed overnight. Then some rest time at home. Eat a bland diet until you can have surgery. Good luck to you! Take care sweetie!

MsDiana said...

Hey Hun! Just wanted to tell you.. I had my gall bladder removed last week after many years of living with gall stones. I totally understand your pain! I am amazed at how much better I feel already. The surgery wasn't too bad. Stayed overnight. Then some rest time at home. Good luck to you! Take care sweetie!

Jeehadjoe2 said...

Pandoras Box on a Frank HOH... So shocking, bet you its a diamond power of veto good till the enD of next week ensuring Frank never gets evicted like BB wants. Im done with this season, just write frank the cheque already.

Ben said...

Get well soon Jamie!

kelsey said...

I think he's putting up Dan and dani

kelsey said...

Oh my I hope you feel better Jamie... Praying for you

Mom of 3 said...

It's Dan And Dani....just confirmed!!

Mom of 3 said...

It's Dan and Dani! Just confirmed

Holly said...

I thought for sure that Frank and Dan would end up in an alliance.

Digiam42 said...

Can someone please tell me how many times frank has to get screwed over by shane before he realizes that the man is full of crap and is going to put him up the very first chance he gets. If dan doesnt win the veto he absolutely has to out Ian and Britney for getting boogie gone. Then frank will have the option of back dooring shane, which i think he has to do, or sending britney out. Im sorry but id trust dan over shane any day of the week.

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