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Thursday, August 2, 2012

And your new HOH is...

After over 3 hours of the HOH Endurance Comp, we have 3 houseguests remaining! I figured I'd start a new post, since the previous one was super long. :P

This is one of the best endurance comps I've seen on the live feeds in years! Loving this!!

10:06pm BBT:
Britney wants Ian to drop and has been telling him he's safe, as did Danielle. Ian desperatley wants his letter from home and family pictures and doesn't wanna drop.
Ian: "I'm safe?"
Both girls promise safety.

Janelle: "FIRST GIRL HOH! YEA!!!" (everyone claps)

Britney jumped off!!

Dan picked her up & hugged her.
Shane kissed her a really good kiss!!

Janelle and Britney hugged her.

10:14pm BBT:
All HG's are scattered around the house.

Ian/Britney/Danielle are showering together.

***Annnnd, I'm outta here!! I am tired! :P I'll be back tomorrow morning...or Noon ;)....with The Overnighter. I'm sure there's gonna be lots & lots of game talk tonight on the live feeds, along with Danielle's HOH reveal in an hour or so! Enjoy the feeds & Showtime After Dark, guys!! :D

Stay tuned...
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emma sowande said...

That kiss was major ass kissing for this Shane smh :(

Anonymous said...

Ian big pimpin' right now showering with Britney and Danielle. I know no one's naked but I'm sure he's still really enjoying it especially off the high of lasting that long in endurance HOH


emma sowande said...

That kiss was some major ass kissing by Shane...smh :( Danielle will fall for it for sure

skykid281 said...

I believe mike boogie put it best "that was a hell of a lot of work for a lottery ticket and 8 doesn't beat 4 in this game."

Drea said...

Thanks Jamie for the wonderful job posting, there were so many people trying to get on the feeds they were down till 45 minutes into the comp! So once again you saved us!
I will get the tip jar tomorrow for all the work you are doing!
Remember people don't forget Jamie does all this for free! Every bit helps! Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Shane is so transparent! First he said he doesn't want a showmance but the minute she wins he's all up on her? Come on! Poor girl is gonna think he actually likes her. I'm sure he'll be spending a lot of time in the HOH room this week! Uuuuugh

Karma baby said...

Hey Jamie,love that ur always on top of things;)speaking of on top,what was with Shane's kiss(it kinda looked hot)he's going 2 regret that kiss,now she's gonna expect him in her HOH bed all week,at least he will b safe.Now its a new game,I bet it will b exciting 2 c who finks out who,let the games begin,as always Jamie looove ur blog,nd I know I speaking 4 thousands of pple,ur simply the best;)

jack jr said...

daniele was hurtin' but she blocked out the pain,don't know her but she actually made me feel proud of her for some reason!!!!

Anonymous said...

So we have 12 players, and how many weeks left to play?

Liesl said...

Surprised Dani won. Disappointed in tonights episode! I wanted to see Boogies reaction. Does anyone know where to watch past season of BB? I've never seen Boogies original season

Liesl said...

Surprised Dani won. Disappointed in tonights episode! I wanted to see Boogies reaction. Does anyone know where to watch past season of BB? I've never seen Boogies original season

Liesl said...

I love Dan but why did he tell Boogie about Frank almost being voted out?? I don't see where he's going with this! Yikes

anthony m said...

FYI since last season BBAD always started 1 hour later after the thursday eviction show,i think it's because they want long endurance comps to NOT be seen so quick on BBAD @ midnight and people who really want/have to know results will but into the live feeds. i don't need to do that i have THE BEST SITE ON THE NET to get my BB scoop RIGHT HERE! thanks JAMIE!
i also feel this danielle HOH is going to be a useless one. she either isn't going to "play her game" and she will do what either DAN or SHANE (more shane) want. so shane is HOH 2 weeks in a row. my only relief is that i dont think she wont target frank or boogie because she is going to make an emotional decision (which dan told her to stop doing!) and NOM the people who commented on her weight. (although jamie has looked back to see there was nothing really said) heresay & emotions will make this weeks NOM's a headscratcher IMO.

Kim M said...

It's so obvious that production didn't want Frank going home yet. I think it is really crappy that there was no eviction this week. They should have don't the coaches thing AFTER the eviction.

And I really don't understand why Ian wasn't DQed for using someone else's plank. That to me kind of felt like production trying to help him in the comp over Britney and Danielle.

Razldazlrr said...

If Danielle is smart, she puts up Janelle and Boogie to get one of the coaches out right away

Jen said...

I checked the feeds this morning and Danielle was the only one up...then she went to sleep in the HOH bed...alone.

kelsey said...

The only reason Shane kissed her was because he told her if she won, he would kiss her and so he did... I don't see anymore kisses for a while though... And he's safe even if he didn't kiss her... So no ass kissing from him and ppl should think that she would put him up anyways but this will be dans HOH for sure more... And Danielle should tell Dan so but she won't.

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