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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Hello BB fans and welcome to the Afternoon post!! The live feeds have been buzzin' today and it's game talk city in the BB14 house!

Don't forget that tomorrow is the HOH Enurdance Comp on the live feeds, so you haven't yet signed up for your 3 day trial to see whatcha been missing, now's the time.

 You also might wanna stock up popcorn or other goodies tonight so that you're ready for tomorrow. ;)

Tomorrow is gonna be HUGE!! The biggest and best episode of BB14 yet. I can guarantee it!! Frank is getting evicted, the HOH comp is endurance, a new HOH will mean a whole new game for the next week, not to mention that the coaches have been talking about coming into the game tomorrow..not as a "maybe", but as a for sure thing! Ladies & gents, the game is about to change. And it all happens tomorrow. I'm so gEEked & can't wait! :D

As far as today goes...
Boogie said they need to scare Britney (to get Danielle to save Frank), so Boogie told Frank to "remind" Britney that Boogie will "turn into a beast" if Frank goes. They wanna use intimidation as leverage and to threaten that Boogie won't trade any of his team members if Frank is still in the house. They want Britney scared that Boogie would trade Ian/Jenn for Shane.

Okay, let's dive into the afternoon post!

Currently on the live feeds...

1:32pm BBT:

Danielle was alone on the bathroom couch and Ashley joined her. Danielle talked about some guy she has back home (???) and she's worried about how her kiss with Shane on tonights BB episode is gonna look. (**umm..what??!) Dani said she's sure it's gonna be shown tonight because the Diary Room has been asking questions about it today.

2:29pm BBT:
Arcade Room

 Britney and Janelle talked about tomorrows endurance comp. Britney gave her some pointers on what to wear or not wear, depending if the comp involves water or not.

Britney: "When you go out there, if you see those rain guard things, then take off everything down to your last layer. You'll be colder with a lot of clothes on if you get wet."

Janelle said she doesn't do good in water comps. Britney doesn't either.

Janelle is scared that Ian is gonna win the HOH comp tomorrow.
Janelle asked Britney if she trusts Dan and Britney said "no". (**Hiding her alliance with him? Perhaps.)

2:43pm BBT:
BB gave Joe (a Have Not this week) a warning for licking the cheesecake icing twice today.
2:42pm BBT:
HOH Room

Wil said he is gonna lie to Frank and tell him hes' safe, but is voting him out and that this is his first time breaking word in the game. He wants to join Brit/Dani/Shane alliance next week. Wil told Britney about his convo last night with Janelle and how he didn't buy any of the bullsh*t that Jani was saying to him. He wants to play the game separate from her next week.

Wil gets called to the Diary Room.
Frank comes up (he thought Wil was listening to music, was gonna tell him he called to the D.R.)
Wil leaves.

Frank/Britney talk.
3:00pm BBT:
Per Boogie's suggestion, Frank tells Britney that if he goes home this week, Boogie would probably trade one of his team players, hinting at Britney's player, Shane.

Britney: "But you're not going home." (*lie)
Frank: "I know."

Britney gets called to the Diary Room.
Britney: "Again, already?"
Brit leaves.
Wil is back in the HOH room, listening to music.

Frank to Wil: "We're gonna backdoor Shane (next week), Boogie is thinking about trading Jenn for you (Wil)."

Wil said he'd be down for that.

Wil tells Frank that he's fed up with Jani & that she is obviously lying about Frank wanting
to backdoor him last week. (**Wil is right, it was a lie.)

Frank: "I'll let boogie know you're down with it."
They shake hands
Frank leaves.

Wil: (to himself) "Tee hee!"

3:29pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Frank fills Boogie in on his convo with Britney & then his convo with Wil in the HOH room. Boogie is worried that Wil will tell Shane about him wanting to backdoor him next week.They wonder about tomorrows HOH comp and if the coaches comp will be done for the rest of the season.

3:55pm BBT:
Living Room
Before Ashley joined them, Britney/Ian talked. Britney asked if it'd be okay to still play pool together (Brit/Ian) if Ian wins HOH, without it looking like she's sucking up to him. He said yea.

Ashley joins.
She says that she doesn't want things to be awkward between her and Ian. (**Last night, Ashley got upset for Ian quacking...I missed that...)

Britney asked what happened. Ian said it was because he was quaking and Ashley told him to stop. Ian said the "dinner offer is still on the table". Ashley said "I'll think about it, is that ok?" Ian says yes. Ashley told Brit, when asked, that she "broke up" with Ian last night. There's a long pause of awkward silence and Ashley (still smiling) gets up and says that the awkwardness is what she didn't want.

Ian: "What just happened?"

4:00pm BBT:
HOH Room
Britney joins Shane in bed in the HOH room.

Shane: "You and Ian are getting close."
Britney: "I'm sucking him up to him for next week. I think he'll put up Janelle's people, if he (Ian) wins HOH."
Shane: "He told me if he won HOH that he (Shane) is safe. This was after the nomination ceremony. He said that he's a man of his word and that he told Ian he was safe this week, so Ian wouldn't put me up next week. Jenn will be the only one who would put me up (if she wins HOH)."

4:13pm BBT:

Britney: "So whats your relationship like with Danielle?"
Shane tells Britney that he told her he doesn't want a relationship or showmance, and she stayed for 45 mins after he told her that.

Shane: "I think she came in here looking for love, thinking that this is 'The Bachelorette'."

Britney thinks that it's best for them to keep a distance, but close enough to maintain their alliance. Britney tells Shane about Danielle said a guy that she was seeing for "a couple of weeks" just signed a BB waiver so that they can talk about him on the show and that

Shane: "My feelings were more towards Kara when I first got in the house. I think Kara and I clicked more than Danielle and I. Very sweet."
Britney: "And down to earth. I liked her."

Britney promised that she'd never tell Danielle Shane said that about Kara. lol
Britney said that if Kara comes back, there's gonna be trouble between Dani/Shane/Kara.
Shane agreed and said he'd be in trouble if Kara came back because he's physically attracted to her and that'd be bad for their alliance (Brit/Shane/Dani).

Britney talks about how Shane reminds her of Hayden..they both (Shane & Hayden) never watched BB before going on the show.

Britney & Shane talk about taking up Janelle on the offer to keep her wedding ring as "proof" of her word/trust. (**Jani offered it the other day, they denied it.) Speaking of Janelle's ring....the camera man was fixated on it this afternoon as Jani was doing her nails..

**And I'm outta here! I might be blogging later on after tonights show if things get really interesting. One thing for sure is that I will be on Twitter tonight after the show! Enjoy the live feeds, guys & gals! :D

Stay tuned...
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