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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon & Evening

Hello & good evening BB fans! While I was at work today, a lot of stuff went down, so I'm going to do a post dedicted to everything we missed, then hop offline for the night (..unless Frank calls out Joe like he wants to, then I'll be blogging about that! lol)

Before I get started, I wanted to tell y'all something kinda neat...Ashley's mom is my moms landlord. lol I just found this out a few hours ago. (**Hi Barb!) :) Small world!!

Also, thank you guys and gals that emailed me & commented that Danielle was indeed telling the truth about her being in a recent Harley Davidson Calendar! Here's the pic:

Okay, let's this post started and see what we missed on the live feeds today!! (**Don't forget, this Thursday is an endurance comp! Get the feeds now and have'em ready for Thursday night!! :) )

*Joe is stay laying low, keeping quiet. Not attracting drama.
*Frank wants to call out Joe tonight. (Details below.)
*Wil is upset with Jani, hates the coaches twist. (Details below.)
*Dani, the swing vote, is still voting Frank out.
*Frank is still set to leave on Thursday.

Now for the details...
*Frank wants to call Joe out on lies tonight. Jani said she'll call frank out on his own lies in return.
*Frank is working his stay-in-the-house campaign pretty hard, even flirted Wil last night. lol
*Boogie thinks he's playing with "idiots" (except Wil & Frank) and that Ian is a "kid in a mans game". (**Grr.)

12:13 PM BBT:
Arcade Room
Cam 3

Joe: "Wil is insanely mad at you."
Jani: "Why??"
Joe: "He said that you said you do all his work for him & that he doesn't do anything in this house."
Janelle: "I didn't say that at all!"
Joe: "I told him I think you misunderstood her."
Jani: " god."

Joe tells Janelle he thinks Wil is switching teams & that Frank sees an opening with Wil and might be jumping on it (to get Wil). Joe says he thinks Wil is either considering or has already made a deal with Boogie.

*Britney told Janelle that she heard Wil was pissed about hearing that coaches might be coming into the game. Jani said she is having a hard time working with Wil.  Britney told jani that Frank is using any all means to sway Wil. Even flirting with him. Janelle says Wil does not believe Frank will put him up on the block.

*Brit freaked out a little because she was scared they might have lost Wil's vote to get Frank out. (**They didn't.)

*Janelle/Brit make up lie:  Frank approached Jojo for deal to put up Wil for backdoor (**This is a lie to turn Wil against Frank.)

*Dani thinks Ashley is flirting with Shane and its pissing her off. (**here we go...)

*Brit told Dani to not trust Jani or her team. Theres always a motive with them and that Jani lies and tells her team to lie, too.

*Jani told Ashley to talk to Wil and tell him she "has her back until the end", to get Wil back on their team.

*Shane got his HOH camera at 2pm'ish BBT. (Wil slept through it, so he's not in pics.)

2:31 PM BBT:
Cam 3

Frank: "I'm so pissed at her (Jani), did you hear what she said?"
Brit: "About Wil?"
Frank: "I'm so close to callin' both her and Joe out. I just don't wanna seem like I'm pickin' fights."
Britney: "Did Wil tell you about it?"
Frank: "Yea! Wil came straight to me and was like 'I need to ask you something, were you gonna backdoor me last week?', and I was like 'That thought never even crossed my mind! I even swore on Nana."

*Wil is afraid of the coaches coming into the game to play. Does not want that happen.

3:16pm BBT: 
Backyard Patio
Cam 3

Dan hid Janelle's cigarettes, so then Janelle threatened to burn Dan's shirt if he didn't tell her where they were. He caved and told her. lol

3:30pm BBT: 
Arcade Room

Cam 1

Joe tells Wil he's scared he lost his vote this week. Wil reassures him he still has it.

Wil said he's pissed at Janelle for her telling Wil and Ashley to kiss Shanes a** and that he's tired of the a**-kissing bullsh*t and that everyone can see through it. That's not how he wants to play his game.

Wil: "And I don't want her kissing a** on my behalf. That pissed me off!!"

Wil said he doesn't wanna play Janelles game for her and that he's not there to win her $100,000, he's there to win himself $500,000. Joe told Wil about his talk with Janelle.

3:44pm BBT:
Brit told Dani that Ashley said Dani needs to feel important because Dani is insecure. Britney then bashed Janelle how she goes with the power and how she's all over Shane this week, and Frank last week and her game is so obvious and that Janelle is getting on her nerves.

4pm BBT:
Jani said she wants to talk to Wil, never meant to hurt him.

