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Friday, August 3, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Welcome to the Afternoon, guys and gals! My oh my, how this game changes!! This is the first season that I can remember that there was this much game play (and confusion lol), and that changes from hour to hour. It's crazy!! And I love it. ;) Though because of the confusion, I am officially calling this season the season of "Did I miss something?" I think I say this just about every day, usually when I wake up and do the Overnighter and something is totally different from just hours before. :P So if you find yourself saying "Did I miss something", just know that you are not alone. And yes, you probably did miss something. lol

Today are Nominations, and as it stands, Danielle is putting up Frank & Wil, with Frank being this weeks target. 

Okay, let's just get the Afternoon Post rollin'! It's been busy on the feeds all morning and now going into the afternoon.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with yourlive feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free! w00t!)

Currently on the live feeds...

12:18pm BBT:
HOH Room

Britney walks in and crawls into the HOH bed. She asked Danielle who she is thinking about putting up and if it's the same from last night, Dani confirms it's still Frank and Wil.

Britney: "Oh okay."

Ian walks in not even a minute later.
Ian tells Danielle (Britney and Dan are there as well) that he wants to join their alliance. He fears he's all alone in the game and that Boogie no longer has his heart in the game. Ian said that the game is, in every sense of the word, "reset", including his own game. Britney said she'll talk to Shane and maybe they can work something out. Dan told Ian he likes him. Britney questioned Ian on if he'd ever vote out Frank or Boogie, Ian said he would.

**Sidenote: I'm going on record saying that I think Danielle is much more beautiful without makeup. She has that natural beauty thing going on. :)
1:07pm BBT:
HOH Room
Ashley said that she's a free agent in the game. Danielle said if she keeps her safe this week, will she vote how she wants. Ashley said yes. Danielle never said it was Frank she's after, but hinted that it's him. Ashley thanks Dani for the talk, they hug, she leaves.

1:12pm BBT:

Dan/Danielle are trying to figure out what to tell Wil and Frank about why they're going up on the block. Dan still agrees that they need to get Frank out this week.

Britney comes up and tells her that Boogie and Frank are giving her "the stink eye" and laughing as she passes by them, and how awkward it is downstairs and that's why she  came upstairs. Dan said they're doing the same thing to him.

Britney said that it's clear that Janelle and her team are telling Frank that it was 100% Britney's alliance that wanted Frank out, not them & that Wil is telling Frank that Danielle was gonna vote Frank out, but he was gonna vote to keep him.

Britney: "Wil is telling Frank "I was voting to keep you!""

All 3 agree that Frank needs to go.
Britney is pissed at Wil, espeically after Wil was pretending to be Britney's BFF in the house and how Wil said he's only lied one time in the house and how it's bullcrap.

Dan: "We gotta get Frank out. We can get Wil out at any time."
Dan said that he's gonna go to the pool and make it awkward. (*lol)

Britney: "Frank and Wil are outside and won't leave each others side."

Dan wants them to decide if they want Ian in on their alliance before nominations take place. Britney tells Dan to get Shane to come up to the HOH room. Dan says ok & leaves a minute later and wakes up Shane, tells him to go up to the HOH room.
Shane grabs some breakfast (fruit) from the storage room before heading upstairs.

He passes by Frank.
Frank: "You missed breakfast burritos this morning!"
Shane: "Its 2pm o'clock?? ..I'm a piece of a sh*t.."

1:53pm BBT:
HOH Room
Britney asked Shane if anybody has talked game with him yet today. Shane said no, he's been sleeping all day. Britney fills him on how Wil is throwing Danielle under the bus by saying that he (Wil) is telling Frank that he was gonna vote Joe out, but Dani was gonna vote Frank out...and that 'Operation: Backdoor Frank' was 100% Britney & Co. idea...not Janelle or her team (when they were truly on board with getting Frank out.)

Shane said that Frank's been giving him 'the cold shoulder' ever since. Britney said she wants to talk to Wil and call him out on it. Shane doesn't think he'll admit to it. Brit does.

Jenn comes up to listen to Dani's CD, all game talk stops. Shane eats his breakfast.
Britney is taking a bath.
Danielle is in in the bathroom, finishing up her hair and makeup for the day.

Brit/Danielle talked, but I couldn't hear anything over the water running in the background and Brit doesn't have a mic on.