4:09pm BBT:

Janelle said that her team and Brit & Shane should stay up in the HOH tonight if Frank calls out Joe, but then in the next breath, says that she'll call Frank out on his lies.

4:22pm BBT: 

Ashley told Dani that her (and Wil and Joe) have Dani's back to the end. Dani said she heard that Ashley said she needs to feel important and is insecure. Ash denied it & said her words were twisted and that she said it to stand up for Danielle, not to belittle her .

Ashley: " I want you to feel included. I care about you as a person."

4:40pm BBT: 
Joe/Dani talked. Joe has Dani's back. He said he can see her in Final 3. Joe is worried about Frank calling him out on stuff tonight. Dani said to just stay quiet and let Frank dig his own grave. Dani told him that she's voting Frank out, but to not act too comfy/safe because then Boogie/Frank will catch on.

5:25pm BBT:
Danielle said she's been getting corned by Frank and Boogie a lot, but that she's still voting Frank out. Danielle then asked Janelle if she's "good next week" (ie; safe next week), Jani said yes and for more than just next week...she's safe with them for a while.

Dani said that she's lying to Frank and Boogie by telling them he's safe so that they won't be as clingy to her as they have been. They talk about how rattled Ian/Jenn will be when they hear Frank being voted out on Thursday.

Danielle said there's nothing "they" can do to sway her..she's solid in voting Frank out.
Janelle told Dani that she hasn't talked to Wil yet, she's still too upset (with Wil being mad at her).

6:13pm BBT:
HOH Room

Janelle said she "for sure" wants to work with her (Brit) and Shane.  She said she still hasn't talked to Wil yet. They talk about how they hope Ian and Jenn don't win HOH on Thursday because then, they're in trouble.

Shane/Ashley/Dan are sleeping in the HOH room.

6:24pm BBT:
Everyone except Shane leaves the HOH room. A minute later, Ashley returns and talks with Shane.

Shane said that Ian/Jenn cannot win HOH and then they'll be able to control next week and "basically be in Final 6".

Shane said after this season, he's gonna hang out in Cali for a week so he can hang out with Ashley and others. Ashley said she'll hook him up with meeting casting/modeling people. Shane is super excited and grateful that she would do that.

6:29pm BBT:
Wil & Jani are by the hot tub, not really talking. Awkward.
Danielle is doing gymnastics in the yard. Wil gets up and joins her.
Wil then joins Jani by the hot tub again. Ian joins, too.

Wil/Jani are talking about the 2 hair straighteners in the house. 1 is too hot and burns their hair, the other one doesn't get hot enough.

Wil leaves a couple of minutes later. Still awkward between them both.

**Note: We have 2 possible fights for tonight..Frank/Joe and Wil/Janelle. I have my popcorn on standby as I watch the  feeds. ;)

6:40pm BBT:

Ashley asks Ian how his night is going. Ian says he's gonna take a Have Not shower soon. Ian then comments to Ashley how cute she looks today, Ashley thanks him a couple of times and tells him that was really nice. Awww! :)

Ian heads inside for his Have Not shower.
Frank starts talking to Ashley...

Frank brings up the lie about his wanting to backdoor Wil last week. He then asks if she thinks he has lied in the game. She tries to dodge the question. lol

6:55pm BBT:
Frank told Britney that the Diary Room (aka production) wants Frank to call out Joe and Janelle tonight. Britney doesn't think it'd be such a good idea.

Frank: "I'll juts let sleeping dogs lie." (**Dang it!!)

**This is like the 17th time that Britney has blocked/stopped a fight from happening on BB this season. Can BB please do something about this? Like, make her go home? lol BB is all about drama!! We need our drama!! ;) Oh well, at least we have the promise of 1 or 2 more fights tonight: we have the Janelle/Wil thing ready to pop off at any minute, plus Danielle could get crazy on Shane at any moment for not being affectionate enough and blowing her off. lol :P

7:00pm BBT:
Janelle and Boogie are talking about which past BB stars and newbies would be on an All Stars. (Boogie thinks BB will do an All Stars in 2 or 3 years.)

Boogie said that Dr. Will would have done this season with him if he didn't have a baby. He thinks if BB calls him back in a couple years for All Stars, he'll do it.

Boogie: "I don't know how many more kids (Dr. Will and his wife) wanna have, so.."

Janelle: "Memphis and Dan..and.."
Ian: "And Keesha."
Janelle: "Yea! They should ask Keesha back!" (**YES!!!! :D )

Here's their All Stars list:
Dr. Will, Evel Dick, Dani Donato, Crazy James, Chelsia, Dan, Memphis, Keesha, Jeff, Jordan, Hayden, Enzo, Ian and Ashley.

Janelle: "I think they'll wait 3 years from this season. I think next season will be all new people."

Janelle said she will not do a 4th time on BB. Boogie said he would.
Boogie: "I'll be 50 up in here.

They think that instead of Dani Donato, BB could bring back BB8's Jen to fight with Evel Dick. (**Epic!!)

Janelle said that BB8 is one of her favorite seasons. (*Ditto.)
Boogie said that Allison Grodner (Exec Producer) said they might do a BB: Legands season. 

7:30pm BBT:
Joe told Janelle to just talk to Wil, it'll be better once they talk things out. Janelle agrees.

7:35pm BBT:
Ian is taking his Have Not shower outside.

***Annnnd I'm outta here!! :D The boyfriend is on his way home and we're gonna have a 10pm dinner then hit the hay. :P I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! Can't wait until then? Then you sound like you need the live feeds. ;)

Stay tuned...
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The Overnighter (Cliffnotes)

Good morning/afternoon, everybody! :D Today is Tuesday, which means that we could see Shane, the HOH, take some pictures and then do some HOH blogging and tweeting. (Previous seasons, they did on Wednesdays, but they've been doing them on Tuesdays this season.)

I have to haul my butt outta here and head to work pretty soon, but before I do, let's see what happened Overnighter!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with yourlive feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

10:15pm BBT:
HG's played vollyeball in the backyard..
they used a big floater ball from the pool.

11:36pm BBT:
Storage Room
Janelle said "lets talk game". She tells him she's been wanting to work with Dan since week 1. Dan said he was too, but she's been ignoring him.

Dan said that obviously Danielle (the swing vote this week) has "something you want", so they talk game. Janelle promises safety for Danielle. Janelle promises Danielle saftey from being nominated, including being a re-nom. She says she's good on her word.

Jani: "Don't you think that getting Frank out is the best move?"
Dan: "Yes, I do. But now that side is gonna be bringing heat, we gotta make sure (Danielle) is taken care of." (re: being safe)
Jani: "She will be.

Janelle then talks about Boogie and how he's a "beast" in comps.
They talk about what if the coaches enter the game.
Dan thinks it'll be only 2 of the 4 coaches entering.
Janelle thinks she'd have better odds staying as a coach because she has 3 players still. Dan agreed.
Dan said if Janelle was a coach, and Dan wasn't, they would still work together.
Jani is sure that Boogie will go into the game, especially if he loses his "#1 player", Frank.

Janelle & Dan said that production asked them in the Diary Room what would they do if they were offered the chance to play the game. Jani says she'll probably say yes to joining the game.

Before leaving the storage room, they re-hash that Danielle will vote Frank out and Janelle and her team will keep Danielle safe next week. Janelle agrees.

Janelle said to wait until Thursday to see if they should work together or not. But will hold up the Danielle is Safe deal.

They have a 1 week deal.

12:45am BBT:
Danielle is still obsessing over Shane. lol She wonders why he's not paying much attention to her. Won't even hug her anymore. Britney told her to ask him.

12:50pm BBT:
Jani tells Joe that Frank is going home this week & that she's bringing her 3 team players "to the end". Joe said that he "owes Shane one" in return for keeping him in the house. Janelle agrees.

1:05am BBT:
Danielle told Dan that Frank has been on her like "white on rice". (**He's been flirting with her and calling names like "Sweet cheeks", etc. Trying to get her vote.)

1:15am BBT:
Joe/Wil/Jani talked about making Ian think that Frank is staying, then vote Frank out as planned, and leave Ian frazzled for the HOH comp. Jani tells Wil if it's between Ian/Wil during this Thursdays endurance comp, to make a deal with Ian.

2:20am BBT:
Danielle told Shane in the HOH room that she is Miss September for the 2012 Harley Davidson Calendar. Shane is impressed. (**I googled it and couldn't find it she's telling the truth or not. I'll dig some more later.)

2:35am BBT:
Danielle got her cuddling from Shane that she wanted.
2:54am BBT:
Ashley told Joe that she thinks "the real Boogie" will come out on Thursday when Frank leaves. (**I agree!)

**And that's it for The Overnighter!!! :D I gotta go to work for a few hours, but I'll be back to blog the afternoon & get us all caught up to speed. Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Afternoon (Veto Ceremony Results)

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! At 11:20am BBT  the live feeds went to trivia for the Veto Ceremony. Operation "Backdoor Frank" is still going full steam ahead! What will the aftermath be like? Will Boogie and/or Frank blow up? We shall find out!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

12:26pm BBT:

Ashley is off the block and; 
is the replacement nom!