2:04pm BBT:
Danielle tells Shane he doesn't look so good. Shane said he doesn't feel well...sore throat, achy body, headache...that's why he slept all day.

Dan walks into the room.
Jenn leaves a couple minutes later & thanks Dani for letting her listen to her CD. Dani says 'anytime!' and welcomes her to come up at anytime to listen to more.

2:05pm BBT:
Dan/Britney/Shane/Danielle have a pow-wow in the HOH bathroom as Brit takes her bath.
They're talking about bringing Ian into the alliance, instead of Janelle or Ashley.

**I gotta restart my computer, feeds keep freezing.

2:26pm BBT:
HOH Room

Shane said he's pissed at production because he got screwed with Willie leaving, and got screwed yesterday with the twist. Britney is still denying that she hit the "reset" button is acting pissed at coming into the game as a player.

Wil is talking smack on Janelle, calling her a "bullsh*tter" and how she thinks the newbies are gonna gang up on the coaches.

Dan is there now, too. He's listening to Danielle's CD.

(**FYI: It seems that Dan/Jani have a true side alliance that nobody knows about. Hard to know who's telling the truth this season. lol)

Shane/Britney asked Wil if he threw them (team brit) under the bus, Wil (lied) and said no. (Team Brit is aware he lied, but not letting him know.)

Britney asked Dani if she fed the fish, she said no because she doesn't have fish food, Wil goes downstairs to get it from the storage room.

Wil leaves.

Dan/Shane: "Liar."
Dan said that Wil's a good liar, he'll give him that.

Britney: "Janelle is gonna be so happy with these nominations, and that grosses me out."

2:41pm BBT:
Wil comes back up with the fish food.
Dani feeds the fish.
Wil leaves a few minute later of non-game talking.
Shane rejoins a few minutes after Wil leaves. He has a sandwich with him this time. :P

Talk is about talking to Ian and getting him into their alliance. Dan says he has the duck with him and wants them all to swear on it. Britney wonders what Ian will name the alliance.

3:06pm BBT:
Feeds were off for a few minutes. They come back on and Joe is in the HOH room.

Joe said that Frank told him this morning that Wil was 100% for keeping Joe, but then flipped right before the show because of something to do with Ian. Joe claims Frank is mad with Wil.

Shane: "It doesn't seem like it.."

Britney and Shane leave to give Dani/Joe some alone time to talk.
Danielle said it's awkward downstairs and she doesn't know if people are pissed that she won HOH (**Boogie is.), or if they're just mad that the coaches came into the game. Joe said it's 100% because of the coaches playing the game.

Joe said that Wil won't even look at him (Joe) or Janelle, he thinks he has a guilty conscious about something. He thinks Boogie is creating a "super pact" of 5 people: Wil/Boogie/Ian/Jenn/Frank.

Joe said that he wants to work with Danielle, she's his favorite person in the house & that he wants to work with Shane because he owes him one. 

Joe said if he could re-do his game, he'd be more quiet. He said he won't go around telling lies just to tell lies, but is willing to tell little white lies to get further in the game like everyone else.

Joe said he only trusts Danielle and Shane in the house.
Joe said he's gonna lay low this week. 

They hug. Joe leaves.

Dan comes in, making sure Danielle isn't screwing up his HOH this week. ;)

(*This is totally Dan's HOH this week. Danielle is just acting like she knows what she's doing. lol)

Dan said to just tell Wil you don't know what you're doing yet.

Dan then tells Danielle what to do with the order of the keys in the HOH nomination wheel. He tells her to put his name like 4th or 5th, through Jenn's key in there, with Boogie's key being last to "make him sweat".

2:31pm BBT:
Dan said that it's dumb if Frank and Boogie don't go up to HOH to talk to Danielle about nominations.

2:36pm BBT:
Boogie is telling Britney that if he goes home, he'll go home with a "big fat smile" on his face, though he'd love to see Janelle on the block & says he's not working with Janelle at all, only Frank. He thinks he's going up on the block, and he's okay with that. (*I truly don't think Boogie wants to be there. He's really pissed at the coaches playing the game.)

Boogie making fun of the casting process for this season...
Boogie: "Hey, you have tattoos and you're on facebook? Then come play the game!" (re: Jenn)

3:42pm BBT:
Frank and Boogie want an appology from people in the house, including Britney, who lied and told Frank he was safe when he wasn't. Britney appologized.

Frank: "I appreash."

3:45pm BBT:
Boogie: "If they wanna get one of us out, I don't care. I really don't care. Dan's not even looking in our direction. That's usually not a good sign."

Britney: "What would you do, if you were HOH Boogie?"
Boogie: "Put up Wil and Janelle."

Britney brings up how Wil was gonna vote Frank out. Frank said after he talked to Joe this morning, he doesn't believe that Wil was gonna vote Joe out over him.

Frank: "I can't trust him." (re: Wil)

3:48pm BBT:
BB calls for inside lockdown.
Britney: "Inside??"
Boogie: "Aww man..."

3:58pm BBT:
HOH Room

**Why do I feel like it's even pointless to write about Jenn? Nice girl, she's pretty, down to earth..but, is she even playing the game yet? lol Ugh.

Anyways, Jenn just said that the newbies are pissed that the coaches are playing the game and that Boogie/Janelle are playing for their 3rd time.

Jenn leaves.
Britney comes in & tells Danielle she just talked to Frank/Boogie outside & that they know Wil is lying, but not because of Wil.
Britney: "Frank and Boogie hate Wil, and they hate you too. Because you lied to them (and told them Frank was safe when he wasn't)."

Danielle wonders who she should put up...

Britney: "If Frank is your goal, then don't put up Janelle up."
Danielle really wants Frank to go.

Brit thinks this week, things are gonna get ugly. (**I agree & I can't wait! Stocked up on my popcorn the other day..bring on the drama!! lol)

Britney is saying that Frank hates Janelle & Dan worse than he hates Danielle, and that Frank isn't as big as a threat as they think..he only won 1 comp (HOH). Britney is hinting to get Janelle up & out.  Danielle is still set on Frank leaving.

Britney: "Are you still thinking about Wil (as a pawn)?"
Danielle says yes.

Danielle says she wants Janelle "so bad" but she wants Frank out more.
Britney is talking about Joe is "all over the house" and the biggest liar.

Danielle wants Dan to come up and help her think. 
Danielle: "Dannnn, I need you!" (** run my HOH...)

Dani tells Britney that Ian won't commit to an alliance until after nominations.
Britney: "Freakin' Ian, I like that kid." (**Me too.)

Feeds are going in/out from trivia. Not sure why they're not showing the fishies instead. 

Britney is bashing Jojo.

Danielle wants to have some girl chat...she asked what the 2nd kiss "looked like" with Shane.

Britney: "It looked good."
Danielle said she "blackout out" and doesn't know if she used tongue or not, if the kiss was good, what it looked like, etc.

Britney: "It was cute."

4:24pm BBT:
Janelle comes in.
Girl chat ends.
It's awkward in the HOH room.

Janelle said that Frank approached her and said "they should talk" because "you can never work with too many people in this game".

**Alright, my brain is melting. :P I'm gonna take a break for a couple of hours. Nominations won't take place for some time yet, and then it'll be over an hour before the feeds come back on. So this is a good time for y'all to go make & eat dinner and then join me back here later around 9:30pm EST/6:30pm BBT. See y'all then! :D

Stay tuned...
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JJ said...

I wasn't crazy about the idea of the coaches entering as players, but I have to admit it seems to have breathed new life into the game. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

I have to say though, I'm so tired of the forced showmance crap. Was there really not enough scheming and game play last week that they had to bring up the Shane/Danielle thing a few times during the live show?! And Julie asking about their kiss (which was of course completely geniune and not fake in any way)?! Maybe it's just me but I don't enjoy vomiting up my dinner.

If I wanted to watch a show about dating, I'd watch the Bachelor (which I don't because it doesn't interest me). I watch Big Brother for the game! It's so transparent that BB is trying to force another Jeff/Jordan, Rachel/Brendon. Enough with the showmances!!!

Ok I think that concludes my rant.....for now........

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately the showmance stuff isn't gonna go away anytime soon after that big one Shane laid on Danielle lying down in the water after she won HOH last night.


Katrinka Christopher said...

I'm not necessarily on Team Shane, but I do have to admit that he's taken some pretty big & sorta strange hits thus far.

First he loses a teammate when Willie gets tossed. Then his HOH is null & void thanks to the Coaches resetting the game. Plus he's potentially got a bigger target on his bank with Frank because of the whole blindside vote that never happened.