12:28pm BBT
Boom Boom Room

Boogie: "Man, this GAME! I wanna f**kin' shake the kid. Did you know that was gonna happen??"

Boogie wants to talk to Dan. Dan wants to wait until things calm down in the house.
Boogie: "Now we gotta f**kin' sweat for 4 days when we will chilled."

Frank/Boogie take Ian into the Sneakers Room to talk.

Frank: "You can't give magic 8 ball answers! Yes or no answers. That's what got me on the block."
Ian: "I didn't wanna write checks that I couldn't cash! I should've been up. I was just asked if I put Shane up and I said no, absolutely not!"
Frank: "We have to keep it cool. Cool heads prevail."

Boogie: "If (Frank) goes, Shane WILL win this game! He'll win everything. He'll win every HOH, every POV, and go to the finals."

Frank: "They don't trust your vote because you (Ian) give wishy washy answers."
Boogie: "We'll get through this."
Frank: "We're not at mad at you (Ian)."

They both hug Ian.

Frank said that there was a rumor that him (Frank) and Wil had a Final 2 deal, but things "will be okay".

Boogie and Ian said they just gotta trust Danielle (to vote their way).
They end their convo at 12:38pm BBT.

12:40pm BBT:
Up in the HOH room, Ashley/Janelle/Britney are talking. 
Britney said they have to stay on top of Danielle and not let Boogie corner her and change her vote.
Janelle suggests that Danielle just spend the week in the HOH room with Shane. Ashley said Dan won't let her (Dani) stay up in the HOH room. lol

Janelle: "Dan does not want Shane and her to be in a showmance. He blocks it, constantly. Just let her have some fun!"

Shane comes in and Ashley hugs him and thanks him for taking her off the block.

Shane: "I've never seen Jenn this pissed off before! She won't even LOOK at me!"

Shane and Britney compare notes with talking with Boogie after the veto ceremony. They both told Boogie that they couldn't trust his team to have 3 votes this week. Boogie said "Okay, okay, okay" and that he understood.

Britney: "As long as Wil and Danielle don't budge, Frank's gone."
Shane: "You have to make Joe still act like he's going home."
Janelle: "I will, I will."

Shane said that Frank is acting like everything is okay because it's logical (to not leave Boogie's team with a 3 votes).

Meanwhile, downstairs...
Boogie has his head in his hands.
1:08pm BBT:
Wil/Ashley/Shane/Britney/Janelle are talking about how "intense" the veto ceremony was.

Downstairs, Frank/Jenn are talking in the Sneakers Room.
Frank is telling Jenn why he's on the block..that there was a final 2 rumor of Frank/Wil, and Frank/Shane (which he denied, though he only had a F2 deal with Shane) and that he's on the block because they didn't want Boogie's team to have 3 votes. He tells Jenn that if she ever feels out of the loop, to come to him.

1:26pm BBT:

Dan is whispering to Danielle (since Boogie is running by them).

Dan: "Boogie is gonna ask you why you didn't talk to me before (this all happened). Tell them you couldn't find me in time."

A minute later, Dan gets up and whispers for Danielle to get in the pool with him.
He goes first. She follows a coupe of minutes later. Frank is nearby now, working out. When Dan finally starts talking, about 5 minutes later, you can't hear a word they're saying.

Boogie ends up joining in them in the pool and again, can't understand a word. lol They're whispering a lot.

1:55pm BBT:
Janelle/Wil are laying down in the sneakers room, talking about how well the day has went so far and how happy they are with Frank being on the block.

Frank comes in at 1:57pm BBT. Jani asked how his workout was. He said it was "hot and spicy outside" and he got a good workout in.

Frank: "I'm not gonna ask for your vote, Wil. I expect you to vote with Joe. I won't hold it against you."
Wil: "You've been really good to me, Frank. I appreciate that."
Frank: "In case I go to jury, I just wanted you to know that. Alright, I'm gettin' in the pool!"

Janelle commented on how nice Frank is being. Wil said he told Jani that's how he's gonna be..he's gonna play the nice card.

Frank walks back in the bedroom...
Frank: "Oh and Wil, I just found this out this morning, but supposedly I have a final 2 deal with you. I guess I have a final 2 deal with everybody." (laughs)
Wil: "See you at the end, buddy!" (they both laugh)

2:05pm BBT:
On Feeds 1 and 2: Dan/Boogie/Danielle are in the pool. Little talking, but can't hear anything. (No mics on them.) Frank is poolside.

On Feeds 3 and 4: Jani/Wil are talking. Going over scenarios. Happy with todays turn of events.