Jamie, I honestly do not know how you keep this straight! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping us up-to-date while you're dealing with your health. (Insert loud round of applause here please!)

Mike said...

Um...gotta step in here and say that D is most definitely a disaster without makeup. I'm still waiting for her to make a decision for herself too.

Mike said...

And why is Britney even there? She spent her season in an awkward showmance-lite (despite being engaged) getting completely used and misled by a group of guys, then somehow becomes a coach.

JJ said...


You're right, I was thinking the same thing when I saw it. That and how pure and genuine their love is....ugh...

It's not even the fauxmance that drives me the most crazy, it's the editing and obsessing over it.

Jenn's not getting much TV time, maybe she should hook up with Wil

Karma baby said...

I really do agree with everything u say Jamie,but not this time Hun,Dani with make-up looks caked on,without make-up looks like her personality...a immature whinny insecure needy girl IMO,nd I'm just being nice,btw have not read an update on how ya feeling,I hope all is well👍

it's ME! said...

You're absolutely right Jamie. When I went to bed in the wee a.m. hours this morning, I was sure Janelle would be on the block today. Now I get home and looks like it's going to be Will and Frank. Did I miss something?! LOL

Mike said...

I stayed up far too late last night watching After Dark and went to bed puzzled why they weren't going to put up either Frank or Boogie. I guess they finally came around but it seems like they change their mind every few minutes - I have no idea who to believe.

Really not a huge fan of these people this year. As much as I like to look at Britney, she might be the most annoying person in the world - whine, whine, whine. She is never happy about anything. D is a waste of space, though her pathetic crush on Shane is mildly amusing. I do like Frank and Boogie and Jani is amazing to watch work.

I just keep coming back to Britney being here. With all the great players over the years you pick Britney. Maybe they needed a pretty face, but she wouldn't even cross my mind when thinking of great or even decent BB players.

Mike said...

So confused. Last night D was all hell-bent on putting up Jani because she didn't cheer for her during the comp and I guess because D thinks Jani thinks she's fat. (I was thinking the whole time, is this girl for real?)

Is this all coming from her puppet masters Dan and Shane?

Jamie said...

Dani's makeup only looks good for about an hour and then it runs and the shadows on her nose are horrible. lol she literally paints on her foundation. its disgusting. if she just put on lip gloss and did her hair, she'd look soooo much better. her makeup makes her look destoryed. just my opinion. ;)

And Rachel was the original 4th coach, but after the backlash from fans saying they wouldn't watch if she was back on for a 3rd season, Grodner pulled Rachel out of sequester and replaced her with Britney.

Jamie said...

Mike, yes. Dan changed her mind...she REALLY wanted Janelle up, but Dan/Jani have a secret deal, so he swithed her noms to be Frank/Wil.

Like I said on twitter, this is Dan's HOH, Danielle is just his puppet.

Trevor said...

I actually think Boogies has been the worst coach of the season. All he does is sleep and workout. Nows he's crying like a baby.

kelsey said...

Really... I knew Rachel could be one of the coaches but I didn't know she was in sequestered and then they took her out... I just thought they picked her mainly because some of he other great Big Brother stars couldn't come so that's why because Britney was so well liked in her season but I will say if she didn't give hat HOH to Danielle last night she could have won because they looked more comfy to me but Britney surprised me lastnight and so did Danielle.... Ian also and Shane is a beast... But his HOh was pretty much a waste and somebody should have still left so I don't blame him being mad at that because now he has blood on his hands but he's one of my favs. And so is Ian's :)) so who ever keeps them safe I like.... But Danielle better watch out because they might come after her because of the back door and at first boogie wanted to come in the game but I guess he changd his mind last night... He even said he would do another big brother all stars if they told him to but mainly with dr. Will... He's weird sometimes lol

Digiam42 said...

I second that Jamie. I dont know how you keep up with all this but i know everytime i get a chance i get on and see whats going on. Thanks for providing such good and accurate information.

Digiam42 said...

Yes but boogie had to back off and lay low because of who he is. If he was typical boogie, pushing hard and working deals, he would be toast and all his players would to. I do agree that he has been a bit of a baby about the coaches entering the game. I think he was happy sitting back and watching everyone take each other out all while keeping things stirred up. Now he actually has to wake up and play the game

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