**Okie dokie, I'm gonna take a blogging break! I'll be back with the afternoon part 2 post later on! Enjoy the feeds!!

Edit: I'll be back tomorrow morning with The Overnighter, guys. The feeds have been pretty calm the past couple of hours. Currently, the HG's on inside lockdown, but they think it'll be over soon because usually BB tells them when they're gonna be on lockdown for an extended period of time. I'll see y'all tomorrow morning!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Morning in the BB House

Welcome to the Morning post, everyone! Today might be super explosive on the live feeds! Don't have them? Oh hunny, you're gonna want'em! Especially because this weeks HOH comp is set to be an endurance comp, which we will get to watch LIVE for hours, on the live feeds! Plus they come with the Flashback Feeds so you can watch anything ya missed while out & about, and also you get the Mobile Feeds for free so that you can watch BB anytime, anywhere! :D Oh, and did I mention you get $10 in free music downloads, too? And that its for the price of less than a night at the movies? What are you waiting for?!!

There's already game talking going on, so let's dive right on in!!

Currently on the live feeds...

10:32am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney: "You're doing a favor for everyone else by getting him out."
Shane: "I know. I didn't nominate him. That's my defense. He played POV, he had a chance to win. I don't like the fact that Frank is bragging about thinking he's gonna win this game and that they should've backdoored me last week because I won POV."
Britney: "I just don't want them going on a smear campaigning about you."
Shane: "I know this is putting you in a bad spot, but.."
Britney: "I just think you're in MAJOR hot water if Ian wins HOH."
Shane: "My minds not made up yet,'s a risk I'm gonna have to take, if I decide to do this."

Britney & Shane are talking things through, making sure that if/when Shane puts up Frank today, that Shane knows what to say/do to save face.

Shane plans to tell Frank that he was afraid of Ashley getting voted out & not Joe, so to secure the votes, he had to put Frank up.

**Note: Forgot to mention this, but it's Shane's plan to have Danielle to lie to Frank by saying that she'll vote to keep him, but then vote him out on Thursday. This will make Boogie & his team frazzled for the HOH comp this week. They'll be blindsided.

Britney: "This is gonna be freaking SCARY!"
Shane: "You'll be alright, girl!"

10:47am BBT:

Britney is telling Joe that he's staying on the block, but that Frank is going up and going home this week.

Britney: "I feel bad for Shane because they're gonna be after him for blood."
Joe: "They will. But if we have the numbers..."

Boogie comes out.
Britney: "I'm gonna get some coffee."

Joe is quiet.
10:50am BBT:
Most HG's are in the kitchen area, non-game chatter. Getting ready for the day. Coffee & breakfast.
11:00am BBT:
Wil/Britney/Jani have a quick chat in the bathroom.
 Britney is worried that Shane/Frank are currently talking in the Arcade Room and he doesn't want Frank to 'get to him' and change his mind.

11:00am BBT:
Arcade Room

Shane is telling Frank that in order to secure votes, he needs to put up someone from Boogie's team & that no matter what, Joe is going home this week.

Britney walks in and tells Shane the Veto Ceremony is about to start and wants to talk to him before it does.
She takes a seat with the boys & they all talk. Shane catches her up to speed and tells Britney that he was telling Frank that they're worried about the votes and that's why Frank's going up and Ashley is coming off. Britney said that she is really worried about the votes and how he had a talk with Ian last night and when she asked which way he was voting, he gave a weird answer and it made her nervous.

11:12am BBT:
Frank: "You guys not putting me up on the block, we're gonna frickin' roll with you guys."
Shane: 'Ian is the one guy..I dunno. I'm putting all my trust in Ian, who is always up & down."

Britney: "4 days is a long time, a long time for people to get into other peoples heads. To be whispering, telling them this and that, and it's a long time to trust that nobody will change their mind. So those votes are scary to me. There's no reason to risk something when we don't have to."

Britney is pretty much preparing Frank for going up on the block. I don't think Frank gets it that it'll be him.

Britney said she's worried about Ian/Jenn's vote. 
Frank is telling Brit/Shane that Boogie wants Janelle out of the house.

Frank leaves.

Britney: "Is he still going up?"

Shane confirms that he is.

Britney: "They're gonna be pissed. But as long as he thinks it's just about the soon as the veto ceremony is over, let's just go up to the HOH."
Shane: "Should I say that in a speech?"
Britney: "I don't think you should give much of a speech."

11:20am BBT:

The Veto Ceremony is underway! The feeds should be back in 45 mins to an hour. Hang tight, guys. We might be seeing some fireworks on the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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